Claims of media suppression

Radio host Alex Jones: "So regardless of who you talked to, they were editing key parts of them."

WR: "That is correct, and it was a continuous effort from all the medias. I actually interviewed hundreds and hundreds of hours from September 11th ‘til today. I mean, I have a whole library of interviews. And, it’s incredible, because I have some raw copies, some of the interviews that I actually performed–"

AJ: "Unbelievable!"

WR: "And it’s unbelievable–" [During his explanation of how his story is edited by the media, Rodriguez is interrupted in mid-sentence by an advertisement for Alex Jones’ “Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State."]
As he watched interviews of himself and others who shared his experience, he discovered a common trend: anything about the perceived basement-based first explosion was edited out in American broadcasts.Source

And to make matters worse the media has ignored their stories even though a foreign television network in 2002 thought it important enough to air their stories unedited in a 9/11 documentary, appearing in Spanish in Colombia.

“The press and the government have known about our stories all along but have been suppressing our words in order to spread lies to the American people about what happened,” said Rodriguez. Source

Host: Do they ever at any point say to you, “Don’t talk about the first one…”

WR: “Yes. When I started asking questions… I was not an expert on media. And when I saw that in the very beginning they took my story unedited, and then within a week everything was totally filtered down, I said, ‘hold on. Maybe it’s because you have to convey the message within one minute or two. …But then I realized I was being told not to talk about those things. Not to actually (inaudible) because there was an investigation, they told me. Source

“Why has the New York Times, NBC and others either manipulated my story or never mentioned it for four years? Source

"Have you personally threatened in any way as a result of your brave stance on 9/11?"

WR- Yes, many times. Also in a subtle way by many reporters- things like, it is better if you do not talk about this or that because you can be killed, etc.

I think we have a problem here with the controlled media in the United States. Totally controlled. They are not putting out the information. They don’t want this information to be available because it will create a lot of national problems. We have seen it. There’s a political agenda that we have used since 9/11 for everything. Source

Now, Felipe David survived. He was in a coma for thirteen weeks. …His story went all over the world, but in Spanish. You see, our story in Spanish is perfect. ‘Oh, put it out there, we’ll cover it.’ In English, it was totally edited, constantly. Source
Rodriguez may want to consider the possibility that the Spanish-language stations gave the story more coverage because it involves people who speak Spanish.

A response from an NBC reporter
However, when Doug Pasternak, head of the network’s investigative unit in charge of getting the Rodriguez story, was asked why the basement explosion portion of his story never aired along with the entire story, he said like a novice reporter with absolutely no nose for news regarding what many consider to be earth shattering revelations about one of America’s top stories:

“It wasn’t the focus of our interview and didn’t add anything new.” Source