21 Floors of the north tower collapsed and no one else noticed?

More than any other part of his story, this illustrates Rodriguez's misunderstanding of what is physically possible and of what actually happened on 9/11, and the isolation from which he views and recounts his 9/11 experience.

Rodriguez, describing events when he was on the 39th floor of the north tower:
"And all of a sudden we hear “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! And on the radio, 'We lost 65!' Meaning that the 65th floor collapsed floor by floor by floor, up to the 44th floor, the skylobby. Five flights away." At 33:55 of this video

In a previous section we saw that the reports of a collapse on the 65th floor, or somewhere in the 60s, occurred not just after flight 175 hit the south tower, but just after the south tower collapsed. Because Rodriguez misunderstands the timing of that morning's events, he does not connect the "boom, boom" noises with the collapse of the south tower.

Rodriguez then recalls being turned back by a Port Authority officer on the 39th floor after learning the floors above had collapsed as far up as the 45th floor.Source

Instead, Rodriguez would have us believe that twenty-one floors of one of the world's largest office buildings collapsed right above his head, and the momentum of those 21 falling floors was somehow arrested at the 44th floor, and not a window was broken, and he and the first responders weren't blown off their feet or killed by hurricane-force winds and dust and debris, and, in fact, no one else in the world has ever noticed this incredible event.

We're talking about 21 acres of floor space – 924,000 square feet – almost 86,000 square meters. That's more square footage than in the 38-story Jamieson Place tower that's being built in Calgary:

The fact that Rodriguez believes this nonsense and wants other people to believe it says to me that:

1) Despite his working in the building for nearly 20 years and his subsequent proud assertions of his intimate knowledge of it, and his claim to be involved in some sort of investigation about it, Rodriguez is stunningly ignorant of the forces that held it up and brought it down; and

2) Like most 9/11 conspiracists, he can't be bothered to read the engineering studies that he proclaims are lies. He isn't interested.

That is deliberate ignorance. Unfortunately, deliberate ignorance is the only way the 9/11 "truthers" can sustain their bizarre fantasies. At a taping of a debate between myself and the creators of the video Loose Change in December, 2006 (view or purchase), Korey Rowe, its producer, told me that he hadn't read the 9/11 Commission Report because he was too busy. What was he too busy doing? Making his living by declaring that the 9/11 Commission report is a pack of lies.

Likewise, for about six months in 2006 I regularly went to Ground Zero on Saturdays to confront a group of particularly ignorant 9/11 deniers called "NY 911 Truth." Their main argument is that the official version of the Twin Towers' collapse is impossible. In those six months, how many people in that group were able to tell me what the official version of the collapse is? Exactly zero, although I would ask that question every week. In this video, one of that group's leaders, Luke Rudkowski, defends his ignorance of this subject by protesting, "I'm not a wizard."

Nor am I a wizard. I just give a damn.

I think deliberate ignorance is dangerous. The 9/11 "truth" movement is composed of the most deliberately ignorant people that I have ever encountered.

Mr. Rodriguez, here are some resources that will help you to understand how the towers were constructed, why they collapsed as they did, and why your "21-floor collapse" scenario didn't happen. As long as you remain in the dark about these issues, you will continue to spread misinformation, which is bad behavior from someone who says he's fighting for "the truth."

Although it seems silly, I feel compelled to point out that there were people between the 65th and 44th floors of the north tower after the time Rodriguez thinks the 65th floor collapse announcement was made (9:03 am), as well as after the time that the announcement was actually made (ca. 10:00 am).
At about 9:30:
Male C: "We are in the B Staircase, 51st floor, heading down. We have two people with a medical emergency, elderly people, they cannot walk down. ...That’s Tower 1, staircase B" PA Transcript, WTC Ch, 22 SHO PD Desk – 2131, 44:05 from start of tape. (P. 36)

"We’ve got a lot of people coming down from 64." PA transcript 047 – WTC Radio Channel 26 Radio Channel W - Police, 44:30 from start of tape.

9:33: "PO Keane reporting from Stairway-C on the 66th floor, 1 WTC, states that she heard another explosion." Source (page 6)
Pasquale Buzzelli and Genelle Guzman, two of the “miracle survivors” of stairway B, had been on the 64th floor:
Yes, basically, it was a little after 10:00. We started our descent. We made it down to probably in the mid-40s when we encountered some firemen. They were just exhausted from battling. Source

Below, Captain Jay Jonas of Ladder 6, who survived the collapse in the B stairwell, describes what he heard and felt when many stories of the building actually came down over his head. (It is likely that this portion of the building's core survived because the falling debris was able to flow into the open six-story atrium surrounding it.)
Now, people have tried to get me to describe what it was like while the collapse was happening. It was a montage of different sounds and experiences. The sounds were a combination of sounds. This building collapsed in what’s called a pancake fashion. In other words, one floor would hit another floor and would collapse that floor and then collapse the next floor. And every time a floor would hit another floor, it created a loud boom and tremendous vibration.

The entire collapse of this 110-story building took 13 seconds. So it sounded like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, you know, like that. And every time that happened, it shook the entire building. It shook the whole floor. So every time a floor would hit another floor, we’d be literally bouncing off the floor. We were being thrown around the stairway.

There was also this very loud sound of twisting steel all around our heads. These massive steel beams and girders were just being twisted around our heads just like they were twist ties on a loaf of bread. And a very loud, like a steel screeching sound, almost like a lot of trains coming into a subway station at the same time and all of them hitting their brakes at the same time.

There was tremendous air movement with the building coming down. The air movement was so strong that one of my fireman was standing on the fourth floor. You’ve got to figure with his gear and everything on, he’s well over 200 pounds. He’s about 180 pounds and with his gear, you gotta figure he’s about 250 pounds. This wind kind of picked him up and threw him down two fights of stairs.

We were getting hit with all kinds of debris. Thank God it was nothing that was going to really hurt us, but after it was all over, it was almost like we kind of got mugged. We were all bruised up and small cuts and things like that.

And then the collapse stopped.

In a day of first experiences for everybody, well here’s another one. I can’t believe we just survived that. It was very quick and during the collapse you couldn’t help but think that this is it. It’s over. This is how it ends. I kept waiting for that big beam to hit or that big piece of concrete to come down and crush us.

It never came. Source
Jay Jonas