911/930 Porsche Door Pockets

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 never be affected 
by water damage

Finished door pocket once install you won't

be able to tell them from original pockets.

Black  Molded Pocket

Textured on inside 

No carpet included

Sold in pairs or single sides

1974-94  Black door pockets. 

Originals are made of pressed paper

Cost for one side $185. 

Order by phone  
Call Jim 727-525-5523


Lift up the door armrest pad

 See if the plastic is cracked at 

the mounting screw. If it is

Here is the fix   

Complete with rivets

and instruction sheet.

You will need a few 

small hand tools. 


Vise or a small metal anvil

Drill with 1/8" drill bit

Contact cement

Door pocket repair kit $ 75.00 or

Order by phone  
Call Jim 727-525-5523

Watch the video  see how it's done

       Video link: 911 door pocket repair kit