Weather Modification and Chem Trails

Notes from (Clifford Carnicorn, webmaster)

Chem Trails:  Aerosol Crimes – Jan 2005


Photos taken of skies in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho, Ohio, Oregon, and Colorado


     Early in 1999, an enormous operation began, using aircraft and massive amounts of fine materials introduced into the atmosphere by airplanes at between 35,000 and 40,000 feet elevation. 

Water-loving metallic salt- they are solid.  Aerosol operations. 

They are affecting the very life of the planet itself. 

Blue color of sky is in jeopardy.  Today the horizon has largely turned to white.  Aeorols are now in your way.  Source and origin of aerosols= aircraft. 

We need to reclaim our planet and its atmosphere.  Remember the color blue. 

Clifford Carnicorn, webmaster of  former federal employee.  He was immediately monitored.  Campaign of continuous dismissal of issue.  Aircraft manufacturers, intelligence, senate, weapons and defense contractors, the media, air force, all monitored this site. 

Whereas the Air Force claims it’s all a hoax NASA does admit to the existence of "persistent contrails" and acknowledges that these result in the formation of high-level clouds, which act to trap the earth's terrestrial heat and warm the atmosphere.  Chemtrails are just ordinary contrails. 
EPA says it’s unaware of any applications.  Even after sent samples of fibrous materials.   With unusual  biological components.  Continuously the EPA says they are unaware of such a program. 

Greenpeace- was contacted- unable to comment and don’t have an official position on the matter (2000).

Lots of reports in New Mexico.  

Sampling and Analysis

Over 3 dozen analytic methods have been used to examine the air-  over period of 5 years.  Officials have not reacted to this information or tried to replicate the testing. 

Reverse engineering for global covert operation.  Unusual results. 

Unusual filaments, a gel, crystals, and powders found in HEPA filter. 

Rainwater samples distilled- metallic based materials, unusual air-born filament samples.  Unusual biological components – incredibly high mold counts in arid high SW- arid environment aggravated by extended drought. 

Biological materials can piggy bank onto solid particles.  Contains

Respiratory risk and increased health risk due to higher implications.  

Biological aerosols (1977 report Senate Hearings) 

atmosphere has now been modified into a plasmic state- or an electrified gas- testing shows that atmosphere is used for electromagnetic applications.    Artificial pulse energy- is now a part of our unseen environment-  ELF energy is directly connected to the health aspects of the  electromagnetic nature of humans.  Electrolysis methods confirms presence of ionizing metallic salts in environment. 

Citizen’s have made countless requests for authorities to study, but have been stone-walled.

Will continue all day long- and create messy white haze.  Sante Fe. 

Ionizing metallic salts- altered electromagnetic environment shown by radar studies.   Atmospheric conductivity. 

Probable purpose of this covert operation:

1) Environmental engineering, modification, and control
2) electromagnetic operations
3) military operations
4) biological operations
5) geophysical change

these overlap with each other.  They are probably being conducted simultaneously.

The chemistry of the atmosphere has been changed.  A hygroscopic salt is a dominant component of the aerosols introduced, operations are frequently conducted in advance of an approaching storm, the salts tend to lock up the moisture and reduce the amount of moisture that reaches the ground.   Moisture levels of weather systems have been altered- leading to drought.  This makes

Or: could the salts be intended to help relieve global warming- a benevolent cause? 

NO.  The introduced aerosols are increasing the warming and dought. 

Conductive aerosols can modify the electrical part of the atmosphere.  

USAirForce publically states they want to own the weather by 2025.   Probably they are well on their way. 

2) Electromagnetic aspects- moisture and heat characteristics are altered, also EM properties, massive amounts of easily ionized particles are introduced,  Barium

The ironosphere can carry electrical currents,

Plasma physics- fluorescent light tube- is example.  Plasma is a an electrically conductive gas- they can be used to carry current.  Electron density….. measurements show that electrical properties of the atmosphere have been changed.   Changes in heat and energy.

3) Military operations- control- when atmosphere is controlled, life is control,

High Altitude Aurorial and research Program- (HAARP)- claims to studies ionosphere to enhance communication and surveillance

1987 patent- Bernard Eastlund- 4686605- A method and apparatus of altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere. 

Is blueprint for HAARP facility.  References work of Nicola Tessla. 

(who wanted to use the atmosphere as a medium to transmitting electricity).  His patents and documents were confiscated at the end of his life- and put to use by the military.   Ionospheric heating- Patent wants to put unprecedented amounts of power in the atmosphere  at strategic locations, and maintain that power level with a pulsing of energy.

Patent also calls for large clouds of barium  so that ionization by sunlight will increase electron density within the plasma environment.  Testing indicates high levels of barium in, 

HAARP used in 9/11?:

Amount of power in design of project - Eastlund-  “the present invention can be formed to simulate or perform the same functions as a detonation of a heave type of nuclear device without actually having to detonate such a device.”  A heave weapon has the effect of lifting the magnetic field of the earth itself, and involves the expenditure of massive amounts of energy.  = 9/11

The patent itself has numerous military applications-mentioned are:  enhancement or interference with communication and guidance systems, (airplanes and missiles), radar interference, missile destruction, weather modification, molecular change of the atmosphere, material transport of micron size particles,

Executive summary of  HAARP program mentions- forcing the descent of particles from the atmosphere toward the ground using ELF radiation from HAARP (9/11).    This is what happened on 9/11.

4) Biological operations- 1977- US Senate held hearings on experiments on Americans without their knowledge.  Biological components have been identified in many tests over several years.

EPA has refused to look at it.  Dessication, freeze-drying and aerosol distribution methods- same methods within private contractor listings of Senate hearings.

Human Erythrocytes. Are found.  Reality of evidence is continually denied by public officials.

5) Geophysical processes-  energy levels of atmosphere may relate to this. 

Major climate change and geophysical field changes- magnetic field.  Plasma sheath around earth can accumulate energy.  This originates from increased electron density and low frequency propagations. 

Energy transfer between earth and now altered atmosphere. 

The Onus for change.

Urge for technological supremacy over nature.  Sky taken away from us all.  Operations on a scale never seen before in history of mankind.  Science and sampling.  Chemical, thermal, electromagnetic and physical properties of the atmosphere have been changed.  The health of homes and lives have been diminished by the search for control.

Highest levels of Military, intelligence services, chemical industries, research organizations, bio-engineering firms, defense contractors, pharmaceutical complex,

Sustained campaign to ridicule and discredit the work of concerned citizens. 

International grass-root network includes millions.  Military ridicules these efforts.