The United Nations as World Government- according to Joan Veon


Summary of Joan Veon DVD:

The World Government Connection:  (made in March, 2006)

Part 1.  The Structure of an Integrated World (not the UN)

    Veon has been to 88 international meetings, and has learned that there are about 5000 of these per year, or about 118 per day!

She believes that God orchestrates and he’s in control.  And he has a sense of humor.  But we need to understand the agenda.  There is anti-God, anti-Jesus agenda to wipe them (God, Jesus and believers) off the face of the earth.

Topics in the DVD include:

The UN, Biological Diversity Treaty- known as Smart Growth, Global Economics, Global Players, the power of money, how we live in world government.

World government is not coming.  It is here.  It has been here.  She has written a report on Smart Growth.  Sustainable Development: the Greatest Lie of the 21st century- pamphlet.

Major players- Biological Diversity, Sustainable Development, Public-Private Partnership- re-ordering of government throughout the world.

Her 1st book was Prince Charles:  The Sustainable Prince (1992).
Here 2nd book was The United Nations Global Straightjacket: Reinventing government- PPP- 

H.G. Wells was a Fabian socialist.  Fabian Socialists  support all tenets of communism.  But they go slowly.  Their approach is- let’s change laws, how people think, and the structure of government. 

Their agenda is to transfer wealth, wipe out Christianity, and control us and the world’s assets, i.e., all resources.

To identify the global actors above the nation state, Veon devised a flow chart that includes these entities.

On the top line of the chart we see IOSCO, BIS, and IAIS:

ISOCO (International Organization of Security Commissions) is like a United Nations of stock exchanges.    They have their own U.N. parliament.  Now they meet yearly in Spain (was in Montreal).  They try to harmonize all stock exchanges across the world, as well as stocks and bonds, money, and infrastructure.

BIS (Bank for International Settlements) is the apex where all central banks meet in the world. 

IAIS (International Association of Insurance Supervisors).  Each state has an insurance supervisor, other countries only have one for each country.  They are in favor of harmonizing everything.

On the second line:

Group of 8:  Canada, US, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Japan, and Russia.  The presidents of the top 8 industrialized countries form the world’s Board of Directors. 

Third Line: NGOs or non-governmental organizations, including:

International Chamber of Commerce,
World Business Council
World Economic Forum
Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum
RIIA, CFR, Tri-lateral com, Bilderbergers
IMF, WTO, World Bank,

Fourth Line: United Nations Agencies

UNESCO- U.N. Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNCTAD- U.N. conference on Trade and Development.  All trade representatives meet here.

In 1962, JFK first talked about a Declaration of Interdependence.   Later, Clinton stated: “Instead of globalization, I prefer the term interdependence.  We want to move from interdependence to integration.”  He is explaining world government. 

Globalization is the process of tearing down borders.    Since WWII, the barriers between countries have come down.

1) Economic barriers were torn down in 1944 when the World Bank (WB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) were established
2) Political barriers fell in 1945, with formation of the U.N.
3) Trade barriers fell in 1994 with appearance of the World Trade Organization (WTO), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
4) International financial architecture was set up between 1995-2005 to integrate the world financially, with stock exchanges, insurance and banking. 
5) Legal barriers fell in 1998 with the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC). 
6)  On 9/11/01, the military and intelligence barriers fell. 

Now international law that is ruling the world.  The U.N. is a world parliament.

U.N. General Assembly ambassadors meet every year.  This is the “world parliament.”  The heads of state meet every 5 years.

When the WTO meets each year-, all the trade representatives have their own UN meeting.  At the annual IMF/WB meetings, secretaries and treasurers meet.
For example, Secretaries of agriculture meet with their counterparts in other countries.  Secretaries of Labor meet to develop international labor policies.  The five secretaries of state meet at the
Int’l labor- secretaries of labor meet at Security council meetings. 
And Secretaries of Homeland Security meet on habitat issues, etc.

In this sense, the structure and subdivisions of world government is identical to that of the U.S.  For each national department there is a corresponding department on the international level.  We are already in a world without borders.   James Wolfenson stated:  (paraphrase) “Will we finally recognize that we live in one world?  Look around we are linked by financial systems, communications, environment, trade.  Our national interests are international.” 

Algier Hiss, a convicted communist, was the first U.N. Secretary General.  He was convicted and sentenced for lying to Congress.

The U.S. Constitution says that our rights come from God, these are inalienable rights and can’t be taken away.  We have a Republican form of government, property rights, individual liberty, and supposedly limited government.

By contrast, the U.N. Charter, based on the Russian constitution, states that our rights come from government, they are a limited number of these rights, they can be taken away for behavior or speech.  This would institute a feudalistic form of government.  “For the common good,” it eliminates the rights of the individual.

This is a mechanism for bringing about communism with the U.N. as head of state.   Are we now seeing communism becoming established in America through initiation of rules regulations, and control.

The U.N. now has a governing body (the general assembly), a currency (special drawing rights), a treasury system (the IMF/WB), as well as a court and legal system (the World Court and International Criminal Court),

A brief history of important U.N. meetings:

1970’s- A series of conferences occurred but meetings were blacked out
1976- Habitat I was held in Vancouver, BC
1992- Agenda 21 emerged out of the Rio Earth Summit
1994 – There was a meeting on population reduction (Habitat I)
1995- Copenhagen meeting- social summit- to empower the UN
1995- Women’s conference in Beijing, Conference
1996- Meeting in Instanbul, Habitat II, talked about Smart Growth-
2000 Millennium summit in September was held in which  kings, princes, presidents, and prime ministers agreed to the 1st complete over-hauling and empowerment     of the U.N. since 1945.   They agreed to strengthen international law and add an international house of representatives.  So in the future we might elect our own UN Representatives 
6/04 -  The Sec. General, through global taxation, would control a rapid deployment force.  They also agree that the U.N. should have trusteeship over the “global commons,” including space, oceans and the atmosphere.

    New goals identified are to reduce HIV/AIDS by 50%, relieve debt in highly indebted poor countries, cut in half the number of people living in poverty, achieve universal primary education for all, improve lives of 100 million slum dwellers.

Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) cost $66 billion to $150 billion/year by 2020. 

In 2002, President Bush announced that America supports these international development goals and the millennium development goals. 

The global taxation idea was introduced in 1995.

The Vatican has country status at the UN.  So we should ask re: The Pope, what percent of his job is spiritual and what percent is political?

Who is the real power behind the U.N.?

The UN General Assembly is, in effect, a World Parliament, and houses representatives of 191 nation states.  Each country has one vote with equal weight.   So the vote of the U.S. is equal to that of Cuba and Andora (the smallest country in world).   191 states are members of the UN.  But because the British Commonwealth includes 54 countries, they effectively control the UN.  This is because when the British empire broke up in 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s,  each former colony became a separate country and each of these got a vote in the U.N.

    For the same reason, Britain has 13 Commonwealth countries in the FTAA, (the Free Trade Area of the Americas), etc.   And in the same manner, Britain can control all these spin-off organizations as well: 

Organization        # of Commonwealth countries

IOSCO-                                                     28
BIS                                                             38
IAIS                                                           27
IMF                                                           45
WTO                                                         46
World Bank                                         44
G-8 Countries                                       2
FTAA                                                        13
G-20                                                            5

One of Henry Kissinger’s papers expressed the opinion that America does not need a foreign policy and that non-interference in the domestic affairs of other states has been abandoned in favor of a concept of universal humanitarian intervention or universal jurisdiction.  This would be enforced at Millenium summits.  Subsequently, many failed states have been created.   So now we are to change our policy from protecting countries to protecting people. 

As noted, at the 9/2000 Millenial Summit, Kings and Princes were brought in to participate in decision making as well Presidents and Prime Ministers.  Thus, more and more royalty are taking an active role.  Again, this millenial summit declared that the U.N; has trusteeship over the global commons- space, oceans, atmosphere.

Millennium Development Goals” (MDGs) are adopted at these subsequent international meetings:

3/02- Financing for Development U.N. meeting
3/04- IMF/World Bank
1/05- World Economic Forum
6/04- Group of Eight
7/05- Group of Eight
9/05- 60th anniversary of U.N. General Assembly
12/05- France passes first international tax on airline tickets

In December, 2001, Kofi Annan stated:

In the 21st century, I believe the mission of the U.N. will require us to loop beyond the framework of states and beneath the surface of nations or communities.

They are changing the structure of government to multi-stake holders

UNESCO, the UN Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, was formed in 1945.  It is based on humanism.   

The U.N. recognizes four kinds of capital:

1) natural capital- gold, water, gas, diamonds, oil, etc.
2) manufactured capital- buildings, roads
3) human capital
4) social capital- influence how people think,

Since 1975, the Group of 8 (The US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Japan, and Russia) has been the Global Board of Directors.  This began in 1972, with Nixon calling for “designers of world government.” This facilitated the process of globalization the development of the Public-Private Partnershipp (PPP) in which corporations act as partners with government.  They have sanctioned and formed a global army. In 2004, the U.N. had 85,000 troops (peacekeeping forces).  Initially their purpose was economic, but now it includes all issues.  

When the Queen of England gave a dinner for heads of the Group of Eight nations (her knights?) she was dressed in white and they were all dressed in black.  Who has the real power?

“Globalization” tears down the barriers between states.

WTO documents are over 27,000 pages long.  They were never printed, but they did print an executive summary, which consisted of two large volumes.  Bottom line: we all now compete globally.  The WTO describes a global structure with a global court.  Now the WTO has the power to fine countries; all barriers are down.  A new world trade order has been created.   There are no barriers any more between the states. 

There are sixteen key areas of trade integration, which include agriculture.  In a borderless world, you can also have the free movement of  drugs, crime, and pornography.  No one is looking. 

They are organizing us locally into metro or regional government.  The goal is to organize the world into regional trading zones, including the Americas, Asia, and Europe (dollar/euro/yen).

The Free Trade Areas of the Americas (FTAA) also started in 1994.  The U.S. has now joined 33 other countries in public-private partnerships. 

The following trade agreements merge different countries into regional trading blocks:

NAFTA, passed in 1994, merges Canada, the US, and Mexico,
CAFTA – (Central American Free Trade Agreement), passed in 2005, merges all of North American and Central American countries.
FTAA merges all of Latin America with North America.  This agreement needs to be finalized country by country.   Venezuela and Brazil, so far, won’t sign.   Starting in 1994, the US has joined with 33 other countries in a huge bilingual PPP.  We are signing agreements with individual countries.

Metropolitan/regional government consists of rule by unelected bureaucrats.  It involves the devolution of representative government and replacement by an administrative dictatorship.  This dictatorship would involve and integrate all levels of government; global, federal, state, city, county, and township.

Regional governance in the U.S. began with Nixon’s Executive Order- 11647, which divided the U.S. into 10 regions.  Nixon stated: “Let us give the people of America a choice.”   Congressman Rarick stated:- “Power to the people is a slogan used not only by radical socialists in their plans to communize America but also by President Nixon. “
In 1967, there were two prongs to the regionalization movement in America.  These mirrored the policies in the Soviet Union. 

1) Planning
2) Economic Development

We can define regional governance as “Government of an area or region by a central body of appointed officials who have unlimited and unconstitutional power.”

The Habitat II Agenda 1996, promotes decentralization through merging local authorities.  (This is supported by EO 13083- Federalism)

“Federalism” redefines the “state” so that now federal agencies have control over states.  It allows the president authority to declare national emergency, which allows FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Authority) to control all land, food, and power.  In reality, there has been a buy out between government and business. 

Stalin stated:

Divide the world into regional groups as a transition stage to world government.  Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalties to a vague regional loyalty than they will for a world authority.  Later the regions can be brought all the way to single world dictatorship.

In 1998, the International Criminal Court (ICC) was birthed.  Now, for the first time, legal proceedings transcend borders. Criminals are international and can be tried for crimes against humanity, genocide, war, etc..  There is no jury and you are guilty until proven innocent.

    The movie, “The Interpreter,” conditions the public to accept this.

Now we need to harmonize international laws so you can search in a foreign country, extradite citizens, exchange police officers, etc. 

Who are the economic players?  We are now a world without borders.  WB, IMF, IOSCO,

The concept of a central bank owned by private individuals comes from Sweden.  In this system, private companies lend money to the government, but there is no fixed time period for repayment.

Central Bank                    Year of Establishment

Sveriges Riksbank                                  1688
Bank of England                                     1694
Bank of France                                        1803
Dutch Central Bank                                1814
Richbank/Bundesbank (Germany)    1870
Bank of Japan                                          1882
Federal Reserve                                        1913
Bank of Canada                                        1934
Copmecon Countries                               1990’s  (former Soviet countries)
Bank of Iraq                                               2004

Today, most of countries in the world have a central bank.   When you take over a country (Iraq), you change the monetary system and can control it. 

The Bank of England is probably the most powerful central bank in the world.  Some of the largest gold trading in world happens here.   The U.S. Federal Reserve no longer has gold. 

The Bank of England was birthed in 1694 when William Patterson proposed raising 1.2 million British pounds to be lent to the government on the condition that its subscribers (investors) be allowed to incorporate as a stock company.  The government would have no fixed time period to repay and interest would be paid in perpetuity, somewhat like a giant credit card that you never have to pay off.   It was originally called the “Bank for Perpetual Interest”. 

This was the birth of the first modern corporation.  King William II was largest investor, with 10,000 pounds.   The bank soon went from issuing gold to paper.

Banker Josiah Stamp, director and president of Bank of England 1920’s, stated:

The modern banking system manufactures money of nothing.  The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented.  Take this great power away from the bankers and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this would be a better and happier world to live in.  But if you want to continue the slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create money and to control credit.

    Every central bank in every country issues its own currency (money).  The dollar is a Federal Reserve note.  In 1913, the Senate passed the Federal Reserve Act at 11:45 pm, December 24th.  This act set up a private corporation, The Federal Reserve Bank, to manage the monetary system of the U.S. 

    In the 1990’s, the powers of central banks around the world were harmonized.  Now all banks can set interest rates, intervene in foreign exchange markets, and set inflation and monetary targets.   (Now you don’t need Congressional approval).   So by lowering interest rates, they can cause a boom in stocks and housing, and when they raise interest rates, they cause recession or depression. 

    All banks of world meet at Bank for International Settlements, Basle, Switzerland.

    The whole world monetary system is controlled by a number of private corporations.  Is it hard to believe there is a small powerful group of men, shareholders of these corporations, who control this?   The Bank for International Settlements is the apex of the system.  If a country tries to get independent or pull out of the BIS, the other central banks can retaliate by putting the word out to sell the currency of that country.  They can crash the economy of any country in a split second.   

    What really caused the Asian meltdown?  The WTO has the Financial Services Agreement, which calls for all countries to lower barriers so that foreign banks, insurance companies, and brokerage firms can buy up that countries banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms.  Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand refused to sell.   This is what caused the Asian Crisis.

    The Bank for International Settlements took more power and set up the Financial Stability Forum.  The goal was to bring together powerful representatives from the G8 countries,  (Russia, U.S., Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan ,France, England, Great Britain) and also include G7 finance ministers, NASDAC (National Associations of Security Commissions), G7 central bank governors= 4 more (Sweden), G7 finance ministers,
G7 regulatory agencies (NASDAC), IOSCO, IAIS, World Bank, BIS, OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in Paris.  So our treasury is basically defunct. 

    These are the entities that now control whole global world currency.   They truly run the world.   Whoever controls the money controls the country.   The stated goal of this of this arrangement is “To safeguard against “Asian Crises.”

“When world has no borders you can then put in new rules and structures in place”  

These goals are: 

1) Destroy the value of sound money.  Nixon took the US off the gold standard to institute a fiat currency (based on faith alone).   This was the first time in history that the monetary system of world was not backed by anything tangible.  So now you can rape, rob, and pillage by changing the value of a country’s currency.

2) They adopted an economic philosophy of control, capitalism (Which is an “ism” like communism, Marxism, socialism, etc.).   When you take honesty, morality and integrity out of capitalism, you get fascism and tyranny.  Capitalism constantly needs new markets, new products, new customers.  It has to be always growing, as in “pac-man capitalism.”

Joseph Schrumpeter stated:  “The essential point to grasp is that in dealing with capitalism, we are dealing with an evolutionary process.  Capitalism, then, is by nature a form or method of economic change and not only never is, but never can be, stationary. “ 

3) Create a “Market-led” world.  So if it is necessary to keep capitalism from falling, they do that.   War is an economic stimulus.  So if you need to stimulate the economy and you have to create war, you do that.

The 1980 Monetary Re-regulation Act opened our borders to investing.  Before that, Americans could not invest in other countries and vice versa.  Now we have international and foreign mutual funds.  Before, banks had to pay a minimum amount of interest on savings accounts.  This act eliminated the interest ceilings and floors that banks could charge and pay.  So now interest rates can go sky high.   They “de-regulated it.”  So as a result of this,  today, banks pay less than 2-3% on interest in savings account, but charge 7-8% for home mortgages and up to 25-30% on credit cards. 

Also, as a result, $1.9 trillion dollars moves around world every day looking for best interest rates.

Also they repealed the Glass-Steagall Act was put in place in 1933, after the stock market crash.  This act separated the functions of banking from the stock market.  Essentially, it put “firewalls” in place to prevent a 1929-like crash.

HR10 repealed the Glass-Steagall Act, allowing for the creation of financial conglomerates.  This allowed for the merging of banks, brokerages firms, and insurance companies.  So we have now gone back to the 1929 stock market situation.  We now have financial conglomerates merging with banks, etc.

NASDAC was created after safeguards and “fire walls” were removed.  

The IMF, WB (the so-called Bretton Woods Institutions).  The architects of this system were John Maynard Keynes (Fabian Socialist) and Harry Dexter White (Soviet Spy), both of whom were communists.  The WB and IMF were set up to transition to a borderless world.   

In 1967, the IMF set up its own currency, called Special Drawing Rights.  In 1974, the IMF adopted guidelines to manage floating exchange rate systems in order to manage a world on paper.

The World Bank (WB) sets up stock exchanges and bond markets around the world.   

In 1980, the U.S. invested $53 billion in foreign securities.  In 2001, we invested $5.1 trillion in foreign securities.  Also, in1980, foreigners invested $198 billion in the U.S., and this increased to $ 20 trillion in 2001. 

Before this present form of government, “market-based democracy,” government and business had been separate.   So today, we have “market-based democracy.”  Keynesian economics  advocated “deficit spending.”  This has brought us our present $10 trillion debt. 

Von Hayek proposed a solution to the debt:  Governments can sell their assets in a process called “privatization.”  This amounts to selling off state-owned assets.

Thatcher and Reagan advocated “privatization” as well.   Selling off government assets also allows the creation of Public-Private Partnerships.  What is this?   A business arrangement to make money through corporate governance.   

What is a Public Private Partnership?
Public= federal, state, local, country, UN, foreign, government
Private= corporations, foundations, labor unions, non-profits, NGO’s, churches.  It also includes all levels of government and multinational corporations and, NGOs such as the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, etc.,

When we put business and government together, we get “market-led democracy.”

However, if government wants to sell off a public asset like a water authority, for example, it doesn’t want to make it look like its an outright transfer of assets.  So they often bring in NGOs to act as a middleman.  But the whole structure is now a business.  This amounts to a shift in power from government to business.  This also results in higher taxation and “taxation without representation.”  Now, government-owned assets are put into the stock market.  (For example, this is the Republican plan for social security). 

Andrew Crockett said in 2002: “ Advances in information technology have created the transformation from a government-controlled financial system to a “market-led global financial system.” 

“The Market” is comprised of stocks, bonds, mortgages, auto loans, credit card paper, etc.   In the old days, banks held your mortgage.  Banks now sell your mortgage and it goes into the stock market and it is bought by Japanese, Russians, Chinese, and  Saudi Arabians, etc. 

    Who is really holding your visa card?  Investors.  They also hold mutural funds, derivatives, commodities, futures, and now currencies.  Today, government is being completely sold off.  Everything is going into the market.  Government no longer supports the value of their own currency.  As they transfer wealth, they can make a lot of money by skimming off the top in the proces,.   These are called “market adjustments.”   Basically, he with the most shares wins. 

    The Coming Global Stock Exchange is also basically here.  This is the United Nations global straight jacket.  In the last 10 years, all various foreign exchanges have been going public.  Regionally, all stock exchanges go into regional stock.  Nordic stock exchange is a regional exchange, Euro-next is for the EU, London stock exchange, the NY Stock exchange just went public.   For example, NASDAC just bought 18% of the London stock exchange.  So they buy each other and merge.   So now there are “Trans-Atlantic alliances.” 

    The support systems for this include:

    A Global Accounting System.  China just switched to this.  Custody, settlement, systems, etc.  They want to make it like global telecommunications.  The goal is to make the stock exchange like the global telecommunications system.  So they will need a global currency.  Between 1999-2001, all bonds (which basically equal all debt) have been issued in 5 currencies.   Paul Volker, the former Federal Reserve Chairman, said we should have an international currency.

The BIS 2005 annual report talked about a single currency or regional currency.

Oil has been sold in dollars since 1973 and 1974.  The American economy is dependent on selling oil in dollars.  So Joan Veon speculates that we will likely have to switch to a basket of currencies, including special drawing rights. 

The Spiritual Dimension

    Currently, both conventional warfare and spiritual warfare are being waged.   There are different kinds of warfare going on today for assets and the souls of Americans.

The Phoenicians conquered by the sea.  Alexander the Great conquered by horses.  In the old days, you could hear and feel the danger coming.

U.N. Agenda 21 is something entirely different.   For much of history until 1992, the world was ordered under the Christian worldview.  Man had dominance over the earth.  The 1992 U.N. Rio Earth Summit re-asserted a pagan worldview that says earth has dominance over man.   It is based on the earth goddess, Gaia.  The values of America are being radically changed.

    UN Agenda 21 is 1300 pages of UNCED (the UN Conference on Environment and Development) that lays out the rules and taxes to control every aspect of life.  179 governments went to the Earth Summit, as well as about 5,000 key NGO’s, world leaders, and thousands of business leaders.   On the agenda at the meeting were population reduction and social planning.  This agenda calls for a complete re-ordering of the earth.  It is a diabolical marketing scheme.    

     Agenda 21 is synonymous with “sustainable development” and “smart growth,” and was advanced under the Biological Diversity Treaty at the Rio Earth Summit.  It also deals with forests and climate change.

Agenda 21 basically states:

1) The world can’t feed and sustain 8.5 billion people, so a radical population reduction is needed.
2) People are destroying the earth and so they need to be contained.
3) Animals have more value than people, so they should roam freely.
    Built into 1300 pages of Agenda 21 are socialistic mechanisms to transfer wealth to haves from have-nots.   So it calls for the re-ordering of property rights and individual rights.  And it eliminates representative government.

These items are built into the entire agenda.
Major Environmental Laws

1964- Wilderness Act
1966- National Historic Preservation Act
1968- Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
1969- National Environmental Policy- NEPA
1970- Clean Air Act
1970- Occupational Safety/Health
1972 Water Popllution Control Act
1972- Coastal Zone Management Act
1972- Marine Mammal Protection act
1973 Endangered Species Act
1974 Deepwater Port Act
1976 Federal Land Policy/Management
1977- Surface Mining Control
1978- Environmental Ed. Act

The first UN Environmental Conference was in 1972. 

“Sustainable development” says there are too many people on earth, and in order to preserve the earth’s resources, human population must be reduced.  The earth’s resources must be preserved and conserved.  The U.N., by virture of its international character,  is the only organization able to do this.

How do we accomplish this reduction of human population?  Abortion, condoms, family planning, Norplant inserts, homosexuality, euthanasia, genocide, wars, famine, and disease.

However, one Humbolt State professor calculated that all humans were placed in Texas today, they each would get 1200 square hundred square feet to live in.

These policies have been adopted by most countries and are supported by the Group of 8, multinational corporations, etc.

Where does the concept of  “sustainable development” come from?  Veon read through the Russian Soviet Constitution.   And found the definition in Chapter Two, Article 18 of the Soviet Constitution:   “In the interest of the present and future generations, the necessary steps are taken in the USSR to protect and make scientific rational use of the land and its mineral and water resources and the plant….  .

Accordiing to the Bruntland Commission, sustainable development is a merger between capitalism and socialism (communism) which adopts secular humanism.   It says the human soul has no value.
It says we humans are responsible for pollution of the planet.   We are subordinate to other creatures.  It talks about a “family dependency ratio” which would calculate the amount produced versus the amount consumed by each individual and each family.  This concept appears in the Women’s conference in Beijing.  Mom and Dad have jobs so they produce, but baby and grandma don’t produce, they only consume.  The ratio of production to consumption of resources (energy, water, food, etc.) would determine if an individual or family are adding or subtracting from earth’s resources.   This would be used to quantify our usefulness as persons.  Are you adding back to society?  (volunteerism).  If it is mandated, volunteerism is slavery.  If you have negative ratio, your volunteerism could be mandated.   

The Texas legal case of Kelo Vs. New London in 2005 established that private property can be taken by eminent domain for it’s “highest and best use.”  Human life can also be factored in terms of “highest and best use.” 

UN Treaty on Lawful Uses of Outer Space.  The American Heritage Rivers Initiative (Act) was passed in 1998.  

The Clean Water Initiative.  Agenda 21 calls for setting aside “2 million acres of buffer strips protecting waters from agricultural runoff by the year 2002.”  This would equal the entire state of Nebraska or South Dakota.

The Biological Diversity Treaty (= Smart growth) would result in the demise of the farmer.  Forestry Ph.D., Dr. Michael Coffman created maps of the proposed land-use changes proposed by U.N. Biological Diversity Treaty.  It identifies “core areas” in red (Yellowstone Nat. Park) where no one can live, and yellow areas, or “buffer zones,” that are highly regulated.   Green is normal use.   This is the plan outlined in the “Wildlands Project,” and it is called “smart growth.”   People will be herded into designated smart growth areas.  The State of Maryland passed this act.  

How do you add to these area?  In 1994, the IUCN, a very powerful (and evil) ecological NGO, set up different levels of red and yellow areas, or protected areas, demarking.

1) strict nature reserve- wilderness
2) national parks
3) national monument/ national landmark
4) habitat/species management area
5) protected landscapes/seascapes
6) managed resource protected area

How do they add to this core area?  A series of House Bills became law. 

Smart Growth says land use planning is to be comprehensive, integrated and regional.  Public private and non-governmental sectors plan growth of urban centers, neighborhoods, transportation options, etc.

Ben Franklin said there are three ways for a nation to become wealthy.

1) war- and taking away wealth from another by force
2) by trade- to make a profit requires something cheap
3) agriculture- by planting a seed, you create new wealth.

Whoever controls the land, controls the food. 

Veon’s “renewable multiplication:”  One stalk of wheat produces 15 kernels.  On one acre of land, with 43,560 square feet, you can plant 72 kernels pepr square feet and get 3,136,320 new plants.  Someone calculates this gives 47,044,800 kernels of wheat per acre. 

If 1,000 kernels yields one loaf of bread, this amount would give you get over 47,000 loaves per acre.  Furthermore, so 160 acres of land would yield 7,520,000 loaves of bread.   So how many trillions of loaves of bread can we make in the U.S.

How many trillions of loaves of bread can we make today?  In 1910 there were 16 million farmers.  In 2005, there were less than 2 million.  If you eradicate the farmer, you starve the people into submission.   Do you see how the micro-chipping of animals fits into this?

Maryland is a Smart growth area. 


How do we live in World Government?  How do we confront evil?  We can read history books, but we don’t know how those people lived.    It has to be a spiritual response.   We are constantly in spiritual warfare. 

Forgiveness.  We have to extend this to others who have hurt us.  We are here to stand in the gap.  The only way to oppose this evil is with the cross and God’s forgiveness.  Then you have freedom and joy in your life.  That way you can be robbed, put in jail, etc.  You still have freedom in Jesus and God. 

For Joan, world government is all about Jesus.