Preventing the Next 9/11 with Captain Eric May's Ghost Troop

Interviews with Captain Eric H. May, Major William Fox (USMC), and  

Captain Eric H. May;  Founder of Ghost Troop cyber intelligence unit, Correspondent with Lone Star Iconoclast in Houston, Texas, former U.S. Army intelligence officer and language instructor. 

Eric May enlisted in the U.S. Army right out of his Houston, Texas high school.  He first worked in the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons corps.  Later, at the Defense Languages Training School, he learned Latin, Greek and Russian in his training for Army intelligence.  He did a stint as a Latin, Russian and English teacher in a prep school in Houston.  Returning to military intelligence as an Op Force Controller, his job was to think like the bad guys.  Returning again to civilian life, he became an editorial writer and ghost speech-writer for CEOs and (mostly Republican) politicians in the Houston area.   After 9/11, he initially supported the government’s position.  It was only after, as a journalist, he covered the bloody, three-day “Battle of Baghdad” (which was completely censored from the American public) and talked with a 9/11 witness, a Marine Captain, that May first questioned 9/11.  Soon thereafter, he realized that 9/11 was an inside job.   As a military man, Captain May took an oath to defend America and the U.S. Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.  By founding and leading Ghost Troop (named for the many unrecognized American soldiers who died at the “Battle of Baghdad”), Captain May is honoring and fulfilling that oath, by using his intelligence background and skills to foil another attempted false-flag attack on Americans.

5/12/08 Interview at Truth Quest with Melodee (KHEN radio) ( click on Captain Eric May.   

 Summary of Interview

Along with Dr. James H. Fetzer (founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth), Major William Fox, and SFC Donald Buswell (the 9/11 NCO), Captain Eric May recently issued a major national terrorist) alert, which was picked up by about 10,000 websites and reported in the Seattle Times.  Their May Day alert warned that government terror drills being performed in the NW (Seattle and Portland) from May 1 to 8, 2008, could, like 9/11- “go live” and become genuine false-flag, state-sponsored terrorist attacks. 9/11 in the US and the 7/7 London bombings were both inside job, false-flag attacks covered out under cover of military exercises.   These particular (May, 2008) military exercises fortunately did not morph into actual terrorist attacks in the Northwestern US.  But ever since actual terrorist attacks coincided with government anti-terrorist drills on 9/11 in the U.S. and 7/7 bombings in the U.K., Capt. Eric May and his Ghost Troop cyber-intelligence unit have closely monitored anti-terrorist military drills in this country. 

May stated that we need to use both eyes- one for looking backward and solving the case of 9/11 and one to look forward and prevent the next 9/11, that indeed, our rogue government has repeatedly promised us.  It’s tougher now for the government to “false-flag” us.  Between half and ¾ of the American people don’t believe the government story, whereas ¼ belivee the government carried out the 9/11 attacks.  Once people wake up, they don’t go back to sleep.  The May Day alert was a big breakthrough for the 9/11 Truth Movement that makes it exponentially more difficult for the government to carry out the next attack.

The media and political establishment have no choice but to continue down the false-flag path.  They must carry out another attack to turn this country into a military dictatorship, as they hope to do.  The recent Operation Impact involved a 3-state massive roundup of people in preparation for martial law.  The next week there was a simulated concentration-camp drill in Iowa. 

A terror exercise is the best way to set up a terrorist event.  (US Government) Operations Topoff (for Top Officer) and Noble Resolve set up a nuclear attack in Portland.   There were multiple indicators that Portland might be a designated target.  May has previously warned of 6 petrochemical terror attacks in Texas City, Texas.  Four of these petrochemical explosion drills actually did go live.  And in each case, after BP, Exon-Mobile, etc. refineries were destroyed, the world price of oil went up to record highs.   Military exercises were going on before and after each of these cases.  His Lone Star Iconoclast newspaper has called for a Congressional Investigation of this.   This is the true m.o. (modus operandi) of 9/11.  The elite chooses targets such as the “white elephant” WTC or old, dilapidated refineries that are obsolete and need to be replaced.  Then they make tons of insurance money and money from the tax payers after their own operations destroy the facilities.

The three most dangerous places in the U.S. are 1) Houson, specifically Texas City, 2) Chicago, specifically the Sears Tower, and 3) Portland, now extended to Portland and Seattle.  Our job is to try to anticipate where the enemy (rogue elements of the federal government) is drawing up plans to strike next.  The Bush administration is a cabal; Big Oil is the chief actor.  They own the Bushes.  Bush Sr. lives in Houston.  The war in Iraq is a Zionist/globalist war to seize the Middle East.  It is also a capitalist war.  So the two objectives of the war in Iraq are oil and Israel.  It has always been for territorial acquisition of Middle Eastern oil.  We need to remember that war and disaster are phenomenal economic opportunities for those who can control when you go to war and who you go to war with.  The main profiteers of Bush’s wars are 1) international money men, the bankers and financiers, 2) big oil, 3) the arms industry.  Today oil is up to $120 a barrel.   War is about killing people and taking stuff.

Houston (Texas City) has always been part of their long-range synthetic terrorism plan.   It was always their number 3 target (after Oklahoma City and New York City).  In fact, here we see a coded pattern, typical of the criminal cabal/gang- like other gangs they have their own numerical codes, etc., So all these ops are coded (example: 9/11, 7/7, 3/11 in Madrid, 11/9 in Aman Jordan, 7/11 in Mumbay, India two years agao).  In fact, the leaders of the criminal cabal which has taken over Washington are cultists of secret societies. 

So far, we (Ghost Troop and affiliates) have pre-empted them.   We may have pre-empted them in Portland and Seattle.  They are beind schedule, if they fall too far behind schedule their cabal falls apart.  All wars are conspiracies by cabals of gangster types. 

The internet, the alternative media, is now more powerful than CNN or Rupert Murdoch.  But there is a large contingent within the 9/11 movement dedicated to creating infighting and pullig it down from within.  What the government really hates is professionally lead opposition (such as Ghost Troop).  Thus, there are often serious attempts to retaliate and discourage leaders.  Captain May himself mysteriously contracted a very serious disease after beginning his efforts, as did Donald Busman (the 9/11 NCO). 

Solutions: stay vigilant, get a subscription to the Lone Star Iconoclast,  use one eye to look back and try to figure out the truth of 9/11 and one eye to anticipate and prevent the next 9/11 (and ETK note: use your third eye to make the most of each precious, present moment). 

9/25/07 Interview with Captain Eric May.  ( ) Click on Captain Eric May 9/25/07.

Major William B. Fox, USMC, former Marine officer with experience in military intelligence, now publisher of America First Books at ( ).  1/22/08 interview: , click on William Fox (1/22/08) 

Israeli intelligence (Mossad) and the CIA orchestrated 9/11.  Fox greatly admires Captain Eric May’s Ghost Troop II and their work during Operation Noble Resolve, to identify other possible false flag synthetic operations by closely monitoring military exercises being carried out in the U.S., for example in Portland, Oregon (Operation Noble Resolve).  Capt. May’s Ghost Troop is named for the many hundreds of American soldiers and marines who were killed in the Battle of Bagdhad that occurred at the Bagdad airport at the beginning of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.  This event was covered up by the media using the phony story of Jessica Lynch.  The US exploded one neutron bomb in this conflict.  Subsequent cancer rates have been high.  A huge part of the Fort Stewart, GA unit was wiped out.  Officers take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. Capt. May realized that, like Manhattan on 9/11, Houston area could be a top target of synthetic (state-sponsored) terrorism.  He noticed parallelism of target names, for example, Texas City, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New York City, New York, etc..  Jewish supremacists, Illuminatists, cabbalists, etc. are into numerical patterns.  Capt. May predicted in late March, 2004, that Texas City, Texas would get hit.  It did get hit with some kind of explosion, but not with nukes because the underground policemen in the area supported Capt. May, and his Internet campaigns may have also deterred a nuclear false flag event as well.  In July, 2005, a major gas explosion at a BP refinery pushed gasoline futures on the stock market to a historic high.  Cockroach theory.  Exposed cockroaches.  There is an internal turf battle amongst our incredibly criminal and treasonous ruling elite.  By coordinating drills or military exercises during a false flag event, the criminal elite can control the military, which in turn, can control situations.  There is currently an information war to condition and brainwash Americans.  The highest-level conspirators have influence in Hollywood and use “predictive programming” through movies and the media.  Al CIA-duh.  We must counter the predators with our own counter-predators.  The Jewish elite are like a CIA in search of a country.  They are an example of parasitism.  Amshel Mayer Rothschild and the Worldwide Revolutionary Movement, the Grand Plan.  Psychopathology has a genetic basis.  4 to 5% of white gene pool are psychopaths.  The power elite adopt the gorilla gangster social model, aka the (Leo) Straussian (or Machiavellian) model.  Elites use monopolistic tactics and use laws as a way to dominate people.  In contrast to the historic pattern of northern Europeans, where people typically rise up to kill despotic kings, the Jewish people better fit the model of Asiatic despotism, which thrives on subjugating people though an imperialistic welfare/warfare state.   Operation Topofff involved Phoenix, Arizona and Portland, Oregon.   Topoff:  In mid-October, the largest civil defense exercises, involved 15,000 people.  When Russian president Putin pledged support for Iran, this may have resulted in the cancellation of a joint U.S.-Israeli strke against Iran during Operation Topoff.  We need more people to get informed and get active.  We need to convince more “high net worth people” to get active and take political action.  Thomas Paine said in 1776: “When Republican virtue fails, slavery ensues.”