Madison 911 Conference Part 2

The Science and Politics of 9/11: What’s

 Controversial and What’s Not- 

Aug. 3-5, 2007, Madison, WI


VI. Barbara Honneger: What Happened at the Pentagon?

VII.  Major Doug Rokke: On modern war and modern war casualties

VIII.  Dr. Kevin Barrett: A Literary Perspective

IX. Alfred Webre, J.D.: Who is responsible and possible solutions

X. Leuren Moret: The Purpose of 9/11


VI. BARBARA HONNEGER- graduate of Naval War College in National Affairs Decision Maker, author of “The Pentagon Attack Paper”, and author of October Surprise.  

o download “The Pentagon Attack Papers,”  go to, then find Barbara Honneger under military professionals.) 

Inside-The-Building-Bombs are Proof of an Inside Job!

The 3rd imperative of the perpetrators (after executing the crime  and the cover-up) is to control the opposition. 

Thus, for example, one "9/ll researcher," Alex Jones, repeatedly states “You know, I don’t talk about the Pentagon.”  Why is this?

In Europe, from 9/11 itself,  we knew that the Pentagon was most important because it is the center of military power in the world. 

Terrorism has a specific definition: the intentional use of violence  against civilians for political ends.   Thus, the attack on WTC is an act of terrorism.  However, since the Pentagon is a military installation, by definition, the attack on Pentagon is an act of war.

Why is the Pentagon so important?   Because a true terrorist attack is on innocent civilians.  They intentionally increased the horror at the WTC.  But they also needed the Pentagon attacks.  The WTC attack by itself is just huge Oklahoma City.  They had to have an attack upon a military installation. 

The M.O. (modus operandi) at WTC and Pentagon were the same.  Thus, the same perpetrators were behind both attacks.  So the Pentagon is the "Achilles Heel" of the perpetrators' plan.

Bullet points:

What if the real M.O. was ‘inside the building bombs followed by cover story of outside impact’? 

William Rodrigues’ (last person to leave Twin Towers alive) testimony is that he was in Basement B-1 level when there were massive explosions beneath him.  Hence, the explosions occurred in basement level B-2 or B-3 or further down.  And the occurred some 7 to 9 seconds before the “plane hit.”  This required inside the building bombs.  Inside-the-building bombs means an inside job.   They were perfectly symmetrically placed inside-the-building bombs. 

The same thing happened at the Pentagon. 

She uses official sources.  What time does the official story say Flt. 77 hit building?   9:38 am.  Original reported time was as late as 9:47 am.  Then it came down.  However, watches and clocks in Pentagon stopped and melted at 9:31 am, sometime between 9:30 and 9:32. 

Wall clocks in Pentagon West Wing all stopped between 9:30 and  9:32 am.

April Gallup is the “Willie Rodriguez” of the Pentagon.  She was in financial center of the West Wing.  Her wristwatch stopped at just after 9:30.   

There was a massive inside-the-building violent event (explosion) that happened between 9:30 and 9:32 am.   April Gallup, who had top secret psy clearance, testified that her supervisor (it was her first day back at work after child leave) told her to hurry to the office because she needed to get right there.  Security let her right through.  The instant she pressed her computer button on in her office, the explosion happened.  She immediately thought it was a bomb- it sounded and smelled like a bomb.  

In fact, there were multiple testimonies of the smell of cordite (an explosive not similar to jet fuel).   There were numerous reports of reinforced windows bowing out then bowing back in.  Windows broke.  This was the first violent event at Pentagon.  This was at least 6 minutes before official impact. 

The real impact was probably the A3 Skywarrior that hit the Pentagon, based on the work of Carl Schwartz and others.   

This is the identical m.o. (modus operadi) of  the WTC. 

Officials in Pentagon expected an attack.  Bomb-sniffing dog teams were seen by four witnesses as early at 7:15 am that morning.  April Gallup saw these dog teams, she is one of the witnesses.  Dogs were only seen that morning.

There is no better evidence for an inside job than in-the-building explosives.  

OK.  We know there were explosives.  Was there a later impactor?  Probably yes, there were 3 separate parts of an A3 Sky Warrior, a navy plane designed to fly off of an aircraft carrier found.  Schwartz says that 2 Sky Warriors were radically changed in Fort Collins, Colorado a couple months before 9/11.  They were turned into remote controlled drones with missiles. 

The hole in the Pentagon wall was too small (10 to 20 feet) for their cover-story.  That’s why they collapsed the side of the building soon thereafter.   So they crashed something into the building.  The Sky Warrior flew into it- shooting a missile first. 

So at least 6 to 8 minutes after inside-the-building explosions was the impactor, a missile and A3 Sky Warrior aircraft.

The E-4 B - the “white plane” or “white jet”- this plane circled over the White House and Capitol then went over the Pentagon.  This had a command and control piece of equipment on top, forming a hump.  This is the plane that Dick Cheney refused to have shot down.  This is the “backup Pentagon in the sky.”  



So-called "white jet" seen by many witnesses at sites of both WTC and Pentagon "attacks"


The so-called "white jet" may have been this Saab jet, painted white

New information: Why wasn’t any one rescued from the WTC towers?  There were lots of helicopters flying around.  One insider said  the NYC police had 2 Bell-4-12 helicopters equipped with hoist and rescuers  in the air next to the WTC.  One was the same helicopter and pilot.

On 9/11, no one could have landed on WTC 1 due to the smoke.   But WTC 2 was landable.   But the NYC fire department assumed jurisdiction and denied access to the roof.   All the roof top doors were locked prior to 9/11 at the direction of the NYC Fire Dept.  There were heliports on the top.  Thus, people were intentionally trapped inside the building to be mass murdered. 

There were no helicopter rescue attempts.  When a Fleet of US military Secorski UH-60 60L Blackhawk helicopters arrived from Stratford base with medics and supplies, they were ordered to a local airport and directed to stay away.  The same is true for other rescue efforts by civil, military and para-military helicopters.

At the WTC buildings.   When were the explosives placed and who placed them?  A couple weeks before 9/11, the bomb-sniffing dog teams that had been placed in the building ever since 1993 (an earlier bombing) were removed. 

In A. Conan Doyle’s “Hound of the Baskervilles,” the big clue is when the dog didn’t bark.

In this case, it’s the dogs who weren’t there.  Experts say it takes a couple weeks to place the explosives.  That’s how long the dogs weren’t there in the WTC buildings. 

At Irvine 9/11 conference, physicist Dr. Steven Jones discussed his recent assay of WTC dust that went into 4th floor apartment of a building near WTC.  He claims this dust has the signature of thermate.  There’s only one group who have this stuff, the Department of Defense explosive ordinance people.   They are called the golden boys from Redstone Arsenal.  


VII. Major (Dr.) Doug Rokke, Director US Army Depleted Uranium Project since 1996

Dr. Rokke states:  War- it’s real simple:  At the tactical level, the purpose of war is to kill and destroy with the least concern for environment and casualties.  “Killings is the highest high you are gonna get.” 

At the strategic level, you are out to control resources like oil, water, food, and terrain. 

75-90 % of all casualties are “disease and non-battle injuries,” as opposed to wounded or killed in action.  You don’t hear about these. 

Veterans Administration reports that between April/May of 1990 through the end of May, 2007.

696,000 soldiers were deployed in the Desert Storm conflict- 76,000 in the U.S. military have died.  280,000 have applied for permanent disability.  The Pentagon has awarded permanent care to 200,000. 40,000 have gotten nothing and been denied service connection.  There are 4,000 cases pending,

Of the total number of soldiers deployed (1.13 million), only 963,000 are still alive.  You don’t hear about that.

We (the U.S.) armed Iraq with chemical weapons in their  war with Iran in the 1980’s and these were used on the Kurds.   Cheney deliberately blew these up in Desert Storm (1991). 

Regarding 9/11:  Over 50% of police and firemen who went into the WTC, have gotten sick and/or died.    WTC was deliberately blown up.  Aircraft hit the buildings.  No aircraft hit Pentagon.  This is totally impossible, you couldn’t get it that close (alleged 10-12’) to the ground because of turbulence.  Pentagon employees came out through the hole, if there were plane wreckage they couldn’t have done that.  “The wings folded back through the aircraft and it all went through the hole?”  Impossible.

Bush is irrelevant.  We (the US govt.) started planning Operation Iraqi Freedom in 1995!  D. Day was Nov. 2000.  When Gore didn’t get elected the thing got put off. 

From Feb. 12, 1998  (under Clinton), there was plan to invade Afghanistan and overthow the Taliban because they wouldn’t go along with Unocal pipeline deal.  We had to get the oil out. 

9/11 commission report, on page 313, shows “picture of pentagon after collapse.  There is no fire.  The walls are standing.  You can’t fly an airplane between light poles.  You can’t turn it that fast.  You couldn’t get it down 10-12 feet.  Turbulence would break it up.  

Gen. Tommy Franks. P. 336. told us… 

War is all about resource and territorial control.   The military continues to deliberately contaminate the earth’s environment.   They totally disregard all local environmental laws. 

“We love burning things down and blowing things up.”   When you blow up (like the WTC) you get particulates, or heavy clouds of fine stuff that is re-suspended and re-suspended forever until you clean it up. 

DU was first used in 1973 and 1974 by Israel against Sinai, against Egyptians.   They are incredible weapons.

Area 51 is just a weird airplane factory. 

WTC: the visible explosion is a DU munitions strike, it’s the same color, same impact.  All the flame on the inside- ignition, then boom. 

The DU contamination in the Middle East has gone around the earth.  Into NW England.  Total confirmation.  It gets in the dust and atmosphere kills and destroys everything.  It has a radioactive half life of 4.5 billion years!

WTC buildings:  All indications are they were hit by aircraft- it had 8000 gallons of  jp4.  (not Pentagon or Pennsylvania).  Aircraft are chock full of uranium. 

Karen Parker on war crimes.   2 weeks before Christine Whitman got fired from EPA, we had a conference in Cincinatti. Ohio.  The  EPA is still lying, still denying medical care to everyone.   The WTC is a toxic wasteland and always will be, including DU.  

Rokke has had problems with US Army because he wouldn’t lie for them.   175,000 Gulf War vets haven’t had care.  Many are dying,

And the Army is not generous with benefits.  40% disability is $500 a month.  

Again, the purpose of war is to kill and destroy to control resources and terrain.  We’ll use any weapon to do this. 

The Trilateral Commission, the CFR, The Committee of 10, Foreign Affairs lay all this out. 

Military ignores its own environmental laws and manuals.  Left, right, neo-con it doesn’t matter.   The goals and means are the same.

Iraq and the Balkans, were no threat whatsoever.  War in the Balkans took the lead mines out of Kosavo and put them back in NATO’s hands.  Somalia  was no threat.   Our goal there was to control the area along Red Sea.  Panama was no threat. 

Middle East has always been about oil since 1917- with the Sipes Treaty.   This put Britain and France into the oil business in Middle East. In the 1930’s, the US came in with ARAMCO. 

Vietnam was no threat whatsoever to the US.  That war was about controlling food and oil resources in the Mekong Delta.   The so-called “Gulf of Tonkin incident” (that provided official justification for US invasion of Vietnam) did not occur.  Korea was no threat.  There, we wanted to control the peninsula because of oil in Soviet Union. 

After WWI, the Middle Cast came out of Ottoman empire and into British, French, and American oil interests forever. 

Remember the Maine.  The Spanish-American war.  Since that (trumped up) war, we have controlled Cuba and the Philipines. 

In the 1840’s, the Mexican-American war.  Mexico was  no threat.  We wanted  the Southwest.  So we set up the Alamo to take Texas. 

How are you going to take responsibility and stop the non-sense? 

Who planted the explosives in the WTC and Pentagon?   To plant these specialized explosives would take only a handful of people.  Could be done with a team of 15 people in one day.

DU (depleted uranium) missiles were used in both the Pentagon and WTC.

VIII. Dr. Kevin Barrett, formerly of University of Wisconsin,  

    Dr. Barrett is a literary person and thus, can look at language being used in the 9/11 issue.  

Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil testified that the Bush administration had already setup the plans for the Iraq invasion and war in January, 2001.  In July, 2001 the order for Afghanistan invasion was given.  9/11 was used as a justification for both wars.  National guard mobilized here, and troops in the "Stans" were mobilized.  They used 9/11 to get Patriot Act passed.  It was also written before 9/11.  They used 9/11 to violate law- order the NSA to illegally spy on Americans- this also started 4 or 5 months before 9/11.  Although ther excuse was 9/11 – they were using 9/11 before it happened.

It was an inside job, a war-trigger event.   The "Neo-Cons" (Straussian) believe in the big lie.   It is the "science of enmity"- dividing people into groups that hate each other.   Strauss was student of Carl Schmidt, the main Nazi philospher.   Strauss came to University of Chicago and trained a generation of  "neo-cons," of which  Paul Wolfowitz is the most famous.

Straussian philosophy says philosophers must lie and leaders must lie to the masses in order to manipulate them.  

By contrast, Barrett would like to see and exemplify a "science of generosity and conviviality," noting that the  politics of human interaction is through dialogue. 

A soviet:  Batin – theory of dialogism-  Power tries to create a monologue that can’t be answered.   He was a champion of populist dialogue. 

A recipe for 9/11 is found in the 1968 book; Coup D’Etat: A Practical Handbook by Edward Lutvek.  Lutvek was dean of the neo-con military theorists and was at the University of Chicago with Wolfowitz, Strauss, and the crowd that has been planning 9/11 since the 1960’s.  Leo Strauss was also a sworn deadly enemy of democracy in Germany and America.  He taught his students to conceal themselves within the democratic apparatus and get ready to overthrow the government.

This book points out it that it works best if you do it in countries where people are soft and don’t know how to do direct political action.    A Coup d’Etat is not a revolution, it is meant that a cabal seizes power and makes policies it wants, but they don’t fire people.  It will be hidden.  There may be some opposition- we will deal with this .  They advocate avoiding bloodshed because this arouses resistance.  They need to get people to acquiesce.  They need to keep people divided from each other.  How do you keep people apart? 

1) Suppress all news coverage of any and all resistance.  This was written back in 1968.   They do this by their control of the media. 

2) If any resisters persist, we will have to bombard them with “unlovely phrases” - such as "paranoid, conspiracy theorist, anti-American, anti-Semites," etc. 

We need to apply our knowledge.  They have failed in this because of the internet.  Now we are being hit by unlovely phrases.  Series of attacks-

Ethic of dialogue and conviviality.  Our strength is our solidarity in opposing this coup d’etat. To build a larger mass of people. 

We need to think pre-emtively and strategically.  What’s their next move?  Another 9/11 at some point.   


IX. Alfred Webre: Dr. of Jurisprudence, and M.A. Education, promotes ban of space weapons, co-authored Space Preservation Act.  Member, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

9/11 was false-flag operation by an international war-crimes war-crimes racketeering organization to:

1) Provide a pretext to engage in genocidal and ecocidcal DU bombing of Central Asia (so far, Afghanistan and Iraq) in order to secure vast oil and uranium reserves.

2) Roll out terror-based national security system worldwide.

3) Implement final stages of world depopulation policy. 

Engineered wars and war-crimes.  Intentional depopulation policy is reduction of human population.  This will result in total control of strategic resources; including water, food, energy resources, and total control of the world’s wealth.  The New World Order is common epithet for the perpetrators.

Since at least 1954, this intentional depopulation policy has been put into effect by this international war-crimes racketeering organization with interlocking branches in:

1) North America- through the “Brotherhood of Death”- Skull and Bones- the elite secret society/fraternity at Yale University.  Skull and Bonses was the intial American chapter of "the brotherhood of death" (Illuminati)- a German satanic organization.  The founder of Skull and Bones went on to charter the first clipper ships that smuggled opium from India to China as part of original opium wars.  This formed initial fusion of arms, drugs and oil industries as the highest ranking industries of the permanent war economy.  Affiliated networks include Rockefeller groups, Trilateral Commission, CFR, and myriad corporations. 
2) UK- Masonic, satanic networks in government, military, intelligence, finance, media, and the House of Windsor (Queen of England).

3) International neo-Zionist networks (House of Rothschilds and London banking entities that go back over 300 years).  The City of London is a private sovereign state of 677 acres in central London ruled by a committee of 12 banks- headed by Bank of England.  This is all an extension of the House of Rothschild. 

Depopulation policy follows from City of London.  The value of the US dollar is dictacted by the City of London and US foreign policy dictated by the City of London.  The U.S. President is a puppet of the City of London.  Both US and Canada are puppet governments of the City of London.

The technology of depopulation policy is to increase death rate and decrease birth rate of targeted countries.  False flag operations and engineered wars are used to accomplish this.   9/11 is a classic false flag operation intended to trigger a war of terror, leading to possible WWIII conflagration.  This is for the benefit of the permanent war economy, i.e., industrial activity created by controlling both sides of Hegelian dialectic of enemies.  Indeed, war is their business.  9/11 is one in a series of major planned global false-flag ops. 

The famous German rocket scientist, Verner Von Braun, was a whistle blower who tried to escape.  He said there will be false-flag operations after 9/11.  He foretold that with the collapse of communism, international terrorism would supplant that.   Then he predicted: 1) 9/11,  then 2) war against the asteroids then 3) war against the (phony) evil ETs.  

Exopolitics.  We will pretend to be ET’s and UFO’s and create mass terror.

Another technology for increasing the death rate is intentional nuclear radiation.  DU- depleted uranium,  nuclear weapons, nuclear power, nuclear testing.  All these have demonstrated public health effects- including diabetes, cancer, mitochondrial diseases (chronic fatigue, LG Disease, heart and brain disorders, DNA damage in men’s sperm, autism, mental illness, low birth rates).  This is how they are depopulating the planet now.  Thus the people of the US have been subjected to tremendous low-level nuclear war.  We have the highest index of mental index.  We have 26% mental illness.  Most plausibly this is due to atmospheric and underground nuclear testing.  Also, engineered bioweapons, Avian flue, if fully activated could kill 2 billion.  AIDS, was developed mainly for Africa and Southern India in order to gain mineral resources in these countries.  US military people vaccinated Africans with AIDS. 

Electronic weapons, including HAARP (High Altitude Active Auroral Research Program) and "Chem Trails" are also part of the global political control strategy.  Doc. By Toward the Year 2017. 

Al Gore’s book should be called “An Incomplete Truth”  Actuallly global warming is going on throughout the solar system, on mars as well.  Indeed, the US military has a strategy to melt polar icecaps and will use environmental warfare for US expansionism. 

Don’t buy into the global warming hoax.  This is being deliberately accelerated in order to flood coastal areas and to reduce the global population down from the present 6.5 billion to 4 or 2 billion, and eventually to 500,000 million.  What they want is a planetary theme park populated by a second tier class headed up by an elite aristocracy.   

Martial law depopulation matrix published in San Francisco Bay View. 

The Martial law depopulation matrix is the matrix of martial law legislation and executive orders for abolition of constitutional democracy and illegal expropriation of Americans' property.

Hurricane Katrina was test case in weather warfare.  The government used HAARP to tele-guide hurricane here. 

This (martial law) is to be triggered by 9/11 style false-flag op against US citizens.  Using DE (directed  energy) weapons.  This is all in plain site.   Next to come is a large (man-made) tectonic earthquake- Such as the Teng Shang earthquake in 1976. 

Controlled demolition of Minneapolis Bridge by DE weapons and this conference 

Sued Prime Minister of Canada- to stop NAFTA.  

The Police State Roadmap.  UK Researcher.   Both US and UK may suspend parliamentary democracy after next (synthetic-i.e., government-sponsored) terror attacks. 

They’ve been planning “Operation USA Freedom” for longer time that is.  The goal is to cancel the Constitution.  The phony "War on Terror" is expected to go on forever.

Indefininate Martial Law = military government.  Webre was in Castro’s prisons.  In order to live here, people will have to be willing forfeit right to life and property.

Depopulation is the deeper reason for military government.  Terms like Martial law, New World Order,Security and Prosperity Partnership (and "Sustainable Development") are code wodes for depopulation policy to reduce populations by between 2 and 4 billion persons. 

There is no functional reason to cancel the Constitution except for depopulation. 

1) USA Patriot Act. Signed Oct 26, 2001- undercuts Bill of Rights freedoms
2) North American Union, Security and Prospertiy Partnership, signed March 23, 2005, is the regulatory structure for implementing a legal matrix of martial law and for extending it to Canada and Mexico.  The 3rd and final meeting is in August. 

Why are so many citizens in permanent state of "narcosis" (i.e., clueless)?  HAARP is also an Electromagnetic Magnetic weapons used to keep us, the cattle, anaesthetized.   

The Military Commissions Act of Sept. 28, 2006 eliminates the right of Habeas Corpus and for first time since the Civil War designates US citizens as enemy combatants.   We could be the next designated enemy. 

The John Warner Defense Authorizaton Act undercuts the Posse Comitatus Act renames the Insurrection Act of 1807 as the Enforcemet of the Law to Restore the Public Order Act and lets the President deploy troops in the US.  Triggers include natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency and terrorist acts; such conditions are not defined or limited.  And the President can now direct all private activities, can block property of certain persons who threaten stabilization in Iraq.  Peace marchers can be targeted under this. 

9/11 was a war crime.  Since 1945, war has been outlawed.   US is the "bouncer" of the international war crimes syndicate that is centered in the City of London.  You have to use false-flag ops attacks to sucker your people into to invading other countries. 

False flag – The Rome Statute of the International  Court.  9/11 is a crime of genocide, crime against humanity, genocide, crime of aggression. 

9/11 was a crime against humanity through the use of an exotic (directed energy) weapon.  This false-flag op was pretext for illegal war of aggression against Afghanistan.  Use of The Tokyo International Warcrimes Tribunal found in 2004 that use of DU in Afghanistan constituted genocide, ecocide and omnicide.  9/11 the pretext is itself a warcrime.

There are at least 4 possible solutions.  How do we get ourselves out of this mess?

1) A citizen’s war crimes justice movement.
2) Stop depopulation and genocide and stop HAARP and chemtrails.
3)  Energy:  Shift to new breakthrough energy technologies, moving beyond petroleum and nuclear (which are the principle tools of the warcrimes organization) to breakthrough non-polluting fuelless and zero-point energy technologies now sequestered by black budget National Security State, that has an annual $1.6 trillion budget.  A new energy initiative- Event Zero- supports zero point energy in 2008.  Time travel teleportation would establish Truth Amnesty program like in South Africa. 
4) Transform the permanent warfare economy by banning permanent warfare weapons in space, the next arena.   Develop a sustainable space-based society.  40,000 international agreements have been filed.  Use the "Simon Bolivar strategy."  Other countries voted 178 to 1 in Dec. 2006 at the UN general assembly to ban weapons in space.   Nurture the body the politic.  Participate.  Become personally involved in electoral process.  Energize it.  Develop an anti-depopulation matrix platform.  Run for office.  Work for a canditate. 

The June 24, Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, in 2007, proposed 9/11 Citizen’s Warcrimes Tribunal.  This was established under the jurisdiction of the Kuala Limpur Warcrimes Tribunal
The world’s only permanent citizen’s warcrimes tribunal, the World Court, had ignored over 240 citizens’ complaints about war crimes in Iraq.   Why?  Because ICC  (International Criminal Court) is controlled by agents of the International Warcrimes Racketeering Organization. 

A witness links Donald Rumsfeld in 1971 to planning 911.   

The jurisdiction for an international war crimes tribunal is Natural Law, the underlying force of all of our laws.  = karma.  Because over 104 nations are parties to the Rome Statue of International Court.  Now their each of their national courts can enforce and prosecute warcrimes.  Chile, Argentina, Germany, Venezuela, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, we can ask them to prosecute the 9/11 war criminals.

"Restorative justice" would take their wealth and apply it to reducing poverty, cleaning up the environment, etc.

Their goal is to relocate, incarcerate, depopulate, appropriate your property.  We need to attack the legitimacy of all these Exececutive Orders.  Presidential Directive 51 cancels the Legislative, Judicial branches of government, it was sneaked in.

Oct. 17 law, vague all property can be seized.   But a major problem is many of us are paralyzed (anesthetized or mind-controlled) by HAARP.

Create community phone email trees to resist in event of false flag attack. 

Project Shad was the deliberate use of chemical and biological weapons against US citizens.  It started in 1950’s when salmonella was planted in peanut butter, and e-coli put in lettuce.  Weird stuff.     

The USA Patriot Act- Presidential Decision Directives 39 and 62- written by Clinton, Gore, and Janet Reno.  Do not fall under Congressional control oversight.   These trump all federal law. 
All this is independent of Republican and Democrat- cuts across whole group. 

Possibility of a Court Martial of the President for treason.  Bob Bowman agrees.  He was 9/11 truth candidate in Florida.  It requires only a single active duty officer to bring a charge.  Press conference in which as many officers and enlisted call for court martial of US President and Congress for lying us into the war in Iraq. 

Barbara Honneger agrees with Webre completely.  Go to


X. Leuren Moret, geoscientist, has worked in 46 countries and published on exotic and tectonic weapons.  She worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab from 1989-1991 and was whistleblower there.  Her story, is somewhat like Karen Silkwood in that she was harassed and threatened. 

The culture of nuclear weapons lab is a cult, a brotherhood of death.  There is the deepest dishonesty and disrespect for the life force in all living things.  

Ghandi- “as human beings, our greatness lies, not so much in being able to remake the world, that is the myth of the atomic age, as in being able to remake ourselves.”
By remaking ourselves, we can make a different.  There is DU (depleted uranium) bill in Hawaii now in the state legislature.  There has been a total cover-up of DU since 1991 by the US government, by Congress, and at the state level.  But there have been 27 bills introduced on DU.

Hawaii- has highest rate of fallout from bombs.  Have been using DU since 1940’s.   Have you heard about 800 concentration camps all over the US?   Senator Inuye was covering up for Oliver North building concentration camps during Iran-Contra hearings.  3 DU bills in legislature- all failed.  Now Hawaiians are monitoring around the gunnery ranges with Geiger counters.   Now it is illegal. 

Leuren got Geiger counter and flew to big island where she got high readings. 

1st international 9/11 conference in Tokyo.  In October 2006.  It’s easier to do events in other countries.  People are crazy about 9/11 in Italy. 

The US Army is firing radioactive DU at live fire gunnery ranges in Hawaii.   Got readings up to 93 (5 to 20 is normal).   All bombing and gunnery ranges in Hawaii are contaminated.   All bombing and gunnery ranges are being sold to developers for $1.  Native Hawaiians have no legal status.  There are thousands living homeless on the beaches. 

She was at the Vancouver 911 conference with Alfred Webre.  

1957-63- all Americans were contaminated.  All atomic or hydrogen bombs are loaded with DU.   All during testing, the main pollutant was DU. Even Manhattan scientists didn’t know.  

Hunter’s Point shipyard south of San Francisco is the most polluted area in the US.  Background levels of radiation are 8-10 times higher than usual.  DU is used as ballast in commercial planes. 

They found radiation at Pentagon crash site on 9/11.  Many players were involved with 9/11.  They want to keep the 9/11 movement focused on the WTC.  The Pentagon is “Achilles heel” on 9/11.  Only the military is involved there.  It is the most protected building in the world.  Nothing can happen there without the complicity of the military.

Pentagon was hit by a 12-foot bullet hole- made by cruise missiles.  There are DU warheads in cruise missiles. 

What was purpose of 9/11? 

1) to establish a domestic police state (USA Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act) based on the Phoenix program in Vietnam.  DIA set up Phoenix program, with torture chambers, concentration camps to destroy civilian resistance.   Oliver North was doing the dry run in Vietnam for the police state in the US.  North set up FEMA – then called the Federal Emergency Military Authority. 

Sea-Tac has a FEMA fortress- US is negotiating railroad to Alaska.  Concentration camps in Canada are built on Indian reservations. 

2) to set up Northern Command- a domestic military- this violates Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which said government cannot use the US military to enforce laws against American citizens. 
Why are we sending our state militias (National Guard) to Iraq?

After WWI, there was a 5% disability rate, after ‘WWII 10% disability.  Since 1991 (Desert Storm in Iraq) and use of DU disability rate is over 55%.  Today going to war is a death sentence.   You get cancer within 2 to 6 months with exposure to DU- this is the most rapid rate.  Ionizing radiation is 10 to 100 million times more damaging to embryos and fetuses than the strongest chemical.

Medical disability rates in 2003 Iraq.  87,000 muscular skeletal alone.

The US released equivalent with 40,000 Hiroshima bombs into atmosphere during nuclear testing.  Since 1991, the US govt. has used equivalent of  400,000 Nagasaki bombs in Iraq and Yugoslovia in DU weapons. 

There is increased diabetes by 136%.   This is depopulation program.  The Vietnam war was about depopulation.

April 24, 1974, NS Memo to NSC Dr. Henry Kissinger- “Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy toward the third world.”   Because National Security and because US economy  will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad,  especially from less developed countries. 
“Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospects for such stability population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies, and to the economic interests of the US.”  Robert McNamara: “The population crisis is a greater threat to US national security interests than nuclear annihilation.”  It’s of higher priority than our nuclear weapons program.

1975, Kissinger established Policy Planning Group in US State Office of Population Affairs: Dept. of Kissinger, Bzrezinski, Alexander Haig, Ed Muskie.   Global 2000.  Under President Carter, global  pollution from DU was to fulfill the plan to eliminate 2 to 4 billion people on the earth.   These are all Rockefeller contractors.  Rockefellers brought depopulation or eugenics to US in 1920s.  It originally came from Malthus in England in 1700’s. 

A professor in the audience then questioned this claim about Kissinger’s Policy Planning Document, saying he and his students had looked in the document but never found this statement.  (I write this because I was not able to find it either- ETK)
 Global increases in diabetes. 

At Doug Rokke:

DU used by military
Desert Storm - 375 tons released of solid uranium
Balkans- 94,95 30 tons Balkans 1999- another 30 to 40 tons used
Japan 1995 and 1996- unknown amount. 
2000 tons in Iraq since 2003.
1000 tons in Afghanistan.   

 Northern Command has pulled in NSA, CIA, DIA, NIMA, FBI, Dept. of Justice, State and local Police, FEMA, = police state.  And fascism.  This is what 9/11 instigated.  Under Patriot Act II- can arrest without a reason, imprison without charges, and  detain indefinitely.

   This is all about oil and resources.  Richard Burda, Western Regional Inspector at Livermore Lab: “The nuclear weapons labs exist for the Pentagon and the Pentagon exists for the oil companies.”

Oil is much to important to be left in the hands of the ARabs. 

Also, 9/11 was to establish military presence in central Asia.  

    Mining industry websites:  Canada is largest producer of uranium in world (34%) almost all used in US in production of DU.  Queen of England owns all uranium rights in Canada and Australian.  Rothschilds own the nuclear industry through their contractors like the Rockefellers.

   Khazakstan will outproduce Canada by 2012 in uranium.  Also its in Afghanistan.  It’s all about mineral resources.  Want to depopulation 75% of depopulation is for 3rd world countries.  It has contaminated all headwaters of Southeast Asia. 

What Americans did Queen Elizabeth knight- Alan Greenspan, George H.W. Bush, Generals Schwartzkof, Colin Powell, Clark.

Kissinger: “Who controls the food supply, controls the people.  Who controls the energy can control whole continents.  Who controls money can control the world.”   

The Northern  Command will control the food supply.  And you will be obedient or you won’t eat.

The big oil corps will control continents with energy supplies.

The Rothschilds, City of London, and Wall Street banking establishment will control the money supply.