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Dylan Avery (24) (denied admission twice by Purchase College's film school) - Director of Loose Change. When originally started writing Loose Change, it was supposed to be a fictional movie. Ignores all criticism. Bans all people from his forums who even politely disagree with his theories. Compares his efforts to the likes of Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and others. Has said Pentagon is the easiest sell. Says his movie includes errors and dubious claims. Has ridiculed and laughed at the story of passengers and crew surrendering to the threat of boxcutters. Brags about the money being made off the busted Virgin Airlines deal. We could write pages about him alone. Film mates with Jason Bermas and Korey Rowe. His new film is produced by Alex Jones (see Alex Jones).

More Avery blurbs
here and here. His debate with Mark Roberts is here (part 1) and here (part 2). Also see our merchandise page.

Robert Balsamo (JDX, JohnDoeX) (pilot) - Started questioning the events of 9/11 in May 2006, after seeing the 5 frames showing the flight 77 hitting the Pentagon on CNN, and he was not satisfied seeing no plane in those frames. Claims the Flight 77 flight data recorder found at the Pentagon rubble proves, that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon. If the FDR data is correct, Flight 77 did hit the Pentagon. If the FDR data is faked, why did they fake it not to show a hit. Why not fake it to show the plane hit the Pentagon. And this FDR data is what he bases his whole theory on.

Robert Balsamo interviewed
here. Also see our merchandise page.

Kevin Barrett (49) (master's degree in English literature and French, Ph.D. in African languages and literature with a minor in folklore) - Believes there were no Islamic terrorists involved in 9/11 and that genuine Islamic terrorism doesn't exist. Is a muslim himself. Tried to find one alive hijacker in Morocco, but did no research beforehand. Only when in Morocco, he found out the person he is looking for may not even be in the same country. A simple call to the embassies and airlines from the US could have told him that. Ignores all the evidence. Believes that the 7/7/05 London bombings, and the 2004 Madrid bombings were the actions of a "special wing of, probably, U.S. or western military intelligence". Recently published the pictures and phone numbers of the academics at Purdue University who produced an animation of Flight 11, openly calling out for people to harrass them.

Kevin Barrett's trip to Morocco is described
here. Kevin Barrett's behaviour exposed here. Compilation of the multiple threats he has made is here. Also see our merchandise page.

Jason Bermas (28) (graphic designer) - Friends with Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe, and a researcher for Loose Change. Said the firefighters were paid off. Then later corrected himself by saying a jedi mind trick was pulled on him. Believes the moon landings were a hoax. Co-hosts the Alex Jones show.

Bermas blurbs here and here. His debate with Mark Roberts is here (part 1) and here (part 2). Also see our merchandise page.

Christopher Bollyn (51) (degree in history) - Claims Israeli agents were involved in the attacks of 9/11. Speaks openly against Zionism and Israel. One of the main figures behind the no planes at Pentagon and Shanksville theories.

Andreas von Bülow (71) (doctorate in Jurisprudence) – Former German Research and Technology Minister, a Member of Parliament and a Deputy Defense Minister. Author of the book “Die CIA und der 11. September (The CIA and September 11) published in 2003.


Does not believe that the Pentagon was hit by a Boeing 757. Claims that videos have been manipulated or withheld and no fragments of the plane have been found. Does not deny that there were four planes but these planes were probably operated by remote control. Says those who flew the planes simply lacked the flying practice of experienced pilots, they were "hobby pilots." Claims that 9/11 was a covert secret service operation and that there are indications that point to the role of the Israeli Mossad.


In 1998 published the book Im Namen des Staates. CIA, BND und die Kriminellen Machenschaften der Geheimdienste (In the Name of the State: CIA, BND and the Criminal Machinations of the Secret Services)”. This book was highly critical of the national intelligence service BND. By this time Von Bülow had become a principled and fanatical opponent of western intelligence services, a man who saw conspiracies everywhere. Believes the western intelligence services are the real terrorists who must be stopped. Claims Bin Laden is fiction, or a CIA agent and he and his folks are not dangerous.


His interview in German can be found here.


Alexander Keewatin "A.K." Dewdney (66) (Ph.D. in Math) - Claims that according to his studies the phone calls from the planes were virtually impossible and has suggested the calls were created using real-time voice morphing technology. Suggests agents flew the planes, and relatives ignored inconsistencies in the calls due to wishful thinking. Claims only about 44 people would have been required to stage the attacks (Operation Pearl). Claims he is on a Canadian no-fly list. Claims there is no way to avoid the conclusion that the wings (and therefore the aircraft) were never present at the Pentagon. Says, that in this case, no Boeing 757 struck the Pentagon building on the morning of September 11, 2001 (The Missing Wings). He cites Killtown's work to support this theory (see Killtown).


Has been a muslim for almost 40 years. Says Palestinian “suicide bombings” serve not only to cast a shadow of suspicion on Islam, but are well-nigh essential for Israel to maintain its stranglehold on the occupied territories, and further claims suicide attack is relatively easy to fake.

His article on the cell phone calls can be found
here. His video presentation is here.

James "Jim" Fetzer (67) (Ph.D. in history and philosophy of science) - Supports Judy Wood and her Space Beam research. Says Judy Wood is the most qualified person to analyze WTC. Believes in no plane at the Pentagon -theory. Has one witness to support this theory. This witness didn't even see the actual event. Ignores all the other witnesses, the DNA evidence, the impact damage, debris found at the scene and all the other evidence supporting the fact that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Has recently even started to promote the no planes at WTC -theories, thinking TV channels were broadcasting manipulated images in real time on 9/11. Also maintains that John F. Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a planned and precisely executed conspiracy, which included altering the autopsy X-rays, substituting another brain, and recreating the Zapruder film using sophisticated techniques of optical printing and special effects. Numerous other dubious claims not mentioned here.

His debate on 9/11 with Mark Roberts is
here (part 1), here (part 2) and here (part 3).

Richard Gage (53) (AIA, Architect) - Claims the foreknowledge of the collapses by NYPD and FDNY is proof of controlled demolition. In other words, he claims NYPD and FDNY had knowledge of the controlled demolition, but remain silent. Says controlled demolition is clearly outside the scope of his training and expertise, yet he also says there is a solid and convincing case proving all three buildings were destroyed by controlled demolitions. Claims silent thermate brought the towers down, but also that explosives were heard by 118 witnesses. Excerpt from his debate with Ron Craig:

"Caller: I think the controlled demolition of the towers and building 7 can be largely disproven with one simple observation, and that is that demolition charges are deafeningly loud. if a demolition charge went off on 9/11, everyone within a mile radius, every camera, every video would have recorded it.

Gage: Well that's why they would have used thermite, which is a more silent, um, thermate, which is a special form of thermite with added sulfur, because obviously you wouldn't want a whole bunch of explosions to be heard, even though they were, it's not a perfect science. They have a hundred and eighteen witnesses just from those who were recorded in the oral histories."

Joined the truth movement after hearing David Ray Griffin on the radio March, 2006. Has thus far designed only low-rises, like warehouses and a school project. Asks for donations up to $911/month, that makes a total of $10932/year. Has said "We need many thousands of dollars per month to realize our goals".

Has said: "We don't have to explain how this was done, or who may have been responsible", yet says they have determined conclusively that thermite was used, calls 9/11 an inside operation and not an Al-Qaida operation, and that 9/11 was a pretext for the invasion of two countries. Other (than WTC demolition)truther theories that he believes in include the NORAD stand down, put options and the PNAC document -theories.

Announced his predetermined position before the release of the NIST WTC 7 report by stating, that AE911Truth will be documenting the major flaws and most serious omissions in a phone conference immediately following the release of the NIST report.

His proof of controlled demolition is
here. His admission he is no expert in demolitions is here. His 2 hour lecture can be found here. His debate with Mark Roberts on June 18, 2008 including the infamous card board tower fiasco: part 1 and part 2. Also see our ae911truth and merchandise page.

David Ray Griffin (69) (Ph.D. in philosophical theology) - Dr. Griffin was initially very skeptical of claims of a major cover-up around 9/11, but in April of 2003 a trusted friend sent him an e-mail, and after exploring the information (an early version of the Paul Thompson timeline) he became convinced of a major cover-up around 9/11. Doubts the authenticity of all the on-flight phone calls. Believes in controlled demolition. Believes some of the alleged hijackers are still alive. Says no plane hit the Pentagon, NORAD was ordered to stand down and Flight 93 was shot down. Supports numerous claims not mentioned here. Has admitted one mistake (regarding Flight 77 airphone issue), after it was pointed to him by a fellow truther, but after a short while returned to his original position. Thinks TWA800 was shot down by Al Qaeda. Claims Lee Harvey Oswald was two people, Lee Oswald and Harvey Oswald; one of them grew up in the south, one in New York and spoke fluent Russian (see here). In 1997 he wrote a book about Parapsychology, Philosophy and Spirituality. In this book Griffin articulates a constructive postmodern philosophy that allows the parapsychological evidence to be taken seriously. Griffin examines this evidence extensively and identifies four types of repeatable phenomena that suggest the reality of extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. He examines five types of evidence for the reality of life after death: messages from mediums; apparitions; cases of the possession type; cases of the reincarnation type; and out-of-body experiences. Has stated the following: "The basic fact is that telepathy and clairvoyance do seem to occur in some cases." Fact checker for Loose Change Final Cut.

Admitted he doesn't even check his own sources: "I had not been 'intentionally misleading', I had been careless. (I had quoted those statements from secondary sources---three of them from Thierry Meyssan's "Pentagate"---without looking them up for myself to read them in context)... I failed to realize that the people I had quoted did not specifically claim to have "seen" such a thing..."

Says he does not want to develop a theory of what happened on 9/11. "I made a big point of not developing such a theory, and even encouraging members of the movement not to do this... (snip) ...No, you don't have to have a theory. When you develop a theory, that's what the debunkers love, they want to say, that's nonsense and take attention away from all the evidence we have marshaled to show the official story is false."

His extensive lecture from his visit to Denmark is
here. Griffin is dealt with here and here. His admission of one mistake and his continuing doubt of the authenticity of the phone calls is here. Also see our merchandise page.

Nico Haupt (ewing2001) (36) (Web Consultant) - Believes no planes hit the WTC and the images of the planes were created by TV fakery.

His blog can be found

Jim Hoffman (software engineer) - Started questioning the official story in March of 2003, when he began looking at photographs of the events for the first time since September, 2001, and read the article Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics written by J. McMichael in October 2001, a whole 4 years before the NIST report came out. Strong supporter of the controlled demolition theory. Claims the entire 9/11 attack was an inside job not involving Al Qaida at all, because only US officials had access to the underlying infrastructure of the buildings and possibility to plant explosives. Claims Mr. Zdenek P. Bazant is ignorant of structural engineering (In reality he is one of world's leading structural engineers. Bazant's resume is here, Hoffman's bio here). Claims the planes were remotely controlled, because "It would not be rational for the planners of such an attack to entrust a key component of the operation - the piloting of the jetliners - to any human pilot". Believes in some form of a stand-down. Suggests the attacks might have been carried out by as few as twelve individuals. Claims huge sums of money could have played a key role in buying people's co-operation, and keeping them silent. Claims the attacks were so bold and shocking, that even people who were involved in covering it up (like leaders in the media, FEMA, FBI, etc.) would fall for the fraud.

You can find Jim Hoffman explaining his views
here. His claim Bazant is ignorant of structural engineering here. Also see our merchandise page.

Eric Hufschmid (developer of CAD/CAM software) - Claims WTC buildings were destroyed by controlled demolition and Pentagon hit by a global hawk. Blames the 9/11 attacks on Zionists and Jews. Denies holocaust.

Jared Israel (63) (activist, High School of Music and Art, attended Harvard and Columbia Universities) – Originator of the NORAD stand down –theories. But related to WTC says, there are a lot of possible explanations other than demolition. Strong supporter of Israel and an avid opposer of any anti-semitic conspiracy theories.


Martin Luther King and the Freedom Rides inspired him to start his own activism. In the 60’es worked for a peace publication called 'Minority of One' committed to exposing lies about foreign policy put forward both by American leaders and the mass media. Credits the magazine’s editor Monachem S. Arnoni for teaching him to think critically, and Arnoni’s magazine is the model for Jared’s own website. Jared Israel was also active in the anti-war movement and became a national leader of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).


Restarted his activism in 1998, following the bombing of the Sudanese pharmaceutical plant. Founded the Emperor’s Clothes website, with the main focus being on reaching people with his version of information about Yugoslavia and the Balkans. Produced a film called Judgment! showing how corporate media distorted a photograph of refugees to produce false evidence of Serbian atrocities and demonize the Serbs. Claims the 1995 Srebrenica massacre was a hoax, and Serbs were the actual victims.


Was a vice-chairman and editor of The International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, which demanded the “Immediate release of president Slobodan Milosevic from his illegal detention in the Hague and the abolition of the illegitimate so-called ‘International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia’". Offered a $500 reward for anyone to find incitements to racial hatred in any of his speeches.


In 2005 he changed his views about Milosevic. He still thinks that Milosevic was not a war criminal, but rather a betrayer using rhetoric to pose as a heroic defender of Yugoslavia who blunted and destabilized Serbian resistance to the NATO attack on Yugoslavia. Although Milosevic helped inspire him to devoting himself to getting out the truth about Yugoslavia, he no longer views him as an honest leader.


His interview discussing the events of 9/11 can be read here.


Alexander Emerich "Alex" Jones (34) (radio host, fired from KJFK-FM in 1999 because of his views) - A former Republican turned "libertarian and independent". According to Radar Magazine also a former bodybuilder. The father figure to some of the younger generation of truthers. Says Waco is what really woke him up.  After an unfulfilling stint at Austin Community College, he decided what he really wanted to do was talk about his new concerns, and signed up for a cable access show (see full article here).

Source to numerous conspiracy claims. Has implied the FDNY were complicit of murder on 9/11. Says the 7/7/05 London bombings were orchestrated by British intelligence. Says global warming is a hoax. Says AIDS was orchestrated by the high powers of the world. Says the Oklahoma bombing was orchestrated by the FBI. Says the 1993 WTC bombing was orchestrated by the FBI. Says there is a New World Order, an Illuminati, an evil entity of powerful people that control and dominate the entire world. Says the NWO/Illuminati leave signs and give clues of their work, but are so arrogant they just don't care if someone (Alex Jones) notices. 

Says there is a plan to get rid of most (80%) of the population of the world. Claims all the terrorists are patsies. Has speculated the Virginia Tech shootings being a government black-op, Hurricane Katrina being weather manipulation and the 2004 Tsunami possibly caused by a deliberate under sea detonation. Believes in Chemtrails, JFK assassination being a government operation and US Government foreknowledge and allowance of Pearl Harbor. Says "they use cancer research to develop new cancers". Claims the Cold War, Russian Revolution and The Great Depression are all staged. Claims that Communism was a plot by international banks in the early 1900s to oppress the Russian serfs. Producer of Loose Change Final Cut.

His views are expressed
here, here and here. Alex Jones going completely out of control during his radio show 17th August, 2007, listen here.
Also see our merchandise page.

Steven Jones (59) (Ph.D. in physics) - Claims thermite/thermate brought the towers down. Got one of his dust samples from Janette MacKinlay (a truther), and this dust was exposed to all surrounding conditions for a minimum of nine days before collected.

In his new paper presents three different spectra of spherical particles (he has found even more spectra not mentioned in the paper). Jones' thermite/thermate theory is effectively debunked by the great variety of spectra of iron-rich microspheres in the WTC dust. This proves the spheres came from many different sources. If some of these sources were present before 9/11, e.g. in construction debris from welding and cutting operations, Jones needs to show us how he can distinguish between such particles and particles produced in the WTC fires.

Ignores all the natural explanations for his findings, including:

  • Pigments and fillers used in plastics
  • Fly ash from the combustion of cellulose-based materials: wood, cardboard and paper
  • Welding fume left in the towers from construction activities
  • Wear particles from grinding and cutting during construction of the towers
  • Iron powder cores from electronics (e.g. transformer cores)
  • NYC background levels of particulate from general environmental sources

Thanks to Dr. Frank Greening (Apollo20) for putting this all in plain English in this thread.

Ignores the fact that thermite cuts downwards. Has experimented with Cold Nuclear Fusion, nowadays known as Muon-catalyzed fusion. Specialized in Metal-catalyzed fusion, Archaeometry, and Solar energy. Believes that Jesus visited America, and has written a paper about it, called "Behold My Hands: Evidence for Christ's Visit in Ancient America". Joined the movement after getting to know Jim Hoffman's work.

Talks about the importance of getting some food, water, warm clothing and medications stored up for three months at least, better for longer, like a year. On April 2, 2008 wrote that he thinks Iran will be attacked by U.S. sometimes this year, probably in the next few months.

The experiences of his dust sample source, Janette MacKinlay and the nine day interval are described
here. MacKinlay exposed as a hardcore truther here. His latest paper can be found here.

Killtown - An internet personality stating some of the most outrageous claims. Believes in no planes at all -theory, everything was faked. Claims to have seen 911 written in the impact explosion clouds of the planes at the WTC. Claims the Val McClatchey smoke plume photo is fake. Was mentioned in the end credits of Loose Change 2nd edition and many claims in that film are based on his research. Later abandoned by those very same people.

His blog is
here. Website here.

Jeffrey "Jeff" King (plaguepuppy) (64) (SB in engineering) - Jeff King worked as an electrical engineer in the 70'es, but has worked as a family practice physician for the past 30 years. Claims WTC was destroyed by controlled demolition, and has stated that maybe other than conventional explosives were used. Has focused much on pyroclastic flows. One of the pioneers of the controlled demolition and non-conventional weapon theories. Has stated that: "Perhaps what we are seeing (at WTC) is a technology based on aspects of physics not generally known, but that exist as proven science for those privy to the world of black technology. Given the tremendous funding for advanced weapons programs it is not unreasonable to think that whole new areas of physics may have been developed and exploited for weapons technology in the past few decades."

His thoughts on non-conventional methods here and here. More of his theories here.

Thierry Meyssan (51) (journalist, political activist) – Author of the book “L’Effroyable Imposture (9/11: The Big Lie)”. Originator of numerous Pentagon conspiracy claims, including the cruise missile at Pentagon, no debris, too small hole for a Boeing, etc. Meyssan never visited the USA while doing his research. Has also written another 9/11 related book, “Le Pentagate (The Pentagate)”.


One of his researchers for the books was Pierre-Henri Bunel, a former French major who – in December 2001 – was found guilty of treason for tipping off the Serbs about NATO military plans before the Kosovo conflict. Bunel also published articles in "Jeune Résistance," a review which is both anti-globalist and right extremist. Fabrice Robert, the editor of "Jeune Résistance," is a convicted Holocaust denier.


Meyssan also believes the Beslan massacre was thought out and perpetrated by the CIA, through the terrorist leader Shamil Basayev, which Meyssan insists was a CIA strawman. Says the purpose of the massacre was an attempt by the USA to gain control of the resources of the Caspian Sea.


President of the Voltaire network, which “aims at promoting freedom and secularism” and systematically attacks the Bush and Israeli administrations and accuse the USA of trying to establish a new world order. The network is made up of news agencies and newspapers from Latin America, Europe and the Arab World. In May 2002, the Network claimed that the coup d'état against president Hugo Chávez had been organised from the White House, citing names of personalities allegedly involved.


Doug Plumb (bachelors degree in electrical engineering) - Believes in mini-nukes at WTC. Supports Judy Wood. About FDNY he says "When they cover up evidence or imply that there were huge fires and that wtc7 was expected to collapse then that is being an accomplice. Its the same thing as murder." Claims Alex Jones is not a conspiracy theorist (See Alex Jones). Basically agrees with Alex Jones on every point. Is a recruiter for (but does not speak for) Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

His blog entry discussing his views is
here. The thread fully exposing his view here.

Craig Ranke (Lyte Trip) & Aldo Marquis (Merc) - Citizen Investigation Team. Claim flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, but flew over it, and focus on this issue. Ignore the evidence of debris, DNA, impact damage and most of the eyewitnesses. Have a couple of interviews with witnesses done years later, and they claim these interviews prove all their points. Close ties with Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Not much support from the truther community.

Pentacon the movie

Morgan Reynolds (Ph.D. in Economics) - Former Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Labor 2001-2002, and the Director of the Criminal Justice Center.


Reynolds believes commercial jets were not involved in the WTC and Pentagon attacks. Claims that the airplanes should have just crumbled up against the side of the WTC and fallen down to the bottom. Says the main operation in 9/11 was performed by “hundreds - 2000 active participants”. But claims hundreds of thousands of people are co-operating in covering up and being silent about 9/11, including Corporate Media, Governments etc.


In March 2007, Reynolds filed a Request For Correction (RFC) with NIST citing faulty physics in NIST's computer animations of planes impacting the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11.


Has written an article called: “Why Did the Trade Center Skyscrapers Collapse?” His interview with Alex Jones can be found here.


William Rodriguez (47) (former magician and WTC janitor) - Has changed his story numerous times. Description of the event went from "rumble like moving furniture" to "explosion that knocked you in the air". Claims he knew when the plane hit, eventhough he was in a closed basement. Will not answer any questions regarding his story. Will not debate his critics. Claims he's on a no-fly list, but is going to Europe for the summer and was in Venezuela recently. How does he make those trips? Recently made the statement "I am 9/11".

His claims are analyzed extensively
here. His "I am 9/11" and "no-fly list" claims are made here.

Korey Rowe (25) (former/current US Army soldier) - Friends with Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, producer of Loose Change. Started questioning the official story, after Dylan Avery's research convinced him and after seeing the Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 911. Says errors were intentionally put into Loose Change. Was arrested July 23, 2007 for allegedly deserting the Army, which is considered a felony. Was then released, then sent back to his unit. Future uncertain. Joined the Army on August, 2001 when approached by a recruiter. He got interested, didn't know what he was doing, didn't know what the infantry was when he signed up for it, but he liked the golf course on the introduction video. In July 2002, after his Afghanistan stint, he still insisted that joining the military was probably the best thing he has ever done for himself

Korey explaining his frustration with the Army here. His interview including the Loose Change error admission here. Also see our merchandise page.

Luke Rudkowski (21) - Leader of the We Are Change -group. Got involved in the truther community after being beaten by the NYPD. He filed complaints, but was dismissed at each turn. Then he began to explore his new preoccupation with government abuse of power. "It made me research the police state, which led me to Alex Jones," he says. It was an easy leap into the Truth movement. (See full article here).

Organizes street actions and demonstrations. Specializes in confrontations. Recently confronted Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Rockefeller, John McCain and Newt Gingrich. His group's methods are questionable. They obtain addressess and appear on the doorsteps and public appearances of their chosen targets. Has close ties with Alex Jones and the Loose Change crew. Recently one of their group members was arrested when confronting a Rudy Giuliani employee. We Are Change -site links to the movie Pentacon (see Craig Ranke) as an educational movie. This movie claims flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, but flew over it.

Rockefeller confrontation here and Giuliani employee confronted here.

Kevin Ryan (former manager of Underwriter's Laboratories water testing division) - The division of UL he worked at has nothing to do with steel or other building materials, but instead tests drinking water. Claims UL certified the WTC steel, when in reality UL only tests entire floor assemblies without any creation of structural damage. Says it's impossible for the towers to have collapsed without controlled demolition. Wrote the letter to Frank Gayle of NIST without his superiors' knowledge or authorization. Was fired as a result because he had, quote: "commented inappropriately on UL tests conducted for NIST and misrepresented his opinions as UL’s" (see the court documents here). Lost the court case he filed against his former employer Underwriter's Laboratories.

His lecture is

Webster Tarpley (AB in English and Italian, MA in humanities) - Believes there were no Islamic terrorists involved. Says people from the caves couldn't do that. Accuses Bush and Cheney. To some extent believes in the space beam theories. Ignores all the evidence. Claims that Prescott Bush got rich helping finance the Third Reich, and the money he made became the core of the Bush family's wealth. In 1991-1995 worked with the political movement run by Lyndon LaRouche, as well as hosted a cable television program "LaRouche Connection". Lyndon LaRouche is a convicted felon, who in 1988 was sencented to 15 years in prison for conspiracy to commit mail fraud and tax code violations. LaRouche also supports a theory, that the Queen of England is the "head of a gang that is pushing drugs" around the world".

Webster Tarpley's views in his article
here. Prescott Bush claim can be found here.

Paul Thompson (mid-30's) (bachelor in psychology) - Author of the "complete 9/11 timeline". Believes the mainstream media have failed to document the attacks accurately, yet his timeline is produced exclusively from mainstream media reports. Admits to believing that "to me there's no way the official story could hold true".

His admission of doubting the official story can be found

Carol A. Valentine (aka Carol A. Gallo) (legislative consultant, writer) Originator of numerous conspiracy claims, including flight 93 shoot-down, remote controlled planes, Bin Laden video hoax, Hani Hanjour piloting skill doubts, and multiple claims of evidence fakery.


Her early article, The Insanity of the Insanity Defense was written under the name Carol A. Gallo. It was published by the conservative newspaper Human Events on September 26, 1981, republished in the October, 1981 Criminal Justice Report (the National Association of Attorneys General monthly) and again republished as the lead article in a special "Insanity Defense" edition of The Prosecutor, published by the National District Attorneys Association.


She has worked on Capital Hill as a consultant in legislative analysis and press relations, and has also worked as a "plain English" writer in subjects ranging from government contract law to science and technology.


Carol is a denier of the WWII Holocaust. She is the author and Curator of the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum dedicated to “explaining the on-going government attempts to covering up the Waco Holocaust”. She is also the president of Public Action, Inc. On her site, there are links to topics, like The American Coup d’Etat and the War for Jewish Supremacy, Imperium Judacum and The Great Holocaust Irony, which are highly anti-semitic.


Paul Joseph Watson (26) (webmaster) & Steve Watson (28) (BA Degree in Literature and a Masters Degree in International Relations) - Work for and share the thoughts of Alex Jones.

Their views are expressed
here, here and here.


Judy Wood (Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science) - Believes Directed-Energy weapons were used in the destruction of the WTC. Ignores the fact that the space beam would require impossible amounts of energy.

The Judy Wood experience
here. Her interview is here.


And finally, a link to Mark Iradian's video 
9/11 Deniers Speak.

These are the people and beliefs the debunkers are dealing with. And what they want us to believe.

This article can be used side to side with the "
Who's Who in the 911-truth movement" article by SLOB (notice that Killtown is not Nico Haupt as stated in that article).