Truther Interconnections


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Here is a chart of the relationships between many well known truthers. Explanations below the chart.

(I will draw a fancier chart than this one once I have time)

On the left, at the core is the Loose Change crew. Killtown is a former well known member of their board and his research was used in the first Loose Change films. Killtown is a no planer, as is Nico Haupt. These two are friends at least on myspace.

On the left are also Ranke (Lyte) and Marquis (Merc). They are Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), also former members and posters on the LC forum. They claim a flyover at Pentagon.

On the right, at the core are two groups, Scholars for Truth (ST) (below) and Scholars for Truth and Justice (STJ) (above). Note: Judy Wood has departed from the ST group after the publishing of this article.

David Ray Griffin is a member of both these groups. Richard Gage, who is a founder of ae911truth, is also a member of STJ. Richard Gage became a truther, after he got to know the work of David Ray Griffin. On the other hand, Jim Hoffman's work gave Steven Jones the influence to begin his truther research. Steven Jones was also a former member of ST, before their paths separated and he founded the STJ.

The Loose Change Crew and STJ have close ties. Undoubtedly, every above-mentioned member of STJ (excluding Hoffman) will appear on Loose Change Final Cut, David Ray Griffin even being the fact checker for that film.

Then there are the people in between them all.

Robert Balsamo, who is also a former moderator and poster at LC forum, is in close relationship with the CIT. He too speaks for the flyover at Pentagon. Balsamo's work has also been cited at least by James Fetzer and David Ray Griffin.

William Rodriguez has close ties with Kevin Barrett and has appeared on lectures with him. He also has close ties with the Loose Change Crew, posting on their forum and appearing on their films. There are some rumours of their relationship going sour though, but time will tell. William Rodriguez has also appeared on Alex Jones show.

Alex Jones is the guy who cites everybody. He is the executive producer of Loose Change Final Cut. He interviews and befriends members of both ST and STJ, as well as William Rodriguez. His infowars reporter in New York is Luke Rudkowski. Luke on the other hand is in close ties with Dylan Avery and the Loose Change crew.

So in one way or another, they are all connected.