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Timeline & Links

September 11, 2001: First speculations of an inside job and controlled demolition. Controlled demolition was speculated by David Rostcheck (see here).

September 13, 2001: The author of the website serendipity.li, Peter Meyer, influenced by the post of David Rostcheck released his first controlled demolition article, THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BOMBING.

October 21, 2001: First serious truther analysis of the WTC collapse. Article called: MUSLIMS SUSPEND THE LAWS OF PHYSICS, by Jim McMichael.

January 18, 2002: Eric Hufschmid read the article “Muslims Suspend The Laws Of Physics” by Jim McMichael and became convinced of an inside job. He credits an internet personality called Geeman for pointing this article out to him.

March, 2002: Australian guitarist Gerard Holmgren, inspired by the article ‘Muslims Suspend the Laws of Physics’ by Jim McMichael, ran the collapse times through some very basic 'physics' (The Law of Falling Bodies which resulted from the works of Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton), and came to the conclusion that those Towers did, indeed, drop at free-fall speeds.

March 8, 2002: A book titled L’Effroyable imposture (9/11: The Big Lie) is released by Thierry Meyssan.

Mid – 2002: “PAINFUL QUESTIONSby Eric Hufschmid is released, influenced by the success of Meyssan's book 9/11: The Big Lie.

September 16, 2002: After receiving the 'falling bodies' insight from Gerard Holmgren, Jeff King (PlaguePuppy) took apart the aspects of the demolition for a more detailed examination. He talked much about pyroclastic flows.

March, 2003: Jim Hoffman (creator of WTC7.net, 911Research.WTC7.net, and 911Review.com) started questioning the official story after reading the Jim McMichael article Muslims Suspend the Laws of Physics and reviewing photos.

April, 2003: A trusted friend sent David Ray Griffin an e-mail, and after exploring
the two-page 9/11 summary from the website WantToKnow.info and after exploring the links to articles on media websites and progressing eventually to the  60-page 9/11 timeline compiled by Paul Thompson, he became convinced of a major cover-up around 9/11.

March, 2004: David Ray Griffin releases his book The New Pearl Harbor, in which he cites the works of Eric Hufschmid, Jeff King, Peter Meyer, and Jim Hoffman.

2005: Steven Jones starts questioning the official story, after being introduced to the work of Jim Hoffman.

March, 2006: Richard Gage became convinced of an inside job after hearing David Ray Griffin on Radio.

Summer of 2006: Journal of 9/11 Studies is launched. Main people behing the site are Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan and Frank Legge.

March, 2007: The website AE911Truth is launched by Richard Gage.

January, 2008: Richard Gage announces the co-operation of AE911Truth and Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice (a Steven Jones group) in an effort to lauch their own investigation.