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A guide through common conspiracy theories and a source for 9/11 related info.


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New article: "The 5 Steps of Conspiracy Thinking"


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A five part guide through common conspiracy theories. Brief descriptions of claims and responses in a nutshell. The five parts are:

WTC           Pentagon           Flight 93           Hijackers           Other Claims


Other 9/11 related information:

Damaged Buildings Outside WTC Complex 


False Alarms 


Interviews & Expert Commentary 


Papers Criticizing The 9/11 Conspiracy Theories 


The History of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories


The 9/11 Truth Movement: A Closer Look




Distortion of Fact  by Andrew Burfield (Developing Project)

A Comprehensive Analysis of The 9/11 Report: A 571-Page Lie by Dr David Ray Griffin


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BBC Documentary "Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower

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