Chief of Department FDNY (ret.) Daniel Nigro Addresses Conspiracy Theories


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This is a message from Chief of Department (ret.) Daniel Nigro, addressing the conspiracy theories surrounding the collapse of WTC7. Thank you very much for this statement, Mr. Nigro. The work you and your colleagues did will never be forgotten. 
Release date: September 23, 2007 
Regarding WTC 7: The long-awaited US Government NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report on the collapse of WTC 7 is due to be published at the end of this year (although it has been delayed already a few times [ adding fuel to the conspiracy theorists fires!]). That report should explain the cause and mechanics of the collapse in great detail. Early on the afternoon of September 11th 2001, following the collapse of WTC 1 & 2, I feared a collapse of WTC 7 (as did many on my staff).
The reasons are as follows:
1 - Although prior to that day high-rise structures had never collapsed, The collapse of WTC 1 & 2 showed that certain high-rise structures subjected to damage from impact and from fire will collapse.
2. The collapse of WTC 1 damaged portions of the lower floors of WTC 7.
3. WTC 7, we knew, was built on a small number of large columns providing an open Atrium on the lower levels. 
4. numerous fires on many floors of WTC 7 burned without sufficient water supply to attack them.
For these reasons I made the decision (without consulting the owner, the mayor or anyone else - as ranking fire officer, that decision was my responsibility) to clear a collapse zone surrounding the building and to stop all activity within that zone. Approximately three hours after that order was given, WTC 7 collapsed. 
Conspiracy theories abound and I believe firmly that all of them are without merit.
Regards, Dan Nigro
Chief of Department FDNY (retired)


Chief of Department (ret.) Daniel A. Nigro became the 29th Chief to lead the New York City Fire Department on the afternoon of September 11th 2001. A native and life-long resident of Queens County, Chief Nigro entered the Fire Department in 1969 and quickly and steadily rose through the ranks from firefighter to lieutenant, captain, battalion and deputy chief. He was appointed a staff chief in October of 1994. His vast experience includes service in the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn as well as administrative positions. He served as Assistant Chief of Operations where he was responsible for instituting a Certified First Responder Program which brought, for the first time, fire units into New York City’s Emergency Medical Response. He worked on the merger of EMS and FDNY and became the first Chief of EMS in 1996.


From 1997 to 1999 he was a Citywide Tour Commander in charge of fire and emergency management at major incidents throughout the city. As Chief of Operations (the second highest uniformed rank) from 1999-2001, he oversaw the daily management of all FDNY Units. It is in that capacity that he responded to the tragedy of September 11th, assisting in the Incident Command, surviving both collapses and, upon the death of Chief of Department Peter J. Ganci Jr., assuming the role of Incident Commander that afternoon. As Chief of Department, Chief Nigro held the highest uniformed position in the Department during its most difficult days and helped to get the Department back on its feet, ready to protect the citizens of this city. He retired from the Dept. in Sept. of 2002 and was appointed to Fire Commissioner Scoppetta’s Terrorism Advisory Committee.


During Chief Nigro’s career he earned some of the Department’s most honored and prestigious awards including the Fire Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Service and the Leon Lowenstein Award. He has been recognized for outstanding service and performance by the governments of New York City, New York State, The United States, Italy (The Order of Merit of the Republic – Cavaliere) and France (Fourragere).


Chief Nigro was born in New York City on October 11, 1948 and has resided there all of his life. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (1971) from Baruch College. He has lectured at NYU Stern College of Business, Columbia University Graduate Program and been a speaker at many other venues.