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Diane & Susan
Diane & Susan
Susan came to visit us for an impromptu visit from Hawaii. A friend of hers had a 80% off flight ticket, and didn't want it to go to waste. She's here for the weekend. Today I worked half day then picked Sue up and went to Carmel. We ate a late lunch at a french restaurant which i cant say nor remember how to spell. We both had a French Onion soup and salad, and really wanted dessert but decided to come back later and never did. Our main reason for going to shop at Anthropologie, one of her favorite stores that they don't have in Hawaii. After many hours and many dollars spent, we went back to our car and hoped i didnt get a ticket for parking over the 2 hour limit. We were safe! Went to Ann Taylor Loft where we shopped some more with her 50% of employee discount... I went to get my ring checked for warranty and then a stone fell out in the autoclave... got it fixed. Ordered some Pizza My Heart (to go) for dinner and Jeff was as happy as can be (that he didnt go shopping for hours, and that i gave him his favorite pizza!) Ah, love shopping, love my sis!!
portland goodies
portland goodies
Here's where my money goes! These are all the goodies I bought in Portland that will be used in my photography in the near future. Vintage shops are my candy stores, if candy stores were covered with dust and cost 5x what they originally cost. Even the shirt I'm wearing was bought in Portland. Some Thai lady who makes custom shirts in her shop. I got a discount because she messed up on the neckstrap part. You can't see it, but behind the glasses on the right is a beret. I know you're jealous of my bowties. I scored an old 1950's blues singer looks like the kind of tie Colonel Sanders from KFC wears. ============================ strobist info: Canon 580EXII @ 1/8 aimed at cieling, camera right

discount hawaii flights