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Discount Airfare To Maui

discount airfare to maui
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  • In Hawaiian mythology, Maui is a culture hero who appears in several different genealogies. In the Ulu line he is the son of Akalana and his wife Hinakawea (Hina). This couple has four sons, Maui-mua, Maui-hope, Maui-kiikii and Maui-a-kalana.
  • In Mangareva, Maui hauls the land up from the sea, and ties the sun with tresses of hair. His father was Ataraga; his mother, Uaega. There were eight Maui: Maui-mua, Maui-muri, Maui-toere-mataroa, Tumei-hauhia, Maui-tikitiki-toga, Maui-matavaru, Maui-taha, Maui-roto.
  • The second largest of the Hawaiian islands, northwest of the island of Hawaii
  • the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands
discount airfare to maui - Frommer's Maui
Frommer's Maui Day by Day (Frommer's Day by Day - Pocket)
Frommer's Maui Day by Day (Frommer's Day by Day - Pocket)
Maui Day by Day is the perfect answer for travelers who want to know the best places to visit and the best ways to see the island. This attractively priced, four-color guide offers dozens of itineraries that show you how to experience the best of Maui in a short time-with bulleted maps that lead the way whether you're interested in beaches, outdoor adventures, or historical sights. Featuring a full range of thematic and regional tours, plus dining, lodging, shopping, nightlife, and practical visitor info, Maui Day by Day is the only guide that helps travelers organize their time to get the most out of a trip. Inside this book you'll find:
Full color throughout with hundreds of photos and dozens of maps
Sample one-day to two-week itineraries that include Maui with Kids, Historical & Cultural Maui, regional and island-wide tours, and more
Star ratings for all hotels, restaurants and attractions that clue readers in to great finds and values
Tear-resistant foldout map in a handy, reclosable plastic wallet
Foldout front cover, with at-a-glance maps and quick-reference info

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10th Course: Golden Maui Pineapple Sorbet
10th Course: Golden Maui Pineapple Sorbet
(Rollover picture) "Golden Maui pineapple sorbet, 'Tarte aux pignons des pins' and pineapple 'crisp'" Taste: I fell in love with the pine nut tart - too bad I realized it after I had eaten it all... The pineapple sorbet was distinctively pineapple-y, but if I'm not mistaken - was really creamy sweet - um, I'd describe it pineapple ice cream... with an empasis on the CREAM.
IRTF & Maui
IRTF & Maui
This is the IRTF (InfraRed Telescope Facility) that I worked at. In the distance is the Haleakala volcano on Maui. Sometimes we go over there and observe at the AEOS telescope.

discount airfare to maui
discount airfare to maui
Maui Trailblazer: Where to Hike, Snorkel, Paddle, Surf, Drive
A guide for families and outdoor adventurers alike, Maui Trailblazer 2011 covers all of the island, and includes day trips to the neighboring islands of Molokai, Lanai, and Molokini.
Clear directions and concise descriptions lead to all of Maui's well-known attractions, as well as to hidden discoveries that Trailblazer readers have come to expect.
137 different hikes and strolls to tropical rain forests and remote valleys, coastal bluffs and lava caves, Haleakala crater and the Hana Highway, cascading waterfalls, beaches, ridgetops, towns, whale-watching perches, historic sites, and archeological ruins.
Among the 44 snorkeling spots are hike-to coves and the secret places that tour boats go.
Kayakers can pick from about 20 put-ins.
Surfers can select from 38 beaches and decide whether to boogie, board, or body surf. Onlookers will find the best places to watch the surfers, windsurfers and kite-boarders ride the big ones.
The text is complimented by 10 maps and 240 photographs. Driving tours-nine of them-take readers to all the attractions, natural wonders, and historic sites.
A Resource Links section provides numbers for free visitor information and recreational outfitters, as well as hand-picked accommodations and local restaurants to suit every budget and taste bud.
A Best Of section lets you pick the right activity to suit your mood and the day. Appendices include free hula shows, farmer's markets, what to pack, climate, history, fauna, and a Hawaiian glossary.
This new and completely revised third edition for 2011 includes a Trailblazer Kids section for adventuring families.