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book my flights
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Flight My Life in Mission Control
Flight My Life in Mission Control
In his New York Times bestseller, Chris Kraft delivers an unforgettable account of his life in Mission Control. The first NASA flight director, Kraft emerged from boyhood in small-town America to become a visionary who played an integral role in what would become the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It's all here, from the legendary Mercury missions that first sent Americans into space through the Gemini and Apollo missions that landed them on the moon. The great heroes of space are here, too-Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, and Buzz Aldrin-leading the space race that would change the course of U.S. history.

From NASA's infancy to its greatest triumphs . . . from the calculated gambles to the near disasters to the pure luck that accompanied each mission, Flight relives the spellbinding events that captured the imagination of the world. It is a stirring tribute to the U.S. space program and to the men who risked their lives to take America on a flight into the unknown-from the man who was there for it all.

"A highly readable memoir." (The New York Times Book Review)

"A rewarding look at the brief, shining moment when space pathfinders held sway over space warriors." (The Washington Post)

On July 20, 1969, near the end of a great decade of near-space exploration, a small craft called Eagle landed on the moon's surface. As anyone who watched the televised broadcast of the landing might recall, the astronauts aboard Eagle were guided to their objective by a capable ground crew headed by Chris Kraft, whom his colleagues had long called "Flight." Kraft was unflappable on the surface, but, as he writes in this memoir, the Eagle's landing had moments of drama that gave him pause, and that few outside NASA knew about--including baleful alarms from the ship's on-board computer that warned of imminent disaster.
For Kraft, frightening moments were part of his job as director of Mission Control. He encountered many of them in the early years of the space program, when failures were commonplace and all too often caused not by mechanics but by politics. We learn of many in Kraft's pages. One such failure was the Soviet Union's Sputnik launch, about which Kraft thunders, "We should have beaten them.... We were stopped by anonymous doctors in the civilian world who didn't know what they were talking about, by a bureaucrat in the White House who'd been stung when JFK shot down his position on manned space flight, and by our friend the German rocket scientist, who got cold feet when he should have been bold."
Plenty of other contemporaries, including John Glenn and Richard Nixon, come in for a scolding in Kraft's fiery account, which offers a rare insider's portrait of the challenging work of astronautics--work that, Kraft writes hopefully, is only beginning. --Gregory McNamee

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My Precious
My Precious
So excited! I found my 'grail' book yesterday at an awesome store called Black & Read! OMG! I have been looking for this book since I think either elementary school or middle school. *faints* I finally found it! Woooohoooo!!! I'm looking for another book entirely, just browsing around the store when I go to check the shelf where I think it will be eventually (I'm always looking for this book) and I have to take a double look because THERE IT IS!! Eeeeeeeeee!!! So it doesn't have a price and no way am I leaving the store without it. I walk up to the check out counter and ask for a price. The gentleman looks it up and says 'Umm this one is pretty pricey.' I'm like D: D: D: Then he says it's $15.00, and I'm like 'I'll take it!!' I left the store dancing. :D It also contains a drawing from the previous owner. So thank you D.K. Sherman where ever you are! ^_^ Oh my I just realized it looks like some plushies are about to pounce on my book! Hehehe
Pony-Up: )
Pony-Up: )
Whenever i hit the trail alone, most times i take two horses with me (and pony one). That way i get two worked at the same off keeps the horse nice and fresh on the trail. The odd time i do like teaching a horse to go it alone, builds courage. I'm really happy with how this Palomino is going, he has a good head and willing to try anything. So far he goes over homemade bridges, walks into water and eagerly jumps in the trailer. Matter of fact every time i hook up the rig.... he comes running in from the field, asking if he can come. He will be a hard one to part with but i can't keep them all. So, wanna come?: )

book my flights
book my flights
My Flight to Freedom
This book is designed to offer first-person perspective into the challenges and struggles of life in post-World War II Germany. My ''flight to freedom'' shows the readers all the struggles I went through to have a great life here in the USA--struggles accompanied by fear through a child's eyes. Later, as a rebellious teenager, I hated the communist doctrine, and I had a big plan to escape this regime. How I came to the States and what happened to me here was another huge event. Sadness and happiness are real in this story.