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Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Power Tread Vehicle - Camo
Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Power Tread Vehicle - Camo
Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides Power Tread Vehicle - Camo

Get speed, control, and portability with the foldable RC Stealth Rides Racing Car by Hot Wheels. This miniature race car is less than 3 inches long and folds for storage in the combination transmitter/car holder. Kids aged 8 years and up will love taking this portable and foldable car to friends' houses for high-energy racing.
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Stealth Rides Racing Car

Ages: 8 years and up

What We Think

Fun factor: 5 stars
Durability: 4 stars
Ease of assembly: 5 stars
Educational factor: 3 stars
Novelty factor: 5 stars

The Good: Foldable pocket-sized car is fast and features multi-directional capabilities.

The Challenging: The infrared signal may interfere with other remote control devices.

In a Nutshell: A novel and portable RC car that can be stored in its slim carrying case/transmitter.

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Stealth Rides Racer

This flashy, RC racer can reach serious speeds on a hard surface.
View larger.
Carrying case/transmitter

The carrying case also functions as a transmitter, and is used to control the car.
View larger.
Miniature RC Racing Car Folds into the Transmitter/Carrying Case
The innovative foldable design of this RC racing car is the first of its kind. Kids will love carrying this pocket-sized car around, and you'll appreciate how simple it is to store and maintain.
This military-themed racer is detailed with a camouflage pattern, and features a transformation button on the rear window. When the button is pushed, the vehicle's sides fold down, allowing you to slip the car into the slim carrying compartment which doubles as the transmitter.
While you're removing the car from the case press the transformation button and this speedy racer will spring back into shape. The transmitter's two buttons allow for intuitive, multi-directional movement.
A Lightning-Fast RC Racer for Indoor Play
The foldable RC Stealth Rides Racing Car features incredible, agile movement. It performs best indoors on hard surfaces, where it's protected from direct sun. This RC racer has a shorter driving range than other RC vehicles, so tell kids to stay close to their cars while they play.
Kids will love getting together and racing their RC Stealth Rides vehicles. Much like a TV remote, this RC vehicle relies on infrared signals to operate, so playing with two vehicles simultaneously requires that they be set to different channels. Setting up a race between two cars is easy--check the backside of the transmitters and cars, and switch one set to channel three, and the other to channel four.
If the car and transmitter remain idle, the power will automatically shut off. Teach kids to set the channels to zero after they're finished with the big race.
What's in the Box
RC Stealth Rides Racing Car with AG13 (LF44) batteries, three extra AG13 (LF44) batteries, and instructions.

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buy wheels online canada
buy wheels online canada
Kettler El Toro Boys Bike (12-Inch Wheels)
Discovering the joys and adventures of the outdoors is fun and safe with the Pulse by Kettler? El Toro training bicycle. This dynamic bike is sure to spark fond ?first bike? memories that will be treasured forever. The El Toro sports stylish colors and all the cool features that little boys love - and best of all, parents will have peace of mind because they know the bike comes fully equipped with safety features. Removable training wheels, padded handlebar, rear coaster brake, sturdy BMX style frame and a enclosed chain are only the beginning to getting the kids off to a safe start. Pneumatic tires, front and rear reflectors, and sporty fenders make this bike a very cool ride. For a custom fit that ensures proper posture, the padded seat and handlebar are adjustable. Let the quest for inspiring escapades and adventurous journeys begin! Nobody?s tougher on bikes than little boys, but the Pulse by Kettler? El Toro is dependable, built to last and easy to ride. Our new Pulse by Kettler? bicycles, address the way Americans ride. We are certain that you will appreciate and enjoy the high-quality, lightweight components combined with a European ?flair? that function in the real world. Our promise to you is years of satisfying bicycle riding and the support of a company who has earned its reputation as a leader in innovation .

Learning to first ride a bike has never been more exciting and simple with 12-inch Violet bike from Kettler. This kid friendly bike is sure to offer your child plenty of "first bike" memories that will be treasured forever. The Violet is full featured with adjustable handlebars and stems, rear coaster brakes, tough frames, and an enclosed chain to get your kids off to a safe start in their bicycling development. Air tires, a full set of reflectors, and sporty fenders makes this bike a very cool ride. For a custom fit that ensures proper posture, the padded seat and handlebars are adjustable. Nobody's tougher on bikes than beginners, but the 12-inch El Toro is dependable, built to last, and easy to learn to ride.
12-inch boy's bike
Sturdy BMX inspired steel frame
Hi-Ten painted steel fork
1-piece chrome plated steel crank and chain ring
Single speed steel cassette
Large anti-slip pedals with integrated reflectors
Front and rear steel hubs
Durable 12" painted steel rims
Resilient steel spokes
Heavy duty 12 x 2.1 BMX style tires
Fully adjustable screen printed padded saddle
Painted steel seat post with QR collar
Steel hi-rise painted handlebar
BMX "gooseneck" style stem with padding
Painted steel headset
Reliable rear coaster brake
Front and rear painted metal fenders
Durable painted steel chainguard
Adjustable training wheels with slip resistant tread
Recommended ages: 3-6 years old
Dimensions: 35 by 19 by 26 inches (L x W x H)
Weight: 22 pounds
Age Recommendation: 3 to 6 years
Weight Limit: 110 pounds
Ships Assembled: Yes