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Installing Cooker Hoods

installing cooker hoods
    cooker hoods
  • (cooker hood) An electrical kitchen device fitted over a cooker and connected to a flue designed to suck off any vapours from cooking
  • Place or fix (equipment or machinery) in position ready for use
  • (install) set up for use; "install the washer and dryer"; "We put in a new sink"
  • Place (someone) in a new position of authority, esp. with ceremony
  • installation: the act of installing something (as equipment); "the telephone installation took only a few minutes"
  • (install) put into an office or a position; "the new president was installed immediately after the election"
  • Establish (someone) in a new place, condition, or role

Pizza Hut slices 85% off electricity costs with ABB drives
Pizza Hut slices 85% off electricity costs with ABB drives
An 85 percent reduction in cooker hood electricity costs is being achieved at Pizza Hut’s Watford Dome branch following the installation of a 1.5 kW and a 3 kW ABB drive on the air extraction cooker hood system. The new system, installed by energy saving ventilation control system specialist, Food Industry Technical (FIT), controls air supply and extraction by monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature in the kitchen.
Brand new kitchen; the room was completely stripped, re-plastered, wooden floor fitted, new ceiling fitted with spotlights and a new Wickes kitchen was installed. `it includes brand new fitted cooker, hob, hood , integrated fridge/freezer and integrated washing machine. A new heating system was fitted a few years ago and is hidden in the cupboard. The 'Jamie Oliver' tap extends to wash vegetables.

installing cooker hoods
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