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Grand Chancellor James Cook

grand chancellor james cook
    grand chancellor
  • Hotel Grand Chancellor is an hotel chain that operates throughout Australia and New Zealand.
    james cook
  • Captain James Cook FRS RN ( – 14 February 1779) was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy.
  • James Cook (born January 7, 1974) is a former Australian rules footballer who played for Carlton, the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne in the Australian Football League (AFL).
  • Cook: English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

Grand Chancellor Lean
Grand Chancellor Lean
Hotel Grand Chancellor on verge of collapse but still standing after the 6.3 magnitude quake hit Christchurch on 22 February 2011 because of concrete being poured into the lower floors.
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Chch
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Chch
The Hotel Grand Chancellor has slumped in one corner. It is 26 stories, the tallest building in Chch and it's estimated it will take 10 months to dismantle ....

grand chancellor james cook
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