Chopper style bicycle - Fuji track bike review

Chopper Style Bicycle

chopper style bicycle
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Car headlights on bike
Car headlights on bike
This is Brandon, a Las Vegas local joining us for Mobile Social. Those are car lights on the front of his bike. He also has a automotive horn that he can honk. Batteries are mounted underneath the seat of his chopper style bicycle. He told me he won a coolest bike prize in a local competition. During Interbike 2011 Mobile Social ride down the Las Vegas Strip.
Raleigh Chopper Tony Bell Bottoms 1975 70s
Raleigh Chopper Tony Bell Bottoms 1975 70s
My Raleigh 10 speed Chopper in my back yard. I can still feel-imagine the click shift and response of the levers while riding under the shady El - the universe was perfect in that moment. Period shot: Note my bell-bottoms. You don't see these bikes anymore here in the USA in the street.

chopper style bicycle
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