Welcome to 907 Magazine, Enjoy!!

Welcome to 907Magazine
907Magazine is as grass roots as you could get. Created by locals, made for virtual visitors.  

So many incredible people live in and visit Alaska, 907Magazine wants to write their story. 907Magazine will publish local stories & features that will bring you in and renew some old flames of love for our great state. This site will be an informative tool for people with interests about Alaska's "Last Frontier" lifestyle & business. As a family friendly publication 907magazine will have a "Parents and Youth's section filled with activities and helpful parenting stories.  Articles about elder care and community programs will also be featured.

Features of 907Magazine
  • 907Magazine will have a soft launch, no fireworks
  • Family friendly read
  • Stories of Alaskan lives, young and old
  • Business articles that relate to economic struggles and useful tips on overcoming challenges today. Video highlights will be produced for each business feature.
  • Arts and entertainment section with up to date calenders of events, heavy on arts activities
  • Community volunteer network listings to help those in need
  • Brain teasers, crossword and other mind challenging games
  • Reader challenges: 907magazine will rally readers to community development projects and monitor progress via calenders and task boards
  • Home town magazine designed for the captive audience, we want to rekindle the "Alaska Spirit"
Email your thoughts, we want your suggestions !


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