Former legacy enterprise programmer stepping into Drupal & Node-js

David Raye

LOCATION:  Jacksonville

PHONE NO:  1 904.274.code (2633)

CITIZENSHIP STATUS:  US Citizen (active passport)

REFERENCES: Personal References Available Upon Request

OBJECTIVE: Entry level programmer or mid level analyst

My background in data collection, analysis and administration for managers and engineers is extensive. I’m confident that my experience in project management and my analytic skills in data management would benefit your company. While I retired as Software Engineer IV in enterprise application development in 2005, I’m ready to reenter the SE field – back down the learning curve. Since being away from commercial coding in my profession, I'm learning new methods by studying on my own.

My former role was in Internal Information Systems, working between two sites in Melbourne and St. Augustine, where I supported back offices – the accountants, human resources, bean counters, engineers, supply and logistics – with front end data input applications as well as back end data retrieval via Crystal Reports, programmed applications, or other defined queries using ODBC connections for MS Access/Excel. Although having implemented many projects, my day to week operations could cover everything from disaster recovery preparation, upgrading to new technology, integrating systems, migrating systems and software maintenance.

My career was advanced through attending college level night classes and technical seminars, as well as e-learning (what we used to call CBT) and through my own cognizance.. I consider myself to be resourceful. This seems to be born out by the fact that while performing my assignments and duties, I was also the go-to person for new technology, which I stayed abreast of from perusing trade magazines and Usenet news groups. I was instrumental in setting up our first IBM webSphere and Microsoft sharePoint servers. One of my achievements was producing a portable, wireless, bar code inventory system that became a “best practice” for all of our business unit. I too developed right along with the technology while MRP transformed into MRP II, which evolved into ERP. I was also the one person in our department who patiently and directly assisted and tutored our secretaries (and their managers) in user applications.

In summary, though it’s been a while, I have not only been a programmer, but touched practically every aspect of Management Information Systems. In my experience, every project was different – new tools, new frameworks, etc. Learning business processes as well as industry’s latest practices as you go is requisite. I offer you value as well as experience. Eager to become an integral part of your organization, you are welcome to call me, and I look forward to your response. Thank you for your time and consideration.


David Raye



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Important Note: This is a factual account of my historical accomplishments. As my former career came to an end in 2005, my qualifications are backed down the curve. Please consider this doesn't represent a snapshot of the present; rather, this represents years of progress from Beginning Programmer through SE level IV.

Management Information Systems

-Expert in Enterprise Applications Development

-Specializes in Software Engineering and Project Management-

Over 15 years of experience facilitating significant business growth- supported internal customers for a company that expanded from a few hundred employees through Fortune 100 corporate mergers. Skilled in aligning technical requirements with business needs and communicating complex terms to diverse groups as well as database applications for business office processes. Expertly directs relationships with clients, IT staff, and senior-level management.

Top Strengths

Disaster Recovery Project Planning & Management Data Mapping

Business Continuity Requirements Definition, Estimating, Scheduling System Operations

Program Development Configuration & Change Management Database Architecture

Earned Value Reporting Implementations & Installations Software Maintenance

Notable Projects

Process Improvement:

  • Spearheaded the implementation of a parts tracking system to modernize a facility undergoing major growth, incorporating bar-coded applications and a mobile wireless inventory program. Led the project which became a best practice and was utilized across an entire business unit.

  • Enhanced project management capabilities by converting shop floor control and workflow scheduling and tracking from a legacy system to a multi-tiered system. Utilized WebSphere-based user interfaces, integrated Crystal Reports from SQL Server, and batch XML rendering to MS Project.

Technology Solutions:

  • Remapped and migrated historical data from legacy systems to S.A.P. for financial management and PeopleSoft for HR administration. Coordinated the testing and verification of the enterprise integration with ABAB programmers and replaced green-bar reports with custom queries.

  • Managed the development of a OneNG portal on an MS IIS platform in C#.Net with Visual Studio. Provided systems engineer leadership in architecture, feasibility studies, risk analysis, scheduling, prototyping, and design. Liaised with management and R&D staff; served as requirement, configuration, and change management lead.

  • Directed a complete technology remediation process to save legacy systems from potential Y2K-related failure.

Professional Synopsis

NORTHRUP GRUMMAN-Software Engineer IV: Technical Lead & Liaison

Project Management: Directed small and mid-sized projects as well as facilitates multi-departmental team members with large projects. Coordinated all CMMI Level III planning and documentation including estimating, scheduling, budgeting, risk analysis, reporting, data integrity, cost collection, change management, and version control. Liaised between platform engineers, network engineers, and external consultants; consistently secured deliverables on time, within budget, and to specification. Recognized for exceeding client and company expectations.

Administration: Led disaster recovery maintenance procedures, including backup and emergency response plans. Served as the MS Project Enterprise Administrator, MS SQL Server Enterprise Administrator, and IBM DB2 Administrator. Provided ODBC maintenance and solutions for MS Office power users on Excel and Access.

Professional Development

Technical Training: Administering and Programming an MS SQL Server 2000 Database; C# Programming for the .Net Platform; Managing and Maintaining a MS Windows Server 2003 Environment; Rational Unified Process, Java

Technical Skills

Application Development: Requirements identification, definition, verification; design artifacts; data elements; unified modeling charts; coding; unit and integration testing; implementation

Management: Waterfall and cyclic methodologies; planning and analysis; risk assessment; estimating and scheduling; data/application integrity; configuration and change management; earned value metrics

Platforms: IBM S-390; VM; VSE; CICS (Mainframe); Midrange; Windows; PC; DOS; OS/2

Databases: VSAM for VSE; DB2 for VM; MS SQL Server; Oracle; Focus

Languages: Mainframe-COBOL, CSP, SQL; Java

IDEs: IBM WebSphere ver. 5 with DB2 Universal Control Panel; MS Visual Studio 2003 with SQL Server Management Console; Crystal Reports and Macromedia Dream Weaver, Eclipse, VIM editor

Legacy Systems for Mainframes: HR; accounting; business office; MRP ii (manufacturing resource planning)

Other: Conversions/integrations with WebSphere and Microsoft Application Servers; interfacing to external ERP systems including Lawson, PeopleSoft, and S.A.P.; database architecture, design, and administration; data mapping, conversion, and normalization; Rational UML diagrams; MVC framework