Travel Toys For 2 Year Olds

travel toys for 2 year olds
    2 year
  • Year 2 (II) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.
  • The action of traveling, typically abroad
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2000 AD Comic: Prog 17: Cover - 2 of 2
2000 AD Comic: Prog 17: Cover - 2 of 2
I couldn't help adding this, but the two headed dinosaur toy (see 1 of 2) reminded me of this 2000 AD comic (please see below for more information about this comic) cover from 1977 (from a comic I bought when I was thirteen - which I still have ). It's from a story called Flesh (please see below for information about this story, also). In a nutshell, coming back from the past to the 21 century via a 'time travel transporter', a dinosaur and three personnel accidentally get 'fused' together - shades of The Fly, here, I think. I won't tell you the rest, in case you want to read the stories someday. I believe they are available in book-form, now - which is easier, because the comics are hard to find - and they are pretty expensive, too. I would love to see the Flesh story made into a movie someday. Jurassic Park was about the nearest we got to (with the dinosaurs bit, anyway) - and there was even rumours that Michael Crichton was inspired by the Flesh story for his novel, Jurassic Park. Coincidently, while I write this, I've just found out today that Steven Spielberg's making a new sci-fi TV show called Terra Nova - and there are even more similarities to Flesh! It starts in 2149, where the Earth is ruined thanks to humanity’s mistreatment of the environment, the series finds a family called the Shannons catapulted back 85 million years to prehistoric times. There, they join a group who are aiming to build a new civilization around the titular colony. Because as we all know, going back in time and changing the past never has bad consequences. Well, it's got dinosaurs and time travel...all we need are the cowboys and we'll be fine. Flesh story: information: Flesh first appeared as part of 2000 AD's opening line up in its first issue in 1977. The series was set in the age of dinosaurs who were farmed for their meat by cowboys from the future. The series was initially planned by Mills to be in Action, but after that title suffered censorship, Mills held the story back for his next project which eventually became 2000 AD. The strip followed a similar path to Hook Jaw, one of the strips Mills had written in Action, in that it featured humans trying to dominate nature for their own purposes before being eaten by sharks in Hook Jaw and dinosaurs in Flesh. Mills' original story also shows some influence from Westworld as the frontier town on which the plot focuses is policed by an android and tourists treat the Dinosaurs as a theme park attraction. The first book ran for the first 19 issues of 2000 AD as well as the 1977 annual. Flesh Book One proved popular but the series was not mentioned again until during the Judge Dredd story The Cursed Earth when Satanus (a dinosaur cloned from the son of Old One Eye, the main dinosaur from the first Flesh story) appeared in the course of that story. Following this appearance the series returned in Flesh Book Two in issue 86, which was written by Kelvin Gosnell and drawn (with the exception of the last two episodes) by Massimo Belardinelli. The series again proved popular and ran until issue 99. 2000 AD comic: information: 2000 AD is a weekly British science fiction-oriented comic. As a comics anthology it serialises a number of separate stories each issue (known as 'progs') and was first published by IPC Magazines in 1977, the first issue dated February 26. IPC, later Fleetway, continued to produce the title until 2000, when it was bought by Rebellion Developments. It is most noted for its Judge Dredd stories, and has been contributed to by a number of artists and writers who became renowned in the field internationally, such as Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Bryan Talbot, Brian Bolland and Mike McMahon. Action comic: information: Action was a controversial weekly British anthology comic that was published by IPC Magazines, starting on 14 February 1976. Concerns over the comic's violent content saw it withdrawn from sale on 16 October 1976. It reappeared the following month, in toned-down form, and continued publication until 12 November 1977, at which point it was merged with Battle Picture Weekly. Despite its short lifespan, Action was highly influential on the British comics scene, and was a direct forerunner of the long-running 2000 AD. It should not be confused with Action Comics, the American comic book that introduced Superman.
173:365 // a head for travel
173:365 // a head for travel
ok only just made it in time today! been really busy....woke up later than planned as I have no robyn alarm clock in the house......went to work....ran around doing worky stuff.......fnished work.....came home did loads of housework until like 10pm then spent a while nattering to brownhorse on msn then I shot this! I'm quite pleased with it all things considered.....must sleep soon! One day I really want to travel the world.......I'm not very well travelled really...when I was younger though (senior school age) I was lucky enough to go to egypt, its an experience which has always stuck with's lit a fire somewhere in me that makes me want to explore the world.......since then I haven't been very far at all though; france and spain and well parts of the UK (which I have to say is a cool place). I have my excuses (and very good ones)- I've got married, had some children (well child) and worked very hard at other things in my life.........I can't afford to travel the world now and I have too many commitments that I can't leave behind but the fire in me still burns, if anything my passion for photography also fuels it, I want to get out there and capture the world and bring it all will happen.....I'm gonna be one well travelled old age pensioner in my retirement years.......and that's a promise!! Chloe and Robyn come back tomorrow, I've so missed them (I know it sounds lame) the house isn't a home without them....I've tried not to be to much of a grump over it though.....I think thats why I spent all evening cleaning the house...If I'm working my mind can't wander.

travel toys for 2 year olds
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