Fun Toys For 3 Year Olds

fun toys for 3 year olds
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Think, draw, tell, laugh like hell! One of the few games that really requires you to use your imagination by throwing stories or tales together in seconds. FEATURES & BENEFITS hilarious story telling board game quick thinking drawing skills creative verbal associations 8 years to adult SUMMARY This two-part game is played in teams of two. One member of each team is the drawer and the other the storyteller (they alternate with each turn). They have a time limit and have to be creative. The drawer draws the four items off the word card and the storyteller has to put together a creative sentence or tale using the four words drawn. For example: Father Christmas came down the chimney and stubbed his big toe on a pinecone and then realized he had left the presents on the roof. (The words in bold are the ones that were on the card drawn by the drawer.) The team earns a point for each correct word used, moving forward the corresponding number of places on the board. ct-a-Shape with Barney This super first shape and colour board game is now available in Toys R Us, ToyZone and other stores that stock TBarney merchandise. It was developed by drama teacher Justine Heydra and myself and has been manufactured and distributed by Just Fun Toys. The artwork is beautiful and will satisfy any Barney fan. The game stimulates visual discrimination and matching skills which are important foundations for reading and writing. Playing board games also teaches children to take turns as well as to win and lose. This game is perfect for 3 - 5 year olds and can be played with 2 - 4 players.Cost is R199.00. Click here for pictures.
Chocolate Lab - "Tired Eyes" [Explored 3/13/2011]
Chocolate Lab - "Tired Eyes" [Explored 3/13/2011]
Project 50/50 - Week 12 Rex is 11 years old. We rescued him in the Detroit area when he was about a year-old. We found him wandering the streets with out a collar and malnurished. His previous owners beat him, and 10 years later he still cringes if you raise your voice. In the end, he has been the best dog a family could ask for... Separation anxiety and all. He sometimes helps me calibrate the lighting in my home studio in exchange for a raw hide treat. That seems fair to me, but this time I took a little too long so he was close to falling asleep. I made this photo with a Canon 7d, 15-85 lens, and 4 YN-560's. There are two lights in the back hitting the white seamless, and one umbrella high and one beauty dish low. He's laying on a smooth white panel board to add some reflection.

fun toys for 3 year olds
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