Easy science toys. 2011 hot christmas toys.

Easy Science Toys

easy science toys
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Aliens Power Loader with Ellen Ripley by Hot Toys
Aliens Power Loader with Ellen Ripley by Hot Toys
Normally I don't customize my toys, but I just had to make the Ripley accessory more complete. The easiest change was carrying over the grenade harness from the prior single release figure. After making obligatory changes to eye and hair color, bruises to the cheeks were added. Acrylic varnish was used to imitate sweat on the forehead. Then I gradually painted up the clothes to look dirty. Before Ripley stepped into the power loader to fight the queen alien, her shirt was torn at the shoulder by Bishop while he was pierced by the queen's tail. I'm having difficulty finding an appropriate tank top for the figure to wear underneath, but it will be done.
Science-Fiction Pin-Ball Machine
Science-Fiction Pin-Ball Machine
Your objective is to shoot the little metal balls into the main playing area, by using the little pull out thingy on the bottom right corner. There are pockets located all over the main playing area, which score points. Get as many points.

Easy, cheap and addictive.

easy science toys
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