Cheap Baby Rugs

cheap baby rugs
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cheap baby rugs - Sheepskin Baby
Sheepskin Baby Rug with Long Wool
Sheepskin Baby Rug with Long Wool
Turn naptime and playtime into something special with our Sheepskin Baby Rug with Long Wool. Ideal for the playpen, car seat, crib, or floor, it's made of soft, plush, 2" pile premium Australian sheepskin to soothe even the most sensitive skin. Perfect for year-round use, natural sheepskin naturally wicks moisture away so baby stays drier and happier -- warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Machine washable for your convenience, our babycare sheepskins are sanitized against bacteria and germs. Approximately 34" x 22". Washable, imported.
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Gourds overflowing...
Gourds overflowing...
I finally had to cut the volunteer gourd vine back that came up on its own behind the garden shed. It had completely blocked off access to my wheelbarrow and a rain barrel. The foster teen who was here for respite put 6 per square in this berry basket container and did the math (any excuse for a lesson) and then we counted the rest that were in two pails. Factoring in the 3 dozen that I've already given away, there was a grand total of 137 gourds from a single root. And what a root it was! I did my best to pull it out and finally enlisted he loves to work in the garden. The roots weren't shallow, but massive things, resembling thick horse radish roots. We stopped counting at 50 baby gourds still forming on the vines we pulled. This was a gourd plant with a capital G!
Day 2 : loving his reflection friend
Day 2 : loving his reflection friend
I often take my big mirror off the wall for Silas to play with, he really loves to kiss and play patty cake with the baby on the other side. Of course I had this shot planned differently but silas was distracted by the cat and his daddy sleeping on the bed behind him.

cheap baby rugs
cheap baby rugs
Kids Line 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set, Mosaic Transport
Kidsline 6 PC. CRIB SET - Mosaic TransportThe Mosaic Transport 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set includes: quilt, bumper, dust ruffle, fitted sheet, diaper stacker and window valance. The quilt is 45" x 36", the 4-piece bumper measures a total of 156" long by 11" high.Each piece of the bumper has double ties in the corners, and the larger pieces have 2 additional sets of double ties along the top and bottom.The dust ruffle has a 14" drop and the fitted sheet is designed to fit a standard size 28" x 52" crib mattress. The diaper stacker is 25.5" x 12" and 9" deep and the window valance is 60" x 14".The quilt, diaper stacker and dust ruffle blue fabric is 70/30 cotton/poly blend, stripe fabric is 100% cotton, white fabric 100% polyester. The dust ruffle brown fabric is 100% polyester.The bumper is 70/30 cotton/poly. The valance stripe is 100% cotton, the brown fabric is 100% polyester and the fitted sheet 100% cotton.Care instructions: machine wash cold, gentle cycle, with like colors, do NOT bleach, tumble dry low, iron on lowest setting as needed

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