Wesley Borgeson, B-17 Tail Gunner, ex-POW

Wesley C. Borgeson B-17 Tail Gunner, USAAF 8th AF, 384th BG, 545th BSq., England.
See the chapter in Brothers of the Air about Wes Borgeson's incredible experience as a tail gunner and POW. He also described his experiences to the 8th AFHS-Mn at a luncheon. See the above video. There is a written transcript of this presentation. In 1944 his B-17 was blown apart and he rode the tail section from 27,500 feet to the ground and survived. He was one of three on a crew of eight to survive.

To read another account of his time in service, with photos, see Don Ward’s book, The Greatest Generation of Silver Wings (2004) pp. 97-102. ISBN 0-9654964-0-8. The Memorial Press.