Veterans Day 2015

Lou Martin

Today, 11/11/15, was our weekly luncheon date with the 8th A.F. Historical Society. It was unusual to have it fall on the same day as Veterans Day November 11, 2015. I wore the top portion of my Air Force fatigue uniform and several other members either wore or displayed their uniforms. I'm attaching a couple photos of the event. One is of me in my house before the lunch and the other is of a good friend of mine, Mel Dahlberg, and me at our lunch.

To show what a couple years in age difference can make, think of this! On June 6, 1944 I was 16 years-old and working on the Soo Line railroad in Northern Minnesota while Mel was 19 and parachuted into Northern France in the middle of the night with the 82nd Airborne during the Normandy invasion. To mark the occasion I presented a short talk which is attached below.
                                   Remembering Veterans day November 11. 2015
The Last living American Revolutionary War vet. was Daniel Bkeman who died in 1869 at age 110.
The Last living War of 1812 veteran was Hiram Cronk who died in 1905 at age 105.
The Last living Mexican American War veteran was Owen Thomas who  died in 1929 at age 98.
The Last living Civil War veteran was Pleasant Crump who died in 1951 at age 104.
The Last living Spanish American war veteran was Jones Morgan who died in 1993 at age 111.
The Last living WW I veteran was Henry Allingham who died in 2009 at age 113.
There are approximately 1,720,000 WW II vets still living with around 600 dying each day. (I had five brothers who were WW II vets that have all died). It is estimated that the last WW II vet. will die in 2036.
There are approximately 2,391,000 Korean War veterans still living with around 400 dying each day.
There are approximately 7,391,000 Vietnam War veterans still living with around 390 dying each day.
                                                      A sidebar note
   John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both signers of the Declaration of Independence on  (July 4, 1776.) They were also the second and third U.S. Presidents. In 1826 the U.S. Congress was planning on holding a fiftieth anniversary of the event and since Adams and Jefferson were the only two living members of the 56 signers they were invited to attend. However, due to ageing health problems they  declined. Miraculously, both John  Adams, 91, and Thomas Jefferson, 83, who lived nearly six hundred miles apart, died on the fiftieth anniversary of the signing on July 4, 1826. Family members caring for them on their death beds stated that when they awoke that morning they inquired, in a semi confused state, if it was July 4th.  When told that it was they just closed their eyes and quietly died.
(Note) Both John Adams & Thomas Jefferson took part in ratifying the U.S. Constitution in 1787, which is now under threat both internally and by foreign forces. Islamic radicals since the death of Mohammad in 635 AD. have attempted to create an Islamic world. This threat was upset during the crusades 1,000 years ago, by Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand when they fought the Islamic Moors in Granada Spain in 1491, and now, after the attack on 9/11, by the U.S. and many Western countries.  We must never surrender or we could go down the same road as the Romans, the Greeks, the Persians, the Egyptians and other collapsed once great countries. Our country is now 240 years old and it will take willpower and strength to make it last another 240 years. We really have problems when it is necessary to provide secret service protection to presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump who are under daily death threats because they have the tenacity to run for presdient.  
Lou Martin