Thomas T. Tamraz, B-24 Nose Gunner, 8th Air Force, 44th BG, 67th BS, 15th AF, 485th BG, 831st BS

Thomas T. Tamraz (Tom) was a B-24 nose gunner with the U.S. 8th Air Force,  44th Bomb Group, 67th Bomb Squadron Norwich, England in 1944, and later was assigned to the 15th Air Force 485th Bomb Group, 831st Bomb Squadron in Foggia, Italy. He has a chapter in the book "The Greatest Generation of Silver Wings" by Don Ward pp. 71-78 with photo and map. 
See also his 8th AFHS-MN webpage.

Flew on B-24 'Sho' for 10 missions. Did not fly on the 11th mission when the crew was lost. Tamraz was transferred to the 15th AF 485th BG because it was understaffed and he was experienced on the B-24. With the 15th, he was shot down over Yugoslavia and evaded for more than a month.