Steve Marks, B-52D Jet Engine Technician

(Right) Steve Marks, 2011 President of the 8th AFHS-Mn at the 1-26-2011 Luncheon.
Steve Marks, United States Air Force, Strategic Air Command, 462nd Strategic Aerospace Wing, 22nd Bomb Wing (Heavy).
   "I was in SAC the whole time: 462nd Strategic Aerospace Wing (SAW) 9/64 to 3/66 Larson Air Force Base, Washington. 22nd Bomb Wing (H) 3/66 to 4/66 March Air Force Base, California. I was a jet engine technician. I went "Arc Lite"* tdy [temporary duty] from 4/67 to 9/67 at Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa. When the North Koreans captured the USS Pueblo in January, 1968, the 22nd Bomb Wing went to Anderson AFB, Guam. We thought the B-52s were there to obliterate the harbor (and the Pueblo) where the Pueblo was. Instead the TET offensive took place. I spent that time at Anderson.
   I retired from Northwest Airlines after 35 1/2 years. I started at North Central/ Republic, then went to NWA. I volunteer weekly at the NWA History Center. I'm a history buff, mainly military history."
*During Vietnam, "Arc Lite" was close air support of ground troops by B-52D Stratofortresses.
B-52 model made by Mike Koch on display at the March 30, 2011 meeting.
Liz Strohfus's Granddaughter, Liz, Myron Asper, and Steve Marks at Air Expo 2011.
Steve Marks and Gary Birchem at the 463rd BG Reunion in Sept. 2013.