Stan Turner, 8th AFHS-MN Member and Master of Ceremonies.

Bob Clemens, Vince Parker, and Stan Turner at Bob's 463rd Bomb Group Reunion.

Stan Turner has been a long time member of the 8th AFHS-Mn and has been the Master of Ceremonies for many Veterans events including the annual 8th AFHS-Mn Holiday Party. Stan is named after his Uncle who died in a B-17 during the Second World War. Stan has worked as a local Twin Cities TV anchorman and as a radio broadcaster for KLBB in Stillwater, MN.

        "Isn’t it amazing this coming week will mark the 76th anniversary of America’s entry into World War II. For many of you that was the wake up call to respond to the colors, which you did so bravely, you did so finely, and you helped with the victory. To this day it shaped our lives. We are in your debt. There is no way that we can ever repay you. 
          I remember as a kid I was surrounded by you folks not knowing what you had done. But I knew you were out there. You were my heroes as a boy and you are still my heroes and always will be. All of you who answered the call. 
          And I tell you what, I’ve talked to many of you--hundreds of you--over the years because I was so interested in you and so grateful to you. You always say “Nah! I was just doing my bit. I was just ordinary.” Yeah. You were just an ordinary guy or gal who was doing extraordinary things, which makes you extraordinary people. We’re all so proud of you. Thank you." 
                                                                                                -Stan Turner, 8th AFHS-MN  Holiday Party 2017