Spook Johns, AD-6/7 Skyraider Pilot, Vietnam and Cold War

M. A. “Spook” Johns, Pilot and Landing Signal Officer, Douglas AD-6/7 Skyraider; U.S. Navy, USS Constellation and USS Ranger, Carrier Air Group 14, Attack Squadron 145 (VA-145), Western Pacific, Cold War and Vietnam Veteran (1963-66)
Presentation date: October 13, 2010. Spook was also featured in a March 2013 Bloomington Sun Newspaper article.
 Young Spook Johns
Spook (right) talking to Don Patton (left) at Anoka Blaine airport Warbirds event. August 4, 2011.
Spook talking to Roald Knutson at Air Expo, 2011.
Spook's accurate model of Junior Gossell's B-17.
Spook's model of a jet used in Vietnam.