Nike Missile Site, MS-20, Roberts, WI

 The video above is MS-20.
The video below is a ride on the launch elevator at a restored site in San Francisco.
The Roberts, WI, Nike Missile Site MS20 was one of 4 Nike missile sites protecting the Twin Cities from the Cold War threat of Soviet bombers carrying nuclear weapons. It was part of Air Defense Command. According to an article in  Wikipedia "Minneapolis-St.Paul Defense Area (MS): In operation from 1959 until 1971, the following four Nike Hercules batteries guarded the approaches to the Twin Cities. The Birdie command and control facility, located at Snelling Air Force Station, provided target designation information to the batteries. Headquarters facilities were also located at Snelling."
MS-20 is currently on two pieces of private property which are used for storage e.g., of RVs, etc. Take I-94 to the 120th St. exit and go north to 114th Ave (unsigned). Watch for the Nike Storage sign on your left as you approach 114th Ave. It has many base buildings. Up the road and to the east was where the missile launch facilities were located. Talk to the owners before walking around their private property.
Driving from the east the directions are as follows: MS-20 is located on 120th St in Roberts Wi. Take Hwy12 West from Madison, When you get to Roberts you go past the Citgo gas station on the right, go down 1/4 mile and on the right is 120th Street. Turn Right and go exactly 1.5 miles, the administration/radar site is on the left and the launcher area is 1/4 mile down 120th to the right.

Check out the surprise ending on the You Tube video below shot at MS20.

The video below was shot inside one of the Launch pits of MS-20.
There is a restored Nike Missile Base in San Francisco and several You Tube videos touring the facility, which is now a museum.
There is also a half hour 1960 Army Documentary about the Nike Hercules Missile.