Richard G. King, B-29 Central Fire Control Gunner

Richard King with his WW II leather flying cap and oxygen mask. (Photo by Kevin Callahan 2015)
Richard King inside two B-29 gunnery blisters.
With friends.

Richard G. King, Sgt., B-29 Central Fire Control Gunner, 1946 330th Bombardment Squadron. Also trained as a B-17 Airplane Armor-Gunner, Top Turret Gunner, and Togglier from 1943.
Richard has written up his experiences while in service in an unpublished manuscript for his family and has considerable knowledge and expertise about the B-29's CFC system.

There is a biographical interview online at the Together We Served - US Air Force Voices website.
Per Richard's main "Together We Served" webpage:

"Although trained for aerial combat duty, I did not serve overseas as the war in Europe ended when my B-17 crew was ready to fly over. Then, after I cross trained into a B-29, the War in the Pacific ended. Nevertheless, I did get to see a lot of this country and travel with the AAC, and, I met a lot of great guys.

Now retired, I have a private pilot license and still have a keen interest in military aircraft. I work with the Commemorative Air Force, particularly with the B-29 aspects."

This is a link to issues of The Rattler, the Pyote base newsletter during WW II. 

There is a Stewartville Star newspaper article about Richard called He Trained to Fly B-29s, B-17s in WWII. 

Posted to Facebook for the 8th AFHS (official) and the B-17 Scale Modelr's webpages on Feb. 21, 2015:
For those interested in the B-17's Bendix Chin Turret, I have scanned and uploaded the Operation and Service Manual of May 15 1943. The document is kindly made available by Richard King, Aerial Gunner.