Raymond L. Dolny, NWA 747 Pilot, USAAF B-29 Flight Engineering

Ray Dolny, Northwest Airlines Pilot
USAAF, Aviation Cadet
Ray in the B-29 Top Turret of Draggin' Lady, Amarillo Army Air Field, 1945 
Ray in front of B-29 Draggin Lady, Amarillo Field, Texas
The B-29 Flight Engineer's panel (Photo: Ray Dolny)
Raymond L. Dolny, Aviation Cadet, in B-29 Flight Engineering training at Amarillo, Texas at war's end.
Northwest Airlines 747 Pilot.
Induction: Fort Snelling, St. Paul, MN
Basic Training: Buckley Field, near Denver, Colorado,
College Training Detachment: University of Missouri
Keesler Field, Camp #2, Biloxi Mississippi
On the Line Training (OLT), Marana Army Air Field, Arizona
Prefilght School: San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center, Texas
B-29 Flight Engineering school, Amarillo Field, Texas
(The next step for Advanced training would have been at the Cruise Control School, Hondo, Texas)
Discharge: Sioux Falls, S.D.
Ray is from a very distinguished family of pilots.
(See the webpages on this website for brothers John R. Dolny, Edward G. Dolny, and Leonard D. Dolny.)

After WWII, and while working as a mechanic with Northwest Airlines, Ray joined the Air National Guard at Holmen Field in St. Paul. He was in the Air National Guard from 1947 to 1952 and was called to Active Service during the Korean war from March 1, 1951 to March 18, 1952. He did not go to Korea but was instead sent to Yuma Arizona’s Gunnery School where he was the Head Mechanic (in charge of 12 other mechanics) and a P-51 Crew Chief.

He later had a long and distinguished career at NWA where he flew 747s. 
Ray also volunteers at the NWA History Centre in Bloomington, MN.