Osceola Air Force Station & ARC; 674th Radar Squadron Reunion

Also see the  Still Photo Album of the 674th Radar Squadron Reunion

October 4, 2014 at Osceola WI. (19 Photos by Kevin Callahan) 

Visit the NEW USAF 674th Squadron REUNION website (By Airmen Claude Shawbell)

The Reunion was on October 3-4, 2014. The website is at


There is also a Facebook page for the group and also the reunion.
 (Above) 6 min 37 sec multimedia slide show with music.
Osceola Air Force Station was a USAF Air Defense Command radar base c. 1951-1975, located  SE of Osceola, Wisconsin, in East Farmington, which was subsequently purchased by the Association Retreat Center of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations in 1979 and remodeled into a large retreat facility which serves over 200 groups and 12,000 visitors each year. The former base is now private property, so be sure to check in at the Administrative Building with Patrick Flanders, ARC Director before visiting or driving through the property. The site is the subject of an 8th AFHS-Mn Documentary with Glenn Shull, USAF (Ret'd.) who served there.
(Above) 1 hour 11 min.documentary video about the History of Osceola Air Force Station and ARC, with interviews.

The Big Picture did a documentary on Air Defense Command (27 min.)