Norma Ley, 8th AF Display Donor

Norma Ley kindly donated two displays about the Eighth Air Force and the B-17 including interviews with several 8th AFHS-Mn members to the organization and described her father's time in service as well as some of her experiences growing up in an Air Force family. Presentation Date June 15, 2011.
Lou Martin (left), Norma Ley (middle), and Randy Penrod
(seated) at the June 15, 2011 8th AFHS-Mn meeting.
Larry Bachman (Left) Pauline MacKenzie (seated) Lou Martin,  Norma Ley, (standing), Randy Penrod (seated), Ray Rau (Right)
following Norma's presentation on June 15, 2011.
Ralph and Myron (?) reading the table display.
 An example of the 6 interviews with 8th AFHS-Mn members summarized on one display.