Nike Missile Site, MS-70, St. Bonifacius, MN

 (above) Two You Tube Videos of (1) the Integrated Fire Control (IFC) site, (2) the Launch site, and (3) the Nike Hercules Missile on display at Saint Bonifacius City Park
 Still Photo:
The park in St. Bonifacius, MN has a Nike-Hercules missile on display with interpretive signage paid for by a MN Legacy grant.
There are excellent aerial views and satellite views of the Launch Area and Control Area at Virtual Globetrotting, Google Maps and Bing Maps.
 (Below) Aerial Photo of the Nike Missile Battery, MS-70-C, Integrated Fire Control site Saint Bonifacius, Mn 1967
For more information about the site see the following website:
The video below is of a restored Nike Missile site in San Francisco.