Vince Parker, B-17 Tail Gunner

Vince Parker speaking to students at Hill Murray School, Maplewood about WWII.
See his Presentation on You Tube. (58 min.; 2011) DVD also available.
Vincent D. Parker, B-17 Tail Gunner, U.S. Army Air Forces, 15th Air Force, 301st Bomb Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron, Foggia, (Lucera Air Base) Italy, 41 missions: 1944-1945, describes his experiences and the lessons he learned during World War II to a classroom of students. He enlisted at 17, was in at 18, and was discharged at 19 years of age. Vince is a member of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota and does educational outreach programs at schools. (58 min.:2011). There was a serious landing accident on April 12, 1945 at Lucera Air Base, Foggia, Italy which destroyed by fire his B-17G with numbers on the tail ending in #756 and several C-47s parked next to the runway. Several in his crew were seriously burned or hurt. A one or two people were killed in the C-47s. Members of Vince's crew included: Thomas R. Clancy Pilot, David L. Woods Co-pilot, David Davis Navigator, Julian L. Schwartz Bombardier, Clarence D. Patching Waist Gunner, Allen D. South Flight Engineer, Clifford H. Faust Radio Operator, Leo J. Thornton Waist Gunner, Clayton E. Ogle, Waist Gunner and Vincent D. Parker Tail Gunner.
There is a wonderful write-up about Vince's time in service in The Ortonville Independent March 13, 2009.
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Vince Parker at the WWII History Round Table at Fort Snelling, May 12, 2011 (DVD available)
 Vince pointed out that there are three B-17s at the bottom of this photo.
(Below) The crash at his air base.

Vince Parker, B-17 Tail Gunner, US Army Air Forces, Fifteenth Air Force, 301st Bomb Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron, Foggia, Italy. Entered service Feb. 1944. Went overseas Oct. 28, 1944. Age 18.
Born Nov. 1925 Ortonville, Mn
To read an account of Vince's time in service (with photos), see Don Ward’s book, The Greatest Generation of Silver Wings (2004) pp. 107-110. ISBN 0-9654964-0-8. The Memorial Press.
Vince is also featured in the MN History Center's online archive of stories about Minnesota's Greatest Generation and has been interviewed at the WWII History Roundtable.
See also the downloadable Online Documents and Photos about Vince below.

 I digitized an audio recording Vince made of an interview that Stan Turner did with him and Bob Jasperson about Bob Clemens. It was recorded just before Air Expo during the summer of 2016. The link is at
You may need to launch or download an audio plugin or software program to listen to the Mpg file inside your web browser. Its about 60 Mb in size if you want to download it to your computer. 
  I have digitized several others of Vince's cassette recordings as well.
Vince being interviewed in a restaurant about his service
Vince interviewing Don McIntyre re WWII electronic jamming
Vince interviewing Ariel Weekes 8th AF 
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