Medal of Honor Reunion, Planes of Fame Air Museum, May 29, 1993

On May 29, 1993 at the Planes of Fame Air Museum - East at Flying Cloud Airport, four winners of the Medal of Honor from the Cactus Air Force, Guadalcanal had a reunion and held a public panel discussion which was videotaped. For a copy see Mike Madsen. On October 12, 2011 Lou Martin described his memories of this unique event. Since then all of the Medal of Honor winners have passed away and the museum has moved.
The four Medal of Honor winners in attendance were:
1. Lt. Jefferson J. DeBlanc (Jeff), VMF-112, 8 kills (5 on 1/31/43). Died 11/22/07 at age 86.
2. Major Robert E. Galer, CO VMF-224, 14 kills. Died on 6/27/05 at age 92.
3. Capt. Joseph J. Foss (Joe), USMCR VMF-121, 26 kills (5 on 10/25/42). Died 1/1/03 at age 88.
4. Lt. James E. Swett (Jim), VMF-221, 15 kills (7 on 4/17/43). Died 1/18/09 at age 89.