Mary L. Berg, Author/Organizer, Board Member

Mary L. Berg 1-26-2011 8th AFHS-Mn Luncheon
You can find neat stuff when you organize the 8th AF closet.
Mary Berg organizing the 8th AF closet so the new flatscreen TV will fit in there. She raised the money for the new TV for the group. (Photo: March 6, 2013). 
Mary L. Berg, has been an 8th AFHS-Mn member since at least 1993 and was the Secy/Treasurer back then. She is a professional organizer, and has given the group tips on How to Organize Photos and Documents To Tell Your Story. She is the author of The Joy of Being a Control Freak: The 80/20 Way to a Happy, Healthy & Organized Life (2010), (written with some editorial and technical assistance by Larry Bachman,) and used the organization of the B-24 and 8th AF for some of the lessons learned. She has traveled to several Eighth Air Force reunions and air bases in the UK in the past with Ralph Pettijohn and Earl Joswick, provided assistance to veterans visiting memorials in Washington DC, and she is married to Greg Berg, (She is Gordy Berg's daughter-in-law.) She is interested in personally helping 8th AFHS-Mn veterans to write up their stories.