Leonard D. Dolny, RF-80 & F-86 Pilot, Korea, Commercial Pilot

(Photo by Randy Sohn)
Leonard Daniel Dolny, Lt. Colonel Air National Guard (Ret.), USAF RF-80 and F-86 Sabre Pilot Korea, 102 missions,  Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 5 Oak Leaf Clusters, 30,000 Total Flying Hours.
Len is member of the Dolny family (brothers John, Ray, and Ed), the most distinguished family of pilots in Minnesota aviation history.
Drafted into the US Army 1945
Infantry training in Alabama
Sent to Shemya and Attu in the Aleutian Islands.
Discharged in 1947 as Sgt.
Air National Guard 1947-1949 Holmen Field
Joined the Air Force pilot training program in 1949 going to Randolph AFB for 6 months of basic training and 6 months of advanced training at Williams AFB, AZ with a 3 year commitment after graduating in 1950. Trained in T-6s and F-80s.
Assigned to Selfridge, AFB, Michigan for one year flying F-80s and F-86s and F-94s.
Sent to Korea in 1951. Flew 102 missions in RF-80s (photo recon ) and F-86s (fighter sweeps against enemy MiGs, piloted by Soviet and Chinese pilots).
Reassigned in 1952 to Kirtland AFB, NM flying-86s.
Discharged 1953.
Joined the Air National Guard again in 1953 at Holmen Field.
Loved flying the P-51 Mustang until they had to fly them to McClellan Field in Sacramento, CA.
Flew the T-33 and F-89 jets and then the C-97.
Retired from the Guard in 1968 as a Lt. Colonel after 22-1/2 years.
Len later became a Commercial Airlines pilot.