Leon Frankel, Navy TBF Torpedo Bomber Pilot

(Above) Leon Frankel (right) at an Air Expo 2011 Symposium.
Leon Frankel is a regular symposium speaker at Air Expo. See also the 53 page 180 min. (Cassettes)  MHS Oral History Interview by Thomas Saylor in 2002. Minnesota’s Greatest Generation Oral History Project: Part I
According to the MHS biographical synopsis:

"Leon Frankel was born in 1923 in Minnesota. He enlisted in the U. S. Navy in 1942 and went through several levels of pilot training. He also volunteered for advanced training in TBF torpedo bombers and flew 25 combat missions in the Pacific. He was rotated back to the United States and discharged from active duty in 1945. He remained in the reserves until 1959. He was a volunteer pilot in the new Israeli Air Force during the War for Independence in 1948. Upon returning, he married and raised a family."