Legacy Grant, State of Minnesota, MHS

The 8th AFHS-Mn has recently been awarded a second Legacy Grant from the State of Minnesota to transcribe 24 hours of Veterans Oral History Interviews and publish them on this website.
The Eighth Air Force Historical Society of Minnesota received its first Legacy Grant from the State of Minnesota for digital conversion of VHS tapes to DVD, recording and putting on DVD the School Outreach program, and to do 5 Oral History Interviews.
These goals have all been accomplished and the videos (over 44) can be viewed online on this website on the web pages to your right.
For some examples see:
Bob Clemens - School outreach program video
Bob Gravrok - Oral History Interview
Bob Holden - Oral History Interview
Dexter Shultz - Oral History Interview
James Rasmussen - School outreach program
Jim McDougall - Oral History Interview
John Braden Baird - Oral History Interview
Yvonne McDougall - Oral History Interview
Vince Parker- School outreach program
School Outreach Program of the 8th AFHS-Mn
Veterans Oral History Program of the 8th AFHS-Mn

Luncheon Presentations on VHS, Taped by Dick Hill, V. P., (ANG 179th Fighter Squadron) 8th AFHS-Mn Program Videographer 8th AFHS-Mn: 2001-2003, American Legion Hall, Bloomington. (Digital conversion of VHS to DVD has preserved presentations of some veterans who have since passed away.)

  1. Clyde W. Thompson, B-17 Pilot, 8th AF, 490th BG, 848th BS, Missions over Germany, (Sept. 2001: 8 min.)

  2. Don Zupan, Aerial Gunner, Missions over Japan, (Sep. 2001: 16 min.)

  3. Ariel Weekes, Bombardier, 15th AF, Training and 35 missions (2001: 28 min.)

  4. Don McIntyre, Waist Gunner / Spot Jammer, 8th AF, 398th BG, 306th BG, Missions over Germany and to Pilsen, Cz. (2001)

  5. Bob Jorgenson, P-51 Fighter Pilot, 8th AF, 364th FG, 35 missions, Bailouts, ME-262s, and Bomber Escort (2001: 14 min.)

  6. Larry Bachman, B-24 Pilot/Co-Pilot, 8th AF, The Panama Canal (2001)

  7. Norman C. Grant, Sr. B-24 Navigator, POW, Emcee during 2001, early 2002

  8. Ben Vickery, B-24 Tail Gunner, 15th AF, 485th BG, 829th BS, Missions from Italy, (Nov. 7, 2001: 10 min.)

  9. Larry Bachman, B-24 Pilot/Co-Pilot, 8th AF Guatemala (2001: 31 min.)

  10. Ray H. Peterson, B-17 Flight Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, 8th AF, Belly

    landing, Gulfport, Ms. and 26 Missions over Germany (2001: 13 min.)

  11. Mary Kiffmeyer, Mn Secretary of State, Mn Veterans and Voting, (2001: 25 min.)

  12. Glenn Froberg, US Navy, Catapult and Arresting Gear Crewman, USS Badoeng

    Strait, Air Operations. (Jan. 2, 2002: 32 min.)

  13. Willard B. (Bud) Hertig, C-47 Pilot, Towing Paratroopers and Gliders, Arnhem Bridge and

    Operation Market Garden, Statue of Liberty recitation. (Jan. 2002: 22 min.)

  14. Jack McCarthy, SAC, Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean (Jan. 2002: 3 min.)

  15. Al Anderson, USAF, ARDC, History of Developments in Aircraft Design and

    Engines. (Jan. 16, 2002)

  16. Clyde W. Thompson, B-17 Pilot, 8th AF, 490th BG, 848th BS, UFOs, Jets, and

    Weather Balloons. (Jan. 23, 2002)

  17. Bill Lianne (sp?), 20th AF, 73rd BWing, 497th BG, Anti-submarine patrols

    in N. Africa and 30 Missions to Japan from Saipan. (Feb. 2002)

  18. Cristobel Grant, The Richard I. Bong and WW II Heritage Center. (Feb. 20, 2002)

  19. Don Geng, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner, 8th AF, 303rd BG, 359th BS, Training

    and Arrival at Molesworth, England. (Feb. 2002)

  20. Bud Hertig, C-47 Pilot, Combat Transport Stories in Europe and C-47 Poem;

    (March 6, 2002)

  21. Wally Forman, Radio Mechanic, AF Training Command, Time in the Service,

    Airplane and Nose Art Photo Collections (March 20, 2002)

  22. John T. Anderson, B-17 Flight Engineer, 8th AF, 385th BG, Training and

    Missions (March 2002)

  23. John H. Bimson, B-24 Bombardier, 8th AF, Training and Missions. (April 3,


  24. Vincent D. Parker, B-17 Tail Gunner, 15th AF, 391st BG, Foggia, Italy;

    Training, Missions, and Reunions (April 17, 2002)

  25. 8th AFHS-Mn Trip to Oshkosh and EAA Air Museum (April 26, 2002)

  26. Dale Peterson, B-17 Pilot, 8th AF, 901 BG, POW; Training, Missions, POW;

    later careers in USAF and aviation (April 24, 2002)

  27. Vern Keefner, Aircraft Mechanic, WW II and Korea Time in Service (May 1,


  28. Bud Skiff, B-17 Bombardier/Navigator, 8th AF, 388th BG, Training and

    Combat Missions over Europe (May 8, 2002)

  29. Dwight Olsen, B-17 Pilot/Co-pilot, 15th AF, 301st BG, 351st BS, Foggia,

    Italy 34 Missions (May 29, 2002)

  30. Junior Gossell, Co-Pilot, 8th AF, 487 BG, 386 BS, Missions in the ETO

    (June 2002)

  31. Al Dexter, B-24 Pilot, 8th AF, 2nd Air Division, 389th BG (June 2002) Also the Emcee in 2003.

  32. Jim Anderson (June 2002)

  33. Roy Woolsey, Army Air Corps Supply, (July 3, 2002)

  34. Frank Frison, B-17 Bombardier, (July 10, 2002)

  35. Earl Joswick, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner, POW, (Aug., 14, 2002: 11 min.)

  36. Don Zupan, Aerial Gunner in the ETO and PTO, The Occupation of Japan, (Aug. 21, 2002)

  37. Warren Marmorine, B-17 Pilot, 8th AF, 100th BG, (Aug. 2002)

  38. Elmer Johnson, Pilot/Co-pilot, 351 BG, (Sep. 11, 2002)

  39. Mark Holmes, AAF/Intelligence, (October 16, 2002)

  40. Bill Runnels, Bombardier, 8th AF, 303 BG, (Oct. 23, 2002)

  41. Robert Clemens, B-17 Navigator, 15th AF, 463 BG, (Oct. 2002)

  42. Ralph Pettyjohn, B-17 Ball Turret Gunner, 8th AF, 94th BG, Time in Service, (Nov. 20, 2002: 24:33)

  43. Wesley C. Borgeson, B-17 Tail Gunner, POW, 8th AF, 384 BG, (Dec. 4, 2002)

  44. Joni Sussman, Daughter of 2 Holocaust survivors, (Dec. 11, 2002)

  45. Larry Kuhlstad, B-24 Ball Turret Gunner, 8th AF, 446 BG

  46. Leroy Christianson, Navigator, 8th AF, 303 BG, 359 BS, (Jan. 2003)

  47. Bud Hertig C-47 Pilot, (Jan. 2003)

  48. E.G. Tut Runyon, USMC VMF 542 (Night) F6F SN Hellcat

  49. Tom Stillwell, recognition ceremony, (Feb. 2003)

  50. Ted Murphy, FM-2 Wildcat Navy Fighter Pilot, (Feb. 2003)

  51. Jeff Anderson, (Feb. 2003)

  52. Dick Brown, B-26 Pilot (Feb. 2003)

  53. Don Kent, B-17 Radio Operator, Re-enlisted 1947, Base Flights, Guam, The Berlin Airlift, Korea (Feb. 2003)

This project has been made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the vote of Minnesotans on November 4, 2008. Administered by the Minnesota Historical Society.