James R. Rasmussen, B-17 Navigator

Ray Peterson and Jim Rasmussen at Air Expo 2015
Jim Rasmussen being interviewed by Doug Bakke at a WW II Veterans Symposium at Air Expo 2015, Eden Prairie, MN.

Glenn Froberg (Left) and Jim Rasmussen (Right & Upper Right Hand Photo)
8th AFHS-Mn. Luncheon March 30, 2011
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Jim Rasmussen teaching students about WWII at St. Francis High School  in 2011. (Videotaped)
James R. Rasmussen, B-17 Navigator, United States Army Air Forces, Eighth Air Force, 100th Bomb Group (Heavy), 349th Bomb Squadron (Robt. W. Wilkes crew, Thorpe Abbotts Air Base, Station 139, East Anglia, England)


Robert W. Wilkes Crew (left to right)
Pleasant H. Aulds, Bernard M. Adams, Raymond Hyvonen
Front: George "Bill" Baugher, James R. Cashen, Robert W. Wilkes,
Andrew J. Cline, Roy J. Duthu, James R. Rasmussen
100th BG Photo Archives

(Photo courtesy of James R. Rasmussen)

2ND LT ROBERT W. WILKES P CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg
2ND LT GEORGE W. BAUGHER CP CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg
2ND LT JAMES R. RASMUSSEN NAV CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg
CPL ROY J. DUTHU ROG CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg
CPL ANDREW J. CLINE TTE CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg
CPL JAMES R. CASHEN BTG CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg
CPL BERNARD M. ADAMS WG CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg
CPL PLEASANT H. AULDS TG CPT 20-Apr-45 Oranienburg

 349th Squadron... Crew, as above, joined the 100th on 03 Dec 1944 and finished 20 Apr 1945.

They were allowed to fly back to the U.S.A.  On their first mission (05 Jan 1945) to Frankfurt, they ran out of gas and landed at a fighter base at Etain, where they spent six days.

Finished with 33 missions:

Nbr Date Target
01 5/1/1945 Frankfurt
02 13/01/45 Mainz
03 14/01/45 Derben
04 17/01/45 Hamburg
05 28/01/45 Duisburg
06 3/2/1945 BERLIN
07 9/2/1945 Bohlen
08 14/02/45 Chemnitz
09 19/02/45 Osnabruck
10 20/02/45 Nurnburg
11 21/02/45 Nurnburg
12 23/02/45 Treuchtlingen
13 24/02/45 Bremen
14 25/02/45 Munich
15 4/3/1945 Baumanheim
16 18/03/45 Berlin
17 19/03/45 Lutzkendorf
18 21/03/45 Ruhland
19 23/03/45 Unna
20 24/03/45 Ziegenhain
21 31/03/45 Zeita
22 3/4/1945 Kiel
23 4/4/1945 Kiel
24 5/4/1945 Nurnburg
25 6/4/1945 Leipzig
26 7/4/1945 Buchen
27 8/4/1945 Eger
28 10/4/1945 Burg-bei
29 15/04/45 Royan
30 16/04/45 Royan
31 17/04/45 Aussig
32 18/04/45 Tabor
33 20/04/45 Oranienburg


Jim at the WWII History Roundtable on Airpower during WWII. March 2018.
March 21, 2018  at the 8th luncheon.