James Robert Callahan, Jr., Aviation Cadet, B-29 Flight Engineering

Jim Callahan. Early photo. (No insignia yet.)
College Training Detachment, Augustana College, IL 
The building in the background is Ascension Chapel. Here is a view of the spectacular inside.
(Below: Flying at Moline, IL Airport)
In front of a Basic Trainer (Vultee BT-13 or 15) (Jake, Left; Jim Callahan: Middle; Flight Leader?, Right)
 Aviation Cadet uniform
James Robert Callahan, Jr., Aviation Cadet, B-29 Flight Engineering Training, Amarillo Field, Texas.
(Kevin Callahan's Father)
Before Induction: Civilian Airframe Riveter at the Curtiss Wright Aircraft plant outside St. Louis, Missouri. 
Induction: Jefferson Barracks, MO.,
Testing: GCT, Army OCT-X3 (?), and IQ test
Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP program) (IQ tests 120 and above.)
Basic Training: San Antonio Aviation Cadet Center (SAACC), Texas,
College Training Detachment: Augustana College, IL. and Moline IL Airport.
Classification and Preflight School: SAACC  Initially classified to become a Bombardier.
The AAF decided that it needed a lot fewer Bombardiers after Curtis LeMay instituted the "Bombing on the leader" principle using toggle switches in the following airplanes.
Later the AAF decided it needed more B-29 Flight Engineers. (4000 B-29 FEs were trained.)
On the Line Training (OLT) at Randolph Field, Texas. (Kind of an AAF "holding program" to keep aviation cadets with high test scores from being grabbed by the army infantry.)
January 1945-Aviation cadets were allowed into the B-29 Flight Engineering training program (On B-17s FEs were enlisted men. B-29 FEs were officers.)
B-29 Flight Engineering training at Amarillo Field, Texas  
May have just started Advanced Training at the Cruise Control School, Hondo, Texas at the time WWII ended.
Discharged Sioux Falls Separation Center, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Some More Photos from the Augustana College, IL CTD program.
(Above) CTD Roomates: Smitty, Jake, and Jim Callahan, Augustana College, IL
(Below) Roomate, Smitty, and others at Moline, IL Airport for CTD flying training.
Above Left: An Ercoupe    Above Right: "Fixing a loose window" on a Piper Cub
 Above Left: P-40 Warhawk  Above Right: Some of his CTD buddies.
Above: Smitty in front of a Piper Cub.  
Above: He said he went down to get a photo taken by this artillery piece so he could be a "Big Shot!"
(Below) Photo of the last flying B-29 FIFI at the Oshkosh Airshow, July 29, 2011. Photo: Kevin Callahan
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Recruiting Poster on display, CAF Hanger, Fleming Field, South St. Paul, Mn

(Below) Jim Callahan feeding raccoons in 1991.

He liked to go out west on vacation.


James R. Callahan 1924 - 1996,  born on March 21, 1924. passed away on May 17, 1996 at 72 years of age.
Here is a summary of my genealogical research on our early immigrant family.