History of the 379th Fighter Squadron, 362 Fighter Group, 9th Air Force

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Marie Coar, USAF,  has saved and kindly makes available to the public a typed 27 page manuscript which she found among her Grandmother's effects. This history of the 379th Fighter Squadron is a very detailed, month by month account and was in the possession of, and perhaps typed by, Ganon Nelson, perhaps aka within the document as "S/Sgt Nelson Ganun," who is mentioned in several places as having led the squadron's band. His musical group went by the stage name of "Sgt. GaNun and his All American Band." He may have served in the armament section. 

Some of the people mentioned in the History of the 379th squadron, at their first mention or a change of rank, include the following:

Page 1
1st Lt. Raymond C. Schindler, Jr.
Sgt. Anderson, aircraft recognition
Fireball Higgins
Cpl. Lehner, S-2
Lt. Col. Magoffin
Captain Lester M. Chancellor
Major General Ralph Royce

Page 2
Lt. George Rarey Flight Leader
Lt. Houghton Flight Leader
Lt. Palmer Flight Leader
2nd Lt. AbdallahPilot
2nd Lt. AshfordPilot
2nd Lt. BarnesPilot
2nd Lt. BoothPilot
2nd Lt. BrooksPilot
2nd Lt. DotyPilot
2nd Lt. FarrellPilot
2nd Lt. FoltzPilot
2nd Lt. Gee (West Pointer)Pilot
2nd Lt. GeyerPilot
2nd Lt. GillPilot
2nd Lt. GordonPilot
2nd Lt. JensenPilot
2nd Lt. KittsPilot
2nd Lt. LarsenPilot
2nd Lt. MajorPilot
2nd Lt. LeePilot
2nd Lt. McClearyPilot
2nd Lt. McKeePilot
2nd Lt. PutnamPilot
2nd Lt. ShumwayPilot
2nd Lt. SutcliffePilot
2nd Lt. WilckePilot
2nd Lt. WoodPilot
MSgt Cuneo, Line Chief
T/Sgt Richardson, Flight Chief
T/Sgt Taylor, Flight Chief
T/Sgt Morgan, Flight Chief
T/Sgt Cipriano, Armament
Cpl. Maxwell, Ordnance
S/Sgt Rozum, Communications
S/Sgt Sedlock, Tech Supply
Sgt Lewis, Transportation 
S/Sgt Quinn, Mess Hall
S/Sgt Gro, Operations
S/Sgt Hearon, Personnel Office
S/Sgt Heuss, Quartermaster
S/Sgt Anderson, Intelligence
T/Sgt Kollar, Engineering Maintenance

Page 3
Lt. "Doc" Finn, Medical Officer
Cpl Murzyn, Cook

Page 4
1st Sgt Carberry
S/Sgt Repp
Lt. Hope, Pilot
Cpl. Mursyn (sp?)

Page 6
Major J. L. Laughlin, Pilot
Captain H.F. Houghton, Pilot
1st Lt. C. F. Gee, Pilot
S/Sgt N. GaNun, 
S/Sgt Nelson Ganun and his band composed of members of this squadron

Page 7
2nd Lt. Franz A. Hirt, QMC, Personal Equipment Officer
2nd Lt. Richard J. Rosenthal A/C
Captain Thurman F. Morrison 
Pfc. Cornelius Hoyman
2nd Lt. Vernon P. Lignon, Jr.
1st Lt. Walter J. Booth
2nd Lt. Donald M. Marsden
Lt. Col. Laughlin
Captain Ray G. Fuchs

Page 8
Major Magoffin

Page 9
Lt. KittsPilot
Lt. LigonPilot
Lt. LarsonPilot
Captain William J. Flavin, C. O.

Page 10
Lt. PutnamPilot
Col. Magoffin
Col. Saunders, Wing Commander
Major Goldfarb

Page 12
Lt. "Ted" Jensen, Pilot
Lt. Wilcke, Pilot
Lt. Lee, Pilot
Lt. Gordon, Pilot
Lt. Fredenberg, Pilot
Lt. Larsen, Pilot
Lt. McKee, Pilot
Sgt, Grant Radaker, Armament Section
Sgt Clifford Douglas

Page 14
1st Lt. Kenneth McCleary, Pilot
Lt. Barnes, Pilot
Lt. Nagelstadt, Pilot
Lt. Wilcke, Pilot
Lt. Sullivan, Pilot
Lt. I. L. Taylor, Pilot
Major French
Lt. Russell and 133 enlisted men
Cpl. Golob

Page 15
T/Sgt Hartman
2nd Lt. J.D. ThwingPilot
2nd Lt. J.C. TaylorPilot
2nd Lt. P.M. PlocherePilot
2nd Lt. R. L. SalleePilot
2nd Lt. R. W. PercyPilot
F/O M. K. SwoffordPilot

Paqge 16
"Tox" Murzyn, Mess Hall
Capt. Geyer, Pilot
Capt. Peterson, Pilot
Major Flavin, Pilot
Lt. Doty, Pilot

Page 17
Private Lang
Lt. Farrell, Pilot
Lt. Wellek, Pilot
Lt. Wilcke, Pilot
Lt. Wood, Pilot
Air Chief Marshall Trafford Leigh Mallory, Deputy Commander of SHAEF
Major General Vandenberg
Brigadier General Weyland
Captain Ashford
Captain Junkin, Pilot
Captain Mitchell, Pilot
Lt. Kusi, Pilot
Lt. FeganPilot
Lt. ChermakPilot
Lt. McMahonPilot
Lt. PeytonPilot
Lt. Belden, Engineering Officer
Lt. RussellPilot
Lt. FiggisPilot
Lt. SavagePilot
Lt. SullivanPilot

Page 18
Lt. Hamby, Pilot
Lt. Taylor, Pilot
Lt. Major, Pilot

Page 19
Major Morrison
Captain Shumway
1st Lt. Hirt
Major Berry Chandler, Squadron C. O.
Lt. Meryweather, Adjutant
Captain Hanna, Squadron Executive Officer
Major French, Group Executive Officer
Lt. Hirt, S-2

Page 20
Lt. General George S. Patton, Third Army
Brigadier General Weyland

Page 22
Lt. Sovern
Lt. Rescher
Captain Finn, I. G.
Captain Kuhn, I. G.
Lt. GrimPilot
Mr. Abrams

Page 23
Sgt. Winter
Cpl. Higgins
Cpl. Horowitz
Captain C. A. Peterson, C. O.
Lt. Fegan, Pilot
Lt. Col. Harbison
Capt. Doty, Operations Officer
Capt. Mitchell, Operations Officer
Lt. Brokaw, Pilot
M/Sgt Cipriano
M/Sgt Rozum
T/Sgt GaNun
T/Sgt Harrington
T/Sgt Morgan
S/Sgt Osborne
S/Sgt Groo
Captain Sullivan, Pilot

Page 24
Lt. Sloan, Pilot
Captain Richardson, Pilot
Captain Sloan, Pilot

Page 25
Capt. Corbin
Capt. Duby
Lt. Col. Bradley, acting Group C. O.

Page 26
Lt. Mossman, Pilot
Lt. Coleman, Pilot
Lt. Zlotnik, Pilot
Capt. Meryweather, Pilot, military government affairs
Cpl. Merrill

Page 27
Lt. Jones, Pilot
Lt. Tuck, Pilot
Lt. Price, Pilot
Lt. Weedn
Capt. Hanna, ground officer
Major Hanna, ground officer
Lt. Williams, Pilot

 1. A high quality color film of members of Al's Squadron flying in formation (at minute 3) 
is in the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive collection at the Holocaust Museum, Washington D.C.

2, At the end of this You Tube video is reportedly color combat gun footage of Al's March 31, 1944 mission from the airfield at Etain. Also flying that day was Wilfred Crutchfield in "Kentucky Colonel" and Robert A. Jackson. According to the film board or slate, the combat cameraman that day with Special Film Project (SFP) 186  who was probably supplying the color film was named Johnson. Before that date Al's gun camera films were black and white. Color film was used as a part of an effort ordered by Gen. Hap Arnold to have the 4th Combat Camera Unit make a film documentary, which was never finished. In 2001 some of the raw footage from SPF 186 was edited by the History Channel into the documentary Thunderbolts - Conquest of the Reich, which is also on You Tube. The original 4th CCU's color films are in the National Archives.

3. Film footage of the 362nd Fighter Group is in this You Tube video.

4. There are three reels of compilations of color combat gun footage of pilots in the 362nd Fighter Group strafing Germany (and some other footage mixed in such as German POWs, V-E day, etc.) on You Tube. Reel 1.   Reel 2   Reel 3

5. The 362nd Fighter Group  Facebook page posts many interesting photos of the Fighter Group.

6. Al Zdon wrote a 3 page article with photos about Al Lieberman which was published in the MN American Legion newspaper "Minnesota Legionnaire"June 2014 pp. 10-12.

7. The National Archives website, "Fedflix" has hours of combat gun films online.

At the bottom of p. 17 of the 379th squadron history is a reference to Al Lieberman, P-47 Pilot, joining the unit. (See Al's webpage).
Al Lieberman flew plane "B8" "Q"
Joe Jensen flew "B8" "V"
Dwayne Thwing "B8" "V" "Short Squirt"
Dwayne Thwing (?) "B8" "L"
Joseph Laughlin "B8" "A"
Wilfred Crutchfield "B8" "W"
Robert Kelso "B8" "R"
Ralph Sallee "B8" "T"
Brandon Nuttall "B8" "J"
Jim Ashford "B8" "C"
Jim Ashford "B8" "T" (May 44)
Ray Murphy "B8" "C" "Chief Seattle"
Merle Richey "Karen Lee"
Howard Sloan "B8" "W" (shot down by friendly fire)
Gene Martin "B8" "Y" "Bonnie Lynn"
George Rarey "B8" "B"
K.C. Geyer "B8" "I"

The following info comes from (http://www.hyperscale.com/2012/reviews/decals/bc72038reviewvk_1.htm)
  1. P-47D-21-RE 42-25518 B8*B “Damon’s Demon," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF. Flown by Capt. George Rarey, Based at Headcorn, England, June 1944

  2. P-47D-27-RE 42-27215 B8*T “1950”/”Super Rabbit," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, Flown by Lt. Ralph Sallee, Based at Etain, France, December 1944

  3. P-47D-30-RE 44-20425 B8*W “Kentucky Colonel," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, Flown by Capt. Wilfred Crutchfield, Based at Etain, France, January, 1945

  4. P-47D-30-RA 44-33287 B8*A “5 By 5," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, flown by Col. Joseph Laughlin, Based at Etain, France, March 1945

  5. P-47D-30-RE 44-20413 B8*Y “Bonnie Lynn," 379th FS, 362nd FG, USAAF, flown by Lt. Gene Martin, Based at Illesham, Germany, April 1945

The plane markings system for the 362nd FG's three squadrons (Source: http://www.harwood.plus.com/19thFC.htm)
362nd Fighter Group  30 Nov 1943
159 Wormingford
15 Apr 1944
412 Headcorn
Moved to France
7 Jul 1944
 377th Fighter Squadron P-47E4 
 378th Fighter Squadron P-47G8 
 379th Fighter Squadron P-47B8