8th AFHS-Mn Group Photo 2-8-2012

Photo by Larry Taylor 2-8-2012. To save photo to your computer, right click and press "Save picture as..."
Left to Right: Dexter Shultz, Bob Holden, Larry Bachman (red sweater), Dick Kaminski, ?, Linda Kay, Wally Bohrn's daughter light blue? - blocked view)  Wally Bohrn, Bob Campbell (yellow sweater-blocked view), Chuck Bartlett, Lou Martin, Mel Dahlberg (hat and sunglasses) , Glenn Froberg in back, Dick Hill in front, ?, Ray Peterson, ?, Roald Knutson, ?, Dick Hill, Joe mann-in back, ?, Calvin Garrison-front, Gene Kretchner, Jack Christopher, Gene's daughter?-blocked view, Gary Birchem, Jim Rasmussen-in back, Bob Clemens-in front, Vince Parker, ?, Myron Asper, Steve Marks, Joe Olson, Dewey Folkestad, Herb Schauer, Kevin Callahan, Gunnar Bjornson, Ben Vickery, Ray Prozinski, (2 visiting TV people-in far back), Spook Johns, Frank Linc, Steve Anderson.