George T. Sulick Sr., B-17 Radio Operator

Read George Sulick's excellent account below under Attachments (25 pages).
Also A Note From George Sulick's Daughter, Pat who is looking for relatives of Rene Pratt, ex-POW:
Contact: Patricia Mazella
    My Dad is an ex-POW with the 95th Bomb Group flying out of Horham, England.  He was the radio operator when the plane was shot down over the Baltic Sea.  Dad parachuted and was walking along railroad tracks when he was captured in Barth Germany.  He eventually landed in Stalag Luft IV, where he met T/Sgt Rene P Pratt, POW # 5055, ASN # 31296553.  Rene Pratt was the best man at my Mom and Dad’s wedding on July 28, 1945.  My Dad is George T. Sulick, Sr. and he  is still alive. 
    Somehow my Dad has in his possessions from the War, two diaries hand-written by Rene Pratt, cataloging their days in the Stalag, and what can only be described as fantasy meals!
    I  would love to pass these on to some relative of Rene Pratt’s, but I have combed websites and cannot find out if he is dead or alive or where his relatives might be.  Rene lived in Fall River, Massachusetts after liberation because our family visited his family there.  I believe he was born there or in the general area. I believe Rene died in College Park MD.
K Callahan,
Mar 19, 2011, 10:41 AM