George E. McCutcheon, Pilot

George E McCutcheon. Pilot. 1st Lt. George was a bomber pilot with the 303rd Bomb Group, 358th Bomb Squadron, who flew 35 missions between August 13, 1944 and January 31 1945 . For detailed info about his service, see the 303rd BG webpage about him. 
In 2005 he was finally recognized and awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. which was presented by Bart Stupek in Gaylord, Michigan. 
George McCutcheon was born September 12, 1921. He lived in Gaylord Michigan when he was awarded the DFC.
He passed away on July 12, 2009. 
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For further info see also the Fold3 website and American Air Museum in Britain. (The latter needs some correcting and updating).