Edward G. Dolny, Pilot, USAAF, Mn Air National Guard

Edward G. Dolny, Pilot, USAAF, MN Air National Guard, went to flying school for twin engine bombers. He learned on a wood and fabric plane, the UC-78, sometimes referred to as the "Bamboo Bomber,"  "The Useless 78," or "The Double Breasted Piper Cub." After WW II Ed graduated from the University of Minnesota, became a Lieutenant in the Air National Guard, and was killed in a training accident when another pilot, who was flying the plane at the time, decided to fly low over his own home. The other pilot died in the crash and Ed died later from severe head injuries.
Ed Dolny is one of four brothers who became pilots. (See also Ray Dolny, John Dolny, and Len Dolny's web pages on this site.)